Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aroi Thai Restaurant @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

Aroi is in Pulau Tikus, next to Francis' Fusion Food, corner of the famous Pulau Tikus traffic lights, opposite Maxim's Cake House. It's relatively new, seen it when drove past but never got the chance to try it out until now.
cousin's were down and had a so called family reunion there, because we were about 15 or so ppl, we had joined 2 round tables and sat upstairs. walking past the tables on the ground floor, it looked like a cosy place and packed with people, you know what they say, if the restaurant is full with customers, the food must be good (though i know places where that theory proved me wrong... unfortunately)
upstairs had one small family half way through their meals and just us, so the uncles/aunties started to order for us and we sort of waited 1 hr for the food!!! sooooo loooong!! everyone was bored, hungry and getting abit impatient! we kept asking where was our food and always saying coming coming...
when it FINALLY came, only half the food we ordered came, so we had to eat some and wait for the other dishes to come... so irritating... AND the fish dish we ordered and WAITED soooo long for, finally a waitress came to us (when we're about to finish our food) to say that they didn't have fish!!! like wtf!! u took our order of the fish and u didn't tell us that they didn't have fish??? and u tell us when we're WAITING for our fish??!! that's bad service i tell you...
fortunately, the food turned out lovely!! would i come again? well maybe, when the crowd is less and must remember to ask if there's fish first!!

the belacan rice where half of us had to wait another 20 mins or so while the other half was already eating with their white rice... sheesh... quite nice also lah

tom yam was good!

oohh long beans and prawns, lemak style quite nice too

fried chicken and mango kerabu (i think)

mango kerabu and pandan chicken

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