Friday, September 04, 2009

Phang (Hainan) Seafood @ Tanjung Bungah

looking for seafood but lazy to go to teluk bahang (end of Penang) for it? well there's one closer to town which is in tanjung bungah, somewhat opposite the Chinese Swimming Club. it's called Phang Seafood. it's a bungalow open-air type of building where u can't miss it because of its brightly lit signboard.
i came here with family (have relatives over from england) and it was also my first time eating there. food was ok, but you need to let the waiters know if u wanted to bring all dishes at the same time or one-by-one (like a chinese wedding dinner). we "thought" they would bring all the dishes at one time but they didn't. we were holding ourselves back from eating but only noticed that they'll only bring the next dish if we finish the first. so yea... not a very comfortable experience, everyone was hungry and waiting like forever....
buuuttt.... food was good :)
i'm not sure if they open for lunch but they're open for dinner.
i think this is sweet and sour crab - look at that claw!! compared to the spoon!

mango salad hae kor (prawn mantis)

steamed fish

either it was buttered or oatmeal prawns - can't remember

another style of prawn mantis
(sorry guys, this makan session was a few months go... can't remember what we had)

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