Sunday, February 26, 2006

interesting life

i have my daily blogs to read and they have all these interesting things to say, things they have done each day... it's like they're always up and about, going places, seeing ppl, food to eat, parties to go to, things to do.... but me?
lets have a breakdown....
Mon- Fri
6am - get up
6.20 - leave house
6.50 - login at work
10.30 - lunch break (yea i know.. lunch at 10am??)
11.30 - back to work
5pm - log out
5.15 - leave office (cause got reports to do)
6 - reach home, bathe, tv
7+ - dinner, tv
9+ - talk with my baby
10 - sleep
5am - get up (if there's work)
12pm - get up (if there's no work), have lunch, tv, newspapers, internet
2 - leave work (if there's work)
6 - get ready for church
6.30 - "alleluia"
7.45 - find for dinner
9 - back home, tv, sleep
5.30am - get up (if there's work)
12pm - get up (if there's no work).... same as saturday (have naps, tv, clean fish tank, newspaper, internet, going out doing chores....)
2.30 - leave work (if there's work)
10 - sleep
so.... where's the "life" in my life? sigh..... i'm so boring i could die

so i'm on a blog writing rampage

i've got so much to say and tell but there isn't anyone out there to listen
living on the mainland sucks... it doesn't suck living here it sucks living here because everyone thinks the mainland sucks and no one ever comes here... they make it such a bad place that no one even wants to come here and see for your self that it isn't that bad...
call yourself Penangites and u don't even know the difference between Butterworth, Prai, Seberang PRAI, Bukit Mertajam and Permatang Tinggi.... "oh, i thought the mainland is Butterworth"... some call it Seberang... HELLO.... we have Seberang Prai Utara, Tengah and Selatan la wei......
fine, i admit that i don't know ALL the places on the mainland side of the Penang state.... but at least u tell me a name and i know if it's on the island and on the mainland.... and fine, there is no 5 star gym on the mainland, or even a 12 screen cinema, or a highclass mall or even highclass eateries..... but we do have our malls and shops which have MORE varieties and it's CHEAPER.... food that can cost u RM 1.80 or so.... AND we are closer to Alor Setar, Taiping, Bukit Merah, Kulim....
i admit i get frustrated on the ulu-ness of this place.... but at least i don't ignore my Island...

don't u...

don't u hate the feeling of ppl keeping secrets from u where u are always telling them every single thing? my thoughts, feelings, plans... etc?
it's like, i'm telling u all these deep stuffs, personal stuff and hopingly i get the same curtesy back... but noooo...... u hide them.... u hide them like i'm anybody else to u... like i'm not that close to u anymore....
already i have less friends to talk to (deeply) and now u're doing this to me...
i feel like such a looser...
- failed in interview
- being used
- being ignored
- treated like a stranger made into casual friends
- no one thinks i'm important anymore

health freaks

so everyone i know is getting into the health/excersize thingy.... that's so not fun...
u go out with them, they eat so lil or not eat at all and there u have infront of u a big plate of embarrasing is that la wei... then there's something new somewhere and u suggest going there and they are not game cause its "unhealthy"......
u don't talk about pigging out anymore, but instead u talk about places to hike, places to cycle, gyms that are good and not so good, what to eat and what not to eat, health complications, food supplements...
i feel so left out....

look who's in KL

mum's in KL, godma's husband (Uncle Phillip) had a fall and is now in hospital.... pitty the guy, he's already 80% blind, old, have heart probs and had a fall.... so godma can't really get everything done on her own and had asked mum to go over to help her... on the day we get the new car!! which means, she didn't see the car yet! so my baby's going to see them today, i don't really have the details of what happened.... just hope he'll be alright...
(my baby is to meet mum today to bring her out shopping!! WTF!!! - i also want!!!! *cry cry cry*)

of roads meeting

i know this couple...
i've notice some changes about this couple, before, they were like any other couples but recently i've noticed that they have gotten into a stage where their roads meet and that everything they do, is for each other, they are more than in love, they are one....
i feel so warm that they managed to get to that point... it's rare that u know or see couples getting to that stage and i really hope that is forever...
i'm not sure if they're engaged or even so married secretly... cause as far as i know, they're NOT engaged or married/registered yet.... or am i the last to know? sigh.... but it's good... i'm happy for them... i wonder when will my baby's road and my road meet like that...

