Friday, April 30, 2010

Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang - GOOD NEWS

I've found out that they're re-opening Chicago Rib House again after the closure in Autocity, Juru. they're now in Gurney Plaza. and guess what! they're opening on the 4th of May!!! i've been invited for the opening but unfortunately i'll be working - not too sure if my mum will be going though...
anyway, i'll sure to patronise the new outlet soon and write a review :) for you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food & Tea @ Jusco Perda

Food & Tea is located on the 2nd floor of Jusco Perda, Bukit Mertajam. it's a Hong Kong style restaurant, selling baked cheese rice, noodles, hot coke, milk and egg... type of concoction, you know, those kind of places. mum was itching for something different and we decided to try this out.

when we walked in, the interior was abit different, they had large orange bowl chairs and at the other end they had booths. it was quite stuffy inside and found out that the air con was not working (but then again they had the open kitchen concept so maybe the ventalation was not good?) and they had stand fans all around the restaurant. it was quite uncomfortable, stuffy restaurants are a big no no... guess what, i went there again for the second visit and the condition is still the same... :(
there were some markings on the menu stating the chefs favourite or the popularity of the dish for that restaurant, so we tried them. it was the fried rice, it came in a very big portion, mum couldn't finish it. and i had the spare ribs. surprisingly the ribs were nice, unfortunately it was not meaty enough...

the second time we went there, we tried the baked rice and some local chinese desserts. it was quite alright, not too bad and not that good as well. if u're looking for something simple and just to fill your tummy, this could be one of the places to go, but heck u might just wanna grab a McD n even that would be more satisfying... lol

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Noodle Station @ Sunway Carnival

i've only been to Noodle Station once, and that was long time ago... it's the outlet in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya. as the name suggests, it's a place where you can get all sorts of noodles.
the noodle base is egg noodles ala wantan mee noodles, but the menu has all sorts! from soup to dry, koay teow to yellow noodles, they even have western food! but.. err.. it's a noodle restaurant, why would you want to go there for western food right?

what we had here was (i think la) dry tom yam noodles and tom yam soup noodles. it was quite tasty (cause it's tomyam obviously) but i never did go back to try the rest of their other noodle dishes (i'm not a noodle fan.. so yea...). i'll definately go back there again when i get my "mood" for noodles and try their other types of noodles.
as for drinks, they have the sorts, from coffee to fruit juices, ice blended, smoothies and milk shakes, good variety... i think we tried the smoothies, it was nice as well, i don't remember it as too sweet or too bland, just nice :)

so if u're a noodle fan and love to go round hunting for different types of noodles, try Noodle Station, so many types of noodles under one roof (though they DO have a few branches! lol) and maybe you could let me know which one is good? to ignite my noodle "mood"? heheheh
*i think this post has the most "noodle" words i've written! LOL

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

reaching the POINT

"i was a carefree woman, stronger and sure of myself now.. i'm just screwing things up"

"it's because you've experienced love, now that it's gone and you're looking for it again, hence... you're not as before"
"unless you stop looking, like totally decided... that"
"OK THAT'S IT! I'll do something else and dont want to look for a companion, if got then got, dont have then dont have"
"only then when you have reached that POINT, you'll be "free" and back to your old confident, carefree, strong self"
now that's one heck of an advice, and i'm keeping that close to my heart.. so the question now, WHEN will i reach that POINT?

Kafe Memory Corner @ Pulau Tikus

Kafe Memory is a new eating outlet in Pulau Tikus. it's the corner shop opposite Ban Joo Lee (Kedai Runcit) and Penang Medical Supplies (PMS) and next to a ice-kacang stall. went there for a quick bite and to cool down on a sat afternoon. it was kinda quiet as there were no customers. as you know, no customers - food not so nice. but then again, the place was new and we were there towards the end of lunch time, so who knows, maybe they had better business before we came :)

the menu was simple, they specialised on ramen noodles, from chicken soup based to herbal to tom yam. two of us tried the chicken and tomyam... the interior is quite simple too. they were going with the olden chinese style of kopitiam, solid wood type of table and stools and wooden staircase.. clean, nice and simple

as you can see the menu was quite short and simple. the food too were simple. the only thing stood out was the tomyam ramen that we tried. nice and thick and spicy. it doesn't have the instand-tomyam-packet/noodle type of taste, it tastes like it's either home made or from a very good paste.. lol.... so it's worth coming back for again - especially those tom yam lovers! :)
oh, not forgetting, there were 2 huge prawns in it! so hope if you try it out u'll get them too! ;)

the chicken/veg soup based ramen was quite dissapointing though. my friend said it was kinda bland. she had to tambah touyu and pepper and some chilly for some taste, but then again, she's the type to eat cili padi in everything she eats, so yea... hahahaha... if u're the type who prefers soupy stuff and mild tastes, then maybe this would be nice for your taste buds... :)
anyway, i'd give them a few months more for them to settle down and get used to their kitchen (as service was kinda slow for a party of 6 of us - with NO ONE ELSE in the restaurant) and lets see if there's more to the menu and better service.
*no other pics of my friends food as it looked normal only...

