Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Krispy Kreme @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

i'm not sure but it's deja vu about posting this up, i remember posting something about how excited i was when i heard KK was here in Malaysia... gosh, i'm getting old... anyhoo i've already uploaded the pics (i know it's been a while) and i'm sure at least half of KL and Penang has already tried em... (since there are other faster food-bloggers than me! LOL)
so, what's all this hype about these donuts? when i got hold of em, i was excited, i didn't wait till i brought it home, the instance we sat down, i ate one... it melted in the mouth, abit crispy outside and soft/melty inside... it was lovely on the first bite or two but it was a tad sweetish for my taste.. and this is only the glaze ones.... i've yet to try the other flavours, but i've heard those are worst - in a good way, very sweet!!
sorry to say, if i'd to go for other flavours, i'd choose J.Co and/or Big Apple, but for the glaze, definately the Krispy Kremes...
wonder when they'll touch Penang soil, J.Co and Big Apple has already made their move.. :)

Where is Krispy Kremes? ground floor, main entrance of Berjaya Times Square and in Pavillion KL (not sure location - haven't been to that outlet)


J2Kfm said...

very sweet indeed. almost sickening.
the hershey's one was ok, but on the whole, RM2.80 per pc is rather pricey.

Shimmers said...

ah ok.. maybe next time i'll try the hershey's one.. :) thanks for the tip..

yup prices are insane lol