failed... again

DISCLAIMER: The post below is a long rant from the author, she writes from what she was told, saw and feel.. please don't hate her. if facts are wrong, that is because she didn't know.
yup... went for the interview again yesterday, and this time i didn't even pass the written test.... what's funny is that i felt the first time i did the test, it was HARDER than the one i did yesterday..... and i got through the FIRST time and not the second... weird isn't it?
hmm.... the receptionist asked me how did i find out about this interview... so i told her i am an employee and trying to get into that dept, then she had a laugh (with a hint of mocking me), she said "why didn't u try internally?" like duhh... I DID but OBVIOUSLY i didn't get it....*rolls the eye*... so come to think of it, if i didn't get the job INTERNALLY, what makes u think i can get the job like anybody else? gosh! i'm so stupid! *slaps the forehead*
i felt so down when i was called to leave the room... i was like WTF man!? i felt i managed to answer at least 60% of the questions.... but no, that wasn't enough.... well what to do? 2nd time.... some say the 3rd will be IT, but that doesn't work for me, i failed a few papers in college, and i always thought i'd get through it on the 3rd try... but NOOOoooooo... i only managed to get through .. what... 5th time? (i can't remember now...) so should i try for this post 5 TIMES??? no way man!!! i don't think so.... what if this job isn't really for me? i mean, just because i studied IT doesn't mean i can do this job right? i know ppl who managed to get through... they're really lucky bastards.... i even gone to college with them and they had NO idea what they were studying (they even had to ASK me to explain some stuffs to them!! WTF), and they got through... how FAIR was that man!
maybe i should just register for ShutterPoint, take pictures and earn my living from there and also put AdSense to my blog and earn from here too.... sigh....
so looks like i'm gonna be stuck in answering stupid sales reps calls with more tasks... a place where u can't climb the ladder, a place where permanency is the LEAST (or mybe NOT in the list) important of plans for ppl like us... we've been told many many things, promised many many things, but nothing has happened, yes there was changes... like more work to do (which is good cause that doens't make us TELEPHONIST!!! but we are still telephonist to everyone else outside the team)... the last week was horrible.. the whole team had a change, a change that affected most of the members but with what reason? NONE.... i don't see the point of all these changes also..... sigh..
very bad week indeed...... what makes it the end of a sucky week superbly TERRIBLE? having my period! sheesh.... how worse can that be man!!! i could just punch anybody now!!! ggrrrhhhh

Friday, February 24, 2006

mixed feelings...

ok.. i admit! i'm guilty! i cried when i got down from the car yesterday in the morning...
i couldn't help it.... sigh....
dad fetched me from work with the new car, haven't named it yet though... and we went to Gurney.... dad didn't want to take out the plastic of the seats! hahahha (like father like daughter - my story, tell later) and there was still the tag hanging out from one of the seats and from the car keys.. haih....
so i took about 5 mins or so looking and fidling with stuff in the car at work.. asking this asking that... then i started to drive... quite fitting though, my right leg was touching the door... good that i could lean on the door but when i reached Gurney, then there was a damp patch... it's like, u lean on plastic for a while and u sweat abit cause it's hot and it doesn't soak your sweat like clothes... that's how it is.... sigh... signs to loose weight.... but anyway, it was all good... though i did tell dad to make some changes, like to shorten the clutch.. cause i have to LIFT my leg to use it - ugh it's complicated...
what i like
-the tint on the glass
-the shades at the back (the one u can pull up and down - manually)
-the rims (it seems my dad got it changed - forced Perodua to get it for us)
-the place for cups and importantly, driving the car it feels like it's automatic!!! hahah but it's not, so i have to remember to change gears :P
AND... i just LOVE the S M E L L of a new car.... which stays with me (for a while).. cause the smell sticks to your clothes so when u get out to the car to go else where... muahahah u can still smell it! i know.. i can be sick at times hahahahha....
so... will tell u more bout the new car when i drive more of it...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

went out for lunch just now...

