Saturday, September 19, 2009

+1 year

and so adds another year to my age... am not sure if i'm happy that i'm older or not.. lol but somehow i thought this time i wouldn't care. it's my birthday and i can be as crazy as i want (like announcing the whole of FB that it's my birthday) and do what i fancy... :)
i had a visitor from outstation to visit me and of course being a Penangite, i did the customary tourist guide tour.. though we didn't have much time so the tour was kinda brief.. we did do the laksa, poh piah and durian ice-cream at Kek Seng, and passing by Komtar, Georgetown, Gurney Drive and of course Batu i believe that summons up everything
then there's dinner plans with fellow CHOICE members and Dugongs at Mizi Bistro @ New World Park... unfortunately lil Rosie Dugong was sick, and the others were busy working, so Cheryl the only one from the Dugong clan made it, really appreciate her coming! :D *hugs*

with CHOICE members
with Cheryl
now the story with the cake is that both the CHOICEes and DUGONGs got me cakes, AND... both were from Jenny's!!! what a coincidence! and BOTH were chocolate cakes!! hahaha but i think they're 2 different TYPES of chocolate cake, but then again, they both taste the same! hahahha.. so i got 2 cakes! thanks guys!! love both of them! they were delicious! yum!!
so we cut the CHOICEe cake instead, cause majority of them were there and we all thought it would be better to only cut one as everyone was full with food!! :D

group pics of the lovely chics!

then my friend wanted to check out SS eventhough i mentioned that it's a weekday and there won't be anyone there... anyway, we still went and these 2 girls came with us. luckily there was a live band playing and they were GOOD! they're called Sweet P (or was it Pea)

after some drinks at SS, my outstation friend and i headed to Hard Rock.. i just HAD to go have a look and i knew i loved it!! the pic above? yes, i want to stay in one of those rooms one day, where the pool is just at your doorstep!! u can jump in and out any time!

this was the DUGONG cake, i brought it over to LeNid the next day, where my mum joined me with some cousins :D again, this was a lovely cake as well! thanks DUGONGs!! wished you could have shared this cake with me! hope to see you soon!
so that was my 28th birthday (yes, i'm 28) and someone thought i was 23!! LOL (too bad Mr.T isn't interested in me, i thought he was nice)... yeah, anyway i had a wonderful time thanks to my outstation friend, the CHOICEes, Cheryl (and the Dugongs) and my family and cousins! thank you so much!! love you and lots of HUGS!!

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