Clinic Cafe @ Seberang Jaya

now what comes to your mind when u hear "Clinic Cafe"? i didn't know what to think of! i thought "Cafe" was someones nama-glamour (fancy name) hence naming his/her clinic, Clinic Cafe... but no it's not, it's a restaurant, so say my cousin.

so the foodie in her (and us) wanted to try and to see what this cafe is about. it's in Seberang Jaya/Prai (opposite Billion/Sunway Carnival - same row as Roxbury). from outside, u won't notice anything fancy but when you go in, u'll feel like u're in a wrong place, cause it somewat looks like a clinic/hospital. the menu is very simple, normal expected type of food, no speciality by the cafe, drinks - the same as you can get at any other cafe.

so what's different with this place, it's the interior. the chairs and tables looks like half-cut hospital beds, some tables are made from aluminium (like an operation table), the walls have pics of the human biological map (or whachamacallit), then there's operation lights hanging from the walls/ceilings but they were not turned on. the waiters were dressed as doctors and nurses.. so that's interesting. and if u feel like sitting in a wheelchair - be our (or their) guest, they have wheelchairs to use!

now you would expect a place like this to have some what of a different type of menu or taste, unfortunately nada! takda! none whatsoever! we got to give it to them for using the kidney bowls and stringes as plates and cutlery... hahahha yea the stringes were used for syrup for drinks and/or sauses for the food...

tea with brown sugar in a stringe and banana chocolate milkshake

i think it's fresh orange and lassi...

ceaser salad

some deepfriend prawn roll/fritters

tomyam fried rice and chic wings

fish and chips

black pepper spagetthi

tomyam magee - tasted like out from a packet

everything was so so, there were no oomph factor, it's already a feat to get penang ISLAND people to come to the mainland but to have them try this kinda food.... oh boy u're in trouble - u'll never see them again. and it's not even cheap!! all that food and drinks came up to about RM100++
now, why am i reviewing this again?

Monday, April 05, 2010

.... SOMETIMES i feel...

only sometimes i feel..

.....but i'm ok now, without you
*Curtesy of

need to chill~!

so many things have been happening, most of it are unwanted stress. i always thought i was the cool-dude like my dad, nothing moves him, he'll just put a smile on and as if it was nothing. well i thought i was him cause only at that moment of stress i'll be stressed and the next hr or so or when the wave passes, i forget about it and felt like as if that was nothing.
every now and then, ppl would remind me.. hey, remember u were stressed when this this this happened? well i would remember the issue/incident, but i can't really remember how i felt when i was stressed at that time.. well i think u can call this tidak-apa attitude...
anyway, as years gone by, we naturally would get older. and when we get older, we have more problems, physically, our biological clock and body... i noticed that my body doesn't do well with stress. it all started end of last year, during christmas/new year. it wasn't the stress of planning the new years eve party (Lynn, don't get me wrong) but it was because of work.
i couldn't take christmas leave or even celebrate christmas with a clear head/heart because issues at work. it just doesn't make sense why i'm always having leave problems when i'm the only one that celebrates christmas. work was really giving me hell. and that left a mark on my health. since dec till now, in april, my menstrual cycle has not been the same before. i know it's natural for some but mine has been on the dot (28 days cycle) since i had it like.. 15 odd years ago!!
i know i should go to the docs. i sort of mentioned once to my doc but she just passed it off as stress and too much exercise... uh? too much exercise?? i stopped gymming since dec!! how can she say too much exercise? so i figured it was stress..
now i thought march was a stress-less month, no big events, no trips that needed ALs... but there were some commotion at work regarding ppl leaving and new hires and coverage. my old self would think that it was nothing, i was stressed abit but it was nothing MAJOR, know what i mean... and i thought april would be back on track... but i guessed wrong, totally out of the cycle-i see signs.... sigh... hope this coming hotel stay would bring down my stress level and get back on track of my cycle... :-s
i know this post may not mean much to you readers, but i just thought i'd post it up - for saja sake... :P