and i'm SOOO SOOOO SAD!!!!
mum told me they went to buy the number for the new car yesterday.. and i'm coming to work with the old car and go back with the new car...
i so sad... i'll so miss the Slug Bug Blue!!!!! *cry* *cry*
so many things happened with this car, so many places we went with this car.... *sad* *sad*..... even my baby said he feels sad.... (secretly i'm sure my mum will cry too)...... it's the longest car we've had (or shall i say I drove)... though we did have an Austin when i was born till, what, F2 or F3? (could be earlier) i really can't remember... then there was a Mazda 323... which was quite old and i started to drive with an old reckety car... got broken down in the middle of the road before also... and then came the Knight! (Satria)..... but was given the name "Slug Bug Blue" by my baby.....
i so sad..... i so sad..... i so sad..... no more.... tommorrow will be the last time i'll sit in that car...
bye bye... c a r.....

tick tok tick tok

flower, be patient....

time will tell....


Sunday, February 19, 2006


so the Malaysian Airlines are having their 70% off promotions....
had a look at their prices.. quite ok... but i don't really travel... but look at the price going to Perth... Rm699 one way... supposedly cheap la... but then to come back... it comes up to RM1400 plus tax? another RM500 or so... so all in all will come up to Rm2000+ which is about the same price i went to Sydney!! and Perth is NEARER!!... so... just because prices listed is 70% off... and they show only ONE freaking way.. doesn't mean it's cheap...
thought of going to phuket.... RM109 (or something like that) for ONE way... and that's not including tax... so.. a two way ticket plust tax will come up to RM400++...... wow.. isn't that cheap? it's 70% off!!! *rolls the eyes* yea right!!!!!
these type of advertising, really bullshits ppl off... the "sale" is only for ticket prices ONE WAY.. mind you WITHOUT tax... so... 70% off tickets BUT 70% ON for tax!! so you're actually paying the actual price!!! am i smart or what!! hahahahah
DISCLAIMER: guys.. maybe i'm wrong with the prices and all that .. please don't hate me.. i'm not a frequent flyer so i wouldn't know what prices are good or not
so there goes my trip to Perth for my cousin's wedding and also my "dreamy" holiday to Phuket...

sunday morning YAWN!!

at work.... damn... getting up at 5.30am... grrrr......
but surprisingly i was ok at work... not so sleepy... feel fresh... hahah i managed to catch someone sleeping at work!! poor thing.... i know.. it's nice and cold, and quiet... no calls.... who wouldn't like sleeping?
i think i'll be dead sleepy after lunch.... am trying to go back early today... but first i need to go to the fish shop - Chew Thean Yang to get my fish food, the "sucker" and some "cotton" for the filter.... boy i haven't been there for ages!!! i wonder if my member card still works.. hehehe
so i've gotten a mini tripod for myself!!! and i bought it from e-bay! thanks to Gahya, i was hooked on e-bay.. the pic of the tripod looks big right? u tell me... but actually it's as long as my palm! hahha.. but this one is quite good cause u can have your camera at weird upside down type of positions!! can't wait to try it out....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

so i've

been feeling down for the past whole week...
i got to know some news which is good for that person but it wasn't to good for me because i couldn't achieve what that person achieved.... it's like it made me feel useless and i'm not meant to be. i know i shouldn't be sorry for myself but i am... and it hurst more when no one exactly feels the same way as i feel, i couldn't even explain it to my baby because eveytime i spoke to him, there are ppl around and also he sleeps during the day and i sleep during the night... so....
maybe i'm feeling a wee bit better after a few days, cause i had some chat with some friends, didn't eat lunch alone... but still the "wound" is still there....
maybe it's just my PMS taking over me again... but then again, i shouldn't be doing this to myself, i need to try to be happy of what i am, what i look like and where i come from....
i need to go clubbing, sweat it out in a smoky, crowded and loud place and maybe just get drunk.....

alamak.. i've been tagged!

