Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Traimit is one of the must see temples in Bangkok. it houses the Gold Buddha statue that weighs about 5 tonnes and stand 10 feet high. the temple looks quite majestic from the outside and better with good weather :)

the tour guide that brought us around told us that during the war, this statue was covered with plaster. this is to hide the real value of the statue. only in 1957, it was found out that the statue was actually made from real gold. O_O anyway, u can always google the whole story about it, kinda interesting though :)

there's lots of gold fixtures in this temple. from the ceiling, doors, walls, deco items... very bling bling i'd say.. :) you'll also see people praying and meditating at the main hall where the statue is located.

outside this temple, there's another smaller temple too, this one has a smaller gold statue and i noticed the roof was red! such a contrast! outside this temple is where they sell amulets and prayer books and such.

if you get the chance, do make a quick trip to Wat Traimit to see the big Gold Buddha! who knows your wishes might come true? ;)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pork noodles and rice, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

my godsis went for her internship interview and it was just her mum and me to fend for ourselves... so estimating the interview would take an hr or so, we went hunting for some street food and/or pork around the area. true enough, we did find... BOTH! awesome! the atmosphere was different, the whole stretch of road was filled with hawkers selling all kinds of food and stuffs...

we wanted a sit down place to have proper rice and noodles. so we found this place and managed to make our order. no regrets, the pork rice and noodles were great! :) just as how it looked.

innards of the pig

how we managed to order our food with decent cuts of meat - i don't know hahaha but we managed and enjoyed it. i'm glad we found this place AND they had teh botol (like the ones in Indonesia) which was quite nice too... a lil bit sweet but nice and refreshing

guess what time we had this? in the morning, for breakfast! hahahah caught ya! you thought it was for lunch or something right? yea.... it seems ppl here eat like this (proper rice meal) for lunch... imagine how stuffed i was.... :P