Saturday, October 03, 2009

May you Rest In Peace, Granddad

Leslie J. Frankfort
1915 - 2009

Passed away peacefully in Mont Cherie Home on the 2nd Oct 2009 in his after-breakfast nap.
The wake is at the church of Immaculate Conception Pulau Tikus (IC Church).

Gonna miss your stories, your jokes and laughter and you of course.
Now you are together again with nanny in a more peaceful place.

Love you!


stephen said...

Small world.Didn't know you are related to Leslie.I see him whenever I visit my mom in Mon Cherie.Easy going ,jovial with a booming voice!I swear he didn't look his age, I thought he was in his early eighties.Really sad to hear of his passing.My prayers go out to him.

Shimmers said...

thanks stephen for the wishes... he was a jovial (and loud spoken) kinda guy.. we'll all miss him

may i know who's your mum in the home? maybe my mum would know

stephen said...

My mum goes by the name of Mary.We used to live in Pulau Tikus and she knows most of the churchgoers and her former pulau tikus classmates ,being quite close knit, still keep in touch with her although most have now passed on including one nice eurasian lady who passed away a few months back in Mon Cherie.
I suppose you're related to Mark and Victoria Labroy who run the home.Their uncle Clinton used to be my primary school classmate.Showing my age!!
I notice your grandad would always have a book to read by his bedside.He was the one who would assign the places to sit for dinner and lunch!

Shimmers said...

lol. yes being eurasions we MIGHT be related to the Labroy's but i've no idea if we are or not.. hahaha...

yea gdad loves to read but towards the end, he either couldn't see, or forgot what he just read so it's always by his bedside.. he has alzheimers u see (... "had"..)