geraldine has tagged me nearly 2 weeks ago and i didn't know!! LOL..
sorry ya, geraldine, couldn't open your blog at my place of answering calls... i managed to read your blog at home...
ok here it is...
10 years ago I...
i was in school, Form 3, supposedly trying to prepare for PMR... really can't remember the highlights of that year, but i guess i had a pretty ok year... the worries of what stream to go to the next year, friends were "saying" that they'll be going to "better" schools for F4 and F5... but in the end they stayed back at CBM! hahahah...
5 years ago I...
it was the year i offically had gotten a bf for myself! and it was all pure bliss that whole year i tell u... but of course i was in college and made new friends in college (Sharon, Bee Choo, Deepa and some other girls and guys), a few of us became a group, and we were together till we graduated from Adv Dip and still are till now!
1 year ago I...
was struggling with my thesis.. damn!! i had IPV6 in my head DAY AND NIGHT!! then the second half was amazing, i went to Sydney, graduated, and FOUND work!!! and had the most memorable CHRISTMAS and unfortunately New Year too..... hope 2006 will be as good as my second half of 2005
yesterday I...
as usual was at work.. supposed to meet up the President of SEFA but he landed a plane on me because he was busy preparing the set for the Star Education Fair at PISA.... so was home after work doing nothing much....
5 food i enjoy
mua chee
5 songs i know the words to
oooo this is hard... i think i'll pass cause i can't sing for nuts and i don't really pay attention to the words or even try to remember them... but i guess i can remember some of the words from some old songs.... like songs from the 80s/90s....
5 places I'd runaway to
any beach (with or without my baby)
any highlands (with my baby)
the cinema
shop alone
online (pathetic isn't it?)
5 fav tv shows
FRIENDS (yeah!!!)
That 70's Show (i downloaded nearly all episodes till Season 6)
Gilmore Girls
Jamie Oliver's shows
5 bad habits
saying the wrong thing at a wrong time to the wrong person
lazy of doing things for myself
being negative most of the time
being sorry for myself
expecting too much from others
5 biggest joys
being in love
finding out who is my "true" friends
being to places i'd never think of going (if i depended on my parents!!) - thanks baby!
manage to get a job 1 month after graduating
5 ppl i tag
rainer (u better update your blog man!!)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Highland holiday!

the holiday BEGINS!

a castle facing the entrance?
it's actually a ballroom!!
cool eh!
HELLO Colma Tropicale!!

some clock at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale
when u walk in u can see a huge clock tower
we went up there to take pics of the so-called-French-Town
and no, the picture was not taken at 10.10 am
the clock doesn't work!
was up the clock tower looking down...
lovely scene isn't it
and that's the whole of it!
buildings on the left and on the right
what spoils it is the CNY lanterns... sigh...

the front from the swan pool

did some painting!
that is Plaster of Paris
different sizes different prices
paint is given to u to use to paint
(if u want to paint it there and then)
they'll dry it and spray it to settle the paint
cool uh? it's all hanging in my hse now

a dance troup from Germany
quite nice, an all rounder
had sketches, musicals, comedy, sexy dancing, disco dancing, carnival dancing

at the entrance...again!

the next day....

inside of Colma Tropicale
just after breakfast
going to the Rabbit Farm and Japanese Tea House
this is our transport to the sightseeing places
Rabbit Farm, Japanese Tea House, Sports Complex...etc...
*note* just a bar on the right and no bar on the left...

Welcome to Rabbit Farm
meet Mr Rabbit and his Ass
the scene was so cute, couldn't capture it
but the rabbit was nibbling on donkeys nose
rabbit was climbing the fence and
donkey was looking down at the rabbit
licking the rabbit
like they were friends!
so cute!

i never kept a rabbit
so i don't know how to handle them
they're cute though
nice fur too!

Japanese farewell

So, the last day of my highland trip...
went to the Japanese Tea House and Garden
the tea house was a small hut in the garden,
there was two chinese ladies in kimonos
and it seems if u paid RM20, u could wear a kimono
extra $$ and u get to do the whole tea-ceremony thingy
cool eh?
didn't take pics of the girls in kimono because they had sour faces
and looked like they could bite any time...
so called "service with a smile"

the main signboard before u go in the Japanese Garden

sort of like a doorway to the Japanese Garden...
quite romantic setting,
lots of greenery around...

the koi pond
lovely lovely, and the fishes some were like huge!
2 feet or so!!

this is a small Japanese hut in the middle of the Japanese Garden,
nothing in it though, but it was like a show thingy.
u can see how Japanese houses are like
they have a hole in the middle of the house
i'm thinking it's for their fire to keep the house warm
and their kitchen,
they have sort of like a longkang on the floor and taps hanging above it - KITCHEN SINK!
interesting uh?

when i saw this flower, i loved it,
i HAD to take a close up of it!

my baby said,
"come i take a picture of a flower with flowers!"
and that was the picture...
was damn tired man, the botanical gardens
was on a slope down, down=easy but to get back up = die!!
so we stopped to rest and there u go,
another picture!
*note* those pink flowers behind me are actually ROSES!

Some replica of full gear armour - real or not i wouldn't know,
they have about 3 or 4 of them around,
even their mid body armour was hung on the wall
in the hotel's restaurant.

last shot of the place,
lovely day isn't it?
will miss this place alot...

my last panaromic shot of the place...

BYE BYE... sob sob

Road trip to Raub

-a spontaneous trip-

the long STRAIGHT road there...
sigh.. boring!
but the scenery is interesting
u could see the Banjaran Titiwangsa hills just at your car window!

Raub - Pahang

my best friend - Pauline's hometown
this is where she was born and grew up
before she came to BM at 9 years old...
mind u - that IS ALL of the town!!
the reason we went to Raub
is to eat their PATIN!
STEAMED patin!!
fuckinglicious man i tell u!!!
and also taukua and kiam chai - lovely!
tht's moi
eventhough it's just rice and water,
but it's not watery and it's not starchy.. quite nice texture
see they cook it in claypot
my baby was still hungry
so we opt for their famous moi!
eewww me no like moi
so he had a serving - i had 2 spoons
what's on that plate is
spring onions, dried onions, salted fish, salted veg
fish + taukua + veg + moi + chinese tea (4 glasses) = RM 30!

last stop before ending my road trip
u can't imagine how many lemang stalls by the side of Karak highway
even under the "Dilarang Menjaja" signboard they are selling!
look at the size of the kuih bahulu... hunge man!!
3 for RM1 ONLY!!!!
the lemang - one batang RM5
BYE BYE road trip!!

funny thing happened

yesterday when i went out after work, supposed to do something but i cut short, then in Gurney i walked around...
the day after valentines day in a mall is wonderful... especially if u want to do shopping la... cause there is NOBODY!!!! i mean u can shop in peace, no crowd, no noise, just u, the pesty sales girls and the music in the mall (that is if they were playing any, i wasn't paying attention)...
the bookshops were sooo quiet.. like a library!... the clothes shops were.. well u'll get a few pairs of eyes starring at u.. but at least u don't have other ppl around pushing u, trying to get to things as fast as possible... and it's quiet in the mall, even the decorations of CNY and V-Day was taken down!!! hahaah....
found out there was an arcade game place upstairs... man.. that really spoils the "glamour" of Gurney Plaza.... it's on the same floor as the movies... soon it's gonna be as terrible as Prangin... NOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!! the ONLY "classy" mall u have in this island and u TAKE IT AWAY by putting a lousy arcade games in it??? gosh!!!!
i know there is another "classy" mall in penang, the Island Plaza with Metrojaya in it, but that's like out of my range.... but still eventhough we have 2.... u got to spoil one with arcade games!!! SIGH!!!!........
ohh i missed my point...
well i was in Vincci... and i saw this lady from a bit of a distance.. it was one of our higher managers, then when i went closer, i saw her side and this really looks like her!!!.. so i just went behind her (not really sure if it's her) and called out her name... not so loud but normal tone, and she didn't turn! she didn't acknowledge me! hahahha i was sooo embaressed, i walked out and away.... it wasn't her!! hahahha.... gosh! i don't know if she heard or not... but really la, this lady looked like the manager!!!
that is the reason i don't look at ppls face while walking around malls, office, shops.... just in case i recognise someone and not sure if they are the one or not! hahhaha....
so, i had an "eventfull" night last night

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love has blown away?

so valentine's day is over... what did u guys do?
as for me, nothing lo.... went to work, saw other ppl's flowers and balloons, came back, ate and slept... no special plans...
my baby wasn't around. he wanted to come down but he has exams coming next week (somemore his last paper) so i told him to stay put, study and concentrate on exams.. then after that can relax...
i came to work yesterday, hoping to see the big hoo haa of valentines day... trying to spot who had gifts, flowers... but it wasn't "that" of a big thing.. yes there was flowers around... one dept had helium heart balloons floating under their ceiling, one dept had everyone wearing red and the boss was giving out single roses and candy.. soo sweet.... the our dept, our head bought us ice cream!!! yeay!!!
no one was home when i got back, then mum came back, she asked where were my flowers! hahahha... my baby likes to try to surprise me with flowers to the house but his "delivery" guy is useless... hahaha.... either late or never arrive.. i told my baby to "fire" him... find another "delivery" guy... hahahah.... oh well, two bouquets last year, good enough.. don't want him to fire a hole in his pocket...
so, now that valentine's over, is love also over? i know its back to routine and all that, but that doesn't mean the mushyness, lovey dovey should stop... yes, yesterday is extra-ordinary but, it shouldn't be less on any other day... right?
first half i felt fine, happy that my friends had choc surprises and flower surprises.. then towards the end of the day, it got to me, but it wasn't that bad cause by the time i had dinner and read newspapers, time for sleep.. so.. no effects on me...
well i hope u all out there had better time than me! hahhaa....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LoVe is in the angin!

though everyone thinks its the day for couples and lovers... but i think it's a day to remember your loved ones, be it friends, family, pets....
to my mum and dad... love u guys very much, sorry for being a brat at times... hehehe
to my uncles, aunties, cousins all over the world... i'm glad u guys are around, though i may not have seen u before or have not seen u much, but to those who i have had a connection, thanks for all the good memories....
to my fellow friends... the DUGONGs especially!! thanks for all the good times, i know we have grown apart, seldom meet, but i'm sure we're still in each others mind. Rosalind, my partner in crime at work... thanks for being there for me and helping me and being my company (there's so much to say.....),and Ben, my part-time partner in crime at work (hehehe) thanks for keeping me company, and guiding me through the "ways of hell" hahha....
to my colleagues, thanks for making work more "interesting" and for your friendship..
to my beloved Bee Choo and Sharon, i'm SOOO thankfull that u've been there for me, giving me the opportunity of heart-to-heart chats, to Pauline, thanks for being there even though u were not there physically.. u know what i mean, Jessica, thanks so much for our friendship (even though we both are too busy to meet.. heheh) and Nooreen, miss u so much babe!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


i've been yearning to have a conversation, a good conversation... it could be of anything...
i don't know why i can't seem to find ppl to have conversations with.. either we are all too busy, or i'm boring, or i'm too analytical, or too sensitive, or too insulting? i wouldn't know..
i tried initiating conversations with work ppl for a while, but it all comes out to "empty" talk, maybe they don't trust me or that they dont really know me... sigh... i know it takes time, but i've been here since sept... nearly half a year babe! oh well maybe i'm trying too hard or doing it the wrong way..... sigh...
i was reading somewhere online, it was something about having everything, and not being able to share it with ppl, that makes it nothing... though i don't have much, but i love to share, share thoughts, information, err.. the occasional gossips, crap or nonsense, opinions and suggestions... ok maybe i sometimes have nothing to say, but what is it if u can't share it with ppl?
ok fine, my periods due end of the month and its too early to blame this emo on PMS... but it's just one thing i'm kinda missing... company and conversation....

Friday, February 10, 2006

guess where is this?

balance of work and play

how balanced can it get? 4 days of play and 4 days of work?
but 4 days of play requires the loss of 2 hrs of OT.... sob sob.. but it's ok.. it's been a while since i went for a proper getaway... where? hheheheh.... will tell u shortly... maybe i should get u guessing where with the pics i took... hmm??
so back to work after 4 days of play.. it was quite refreshing actually.. but the rythm got back after a day... and i dreaded going to work the next day... sigh.. but then... when the second day was over, there was only 2 days left of work!
when i came back to work, there was a new girl that joined us, i was given the task of coaching her on what to do, listen to my calls and guide her taking calls... it's my first time coaching her, felt abit weird cause once u get used to your work, u kinda get your own rythm and your own way to do your job efficiently... so when someone new comes in which REQUIRES the way of the book, u go.. hmm...... ok.... back to the book.. hahah.... but it's an experience, i got to refresh my own job... on the right way and right thing to do...
so today, (that was 2 days ago) she started to take her own calls.... couldn't really see if she was ok cause she was at the OTHER end of the office... *rolls eyes* (can't they put all of us together? why separate??)
was having lunch yesterday - myself, and i thought that ever since i started work, i haven't been really spending time to myself AND friends... not to say i spent LOADS of time with them before i started work, but i was in-the-know of things... now, everything is new, whenever i see them, i hear so much has happened and it's like "where was i when that happened?" .. like duhh.. u were working AND always tired after work.... sigh...
i thought i'd get used to the timing of work and the early mornings in a month or two to be still fresh and "energetic" to meet up with friends after work.... everyone finishes at 5pm.. so do i, so why am i always yearning to get home after work? i guess the early morning the traveling wears me off... but... i'm not THAT old!!!
well to my friends.. i'm REALLY sorry i haven't been spending much time with u ppl..... please let us hang out SOON?!!

cny, friends and FOOD

took some pics at bee choo's hse when i was there with sharon for CNY... man her hse is filled with food!!!
there's cookies, MUHIBBAH indian food and .....



here are the comparison of CNY decoration... quite similar right? hehehhe

the one on the left is at bee choo's hse and the one on the right it's at the office...

Friday, February 03, 2006

holi holiday

guess who's going for a holiday?



look here --->


it's ME!!

ok ok... i try not to be too overly excited and jinx it... but i can't wait!.. few more hrs and i'm on the bus out of here! yeay!!! not sure where i'll be going for the hols though... but my base will be in KL....

bye ppl!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

some ppl

ggrrrhhh... i wrote a long post bout something.... but i thought that it'd be too transparent... it's just about ppl u thought would layan u, but they don't (at times), esp they are your new friends... but i think i'm just in those i'm-pissed-with-the-world mood now and maybe abit paranoid....... sorry...
so my Ah Ma had come back to work today!! yeay!!! i missed her! it was a long 3 days at work without her.... hahaha.... but it seems she didn't miss me wor... :( it's ok it's ok... *sob sob* ~ hahahha joking la
i'm gonna change shift tomorrow!! yeay!! so that i can come out from work at 3pm.. and straight away take the bus to KL!!! yahhhoooo.... can't wait can't wait can't wait! am still not better yet.. hope i feel better after an early night tonight...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

visiting friends

sunday was the first day of CNY... went to an old college friends hse.. Ching Chiew.. haven't seen him for like 2 years... he's still the same... working... and all we talk about was computers.. hahah u know.. he's the only one whom i can talk computers without feeling "i don't know what u're talking about".... unlike other ppl.. it's either they know TOO MUCH of computers that i have the feeling of "i don't think i want to talk to u bout computers anymore" or they don't know anything bout computers.. which is better cause i myself isn't a computer geek or expert and i can talk bout OTHER things to them... so anyway, we went out for dinner and chatted... and went back home.. no ang pau though, his parents weren't around.. heheh it's ok.... at least i met up with him!
so i did managed to go to miss oon's hse on Monday after work... though i was quite tired and sick, i decided to go... it's like now a tradition for me and sharon to go to her hse for CNY.... though usually we'll go for lunch.. eat kow kow and lepak there till evening, but then this time, i was working AND sharon didn't want to go alone.. (no gang it seems)... so we went later in the day...
i guess it was better that way, cause bee choo said that if we came in the afternoon, there was no place to sit and she wouldn't have time to layan us.. so there we were wollaping her cookies, chit chatting... and i saw her new dog!!! it's the year of the dog ma...!!! then there was dinner.. fuhh!!!.... lovely! though it was indian food (uh?) but it was lovely.. liked it! had bout wat.. 3 servings? hahhaha sharon had i think 3 too... then back to cookies... mai leh.. chiak beh liau!!
and what happened after that? i went home and slept! pig isn't it?
yesterday was more layed back... after work, came back home, freshen up abit.... rested abit and then went to Jessica's hse... i was hoping it wasn't too late though.. but when i went there it was alright... managed to catch up with her for a while.. was happy that i went to see her... though i actually owe her and her fiance dinner... sorry ah jess!!! u know la.. sooo busy.... soon soon ok? soon!
so that was my CNY visiting! 3 houses, 3 wonderful company and 2 ang paus! hahahah (missing one but it's OK)