Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i guess i wasn't

thought i could handle it but i guess i couldn't... i shouldn't have said "Hi". it backfired on me. padan muka for trying to be a hero... again. now it's back to another 4 or issit 5 (i lost track) years and assholes before i gain another courage in my gut to say "Hi" again.... maybe i won't, maybe i shouldn't, maybe i should stop caring and wishing for fairytales that "everything's gonna be alright" cause i know it won't, not with you, and i don't think it will, even for another 4-5 years and assholes

i'm sorry i said "Hi"... i'm not saying it to you, but to myself

Saturday, November 26, 2011

revive or restart?

should i continue where i left off, or start a new?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Traimit is one of the must see temples in Bangkok. it houses the Gold Buddha statue that weighs about 5 tonnes and stand 10 feet high. the temple looks quite majestic from the outside and better with good weather :)

the tour guide that brought us around told us that during the war, this statue was covered with plaster. this is to hide the real value of the statue. only in 1957, it was found out that the statue was actually made from real gold. O_O anyway, u can always google the whole story about it, kinda interesting though :)

there's lots of gold fixtures in this temple. from the ceiling, doors, walls, deco items... very bling bling i'd say.. :) you'll also see people praying and meditating at the main hall where the statue is located.

outside this temple, there's another smaller temple too, this one has a smaller gold statue and i noticed the roof was red! such a contrast! outside this temple is where they sell amulets and prayer books and such.

if you get the chance, do make a quick trip to Wat Traimit to see the big Gold Buddha! who knows your wishes might come true? ;)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pork noodles and rice, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

my godsis went for her internship interview and it was just her mum and me to fend for ourselves... so estimating the interview would take an hr or so, we went hunting for some street food and/or pork around the area. true enough, we did find... BOTH! awesome! the atmosphere was different, the whole stretch of road was filled with hawkers selling all kinds of food and stuffs...

we wanted a sit down place to have proper rice and noodles. so we found this place and managed to make our order. no regrets, the pork rice and noodles were great! :) just as how it looked.

innards of the pig

how we managed to order our food with decent cuts of meat - i don't know hahaha but we managed and enjoyed it. i'm glad we found this place AND they had teh botol (like the ones in Indonesia) which was quite nice too... a lil bit sweet but nice and refreshing

guess what time we had this? in the morning, for breakfast! hahahah caught ya! you thought it was for lunch or something right? yea.... it seems ppl here eat like this (proper rice meal) for lunch... imagine how stuffed i was.... :P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand

do you have a strong stomach? if you do, then you must try the street food that u see in Bangkok. i mean, it's unique, it's delicious and it's CHEAP! but mind you, they're nomads. now you see now you don't. u see them that that spot today, u won't see them in a couple of hours. if WHEN u see them, don't think twice of coming back later to have a snack. they might (most of the time) disappear!

this stall serves freshly squeezed orange juice. i believe these oranges are locally grown and it's super sweet! no water added, no extra sugar added, just pure orange juice! great for a hot day and source of vitamin c.

now this drink stall, is practically everywhere. and they make practically all types of drinks, from different types of coffee, tea and juices. they have green tea, milk tea, white coffee, black coffee... and God knows what else. there's a menu somewhere but it's all in Thai so am not sure what other drinks they have. but from what i know, the milk tea... (all you tea drinkers) is YUM MEH i tell you!!! (sorry ah coffee drinkers.. :P heheh)

i'm sure if u're walking around the streets of Bangkok, u'll find these type of street stalls and if u're feeling thirsty :) go for it, don't worry if they don't have ice - they DO! hahahah

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuffs in 7-11, Bangkok, Thailand

you would think the 7-11 down the road from your house is the same from the 7-11 in another town or in another city or country. i sort of thought it will be quite SIMILAR but when u come to Thailand or Bangkok to be exact. it'll make you go O_O hehehe literally. ok lah, i'm ulu like that.. hahahah y? well if you know what is in store in a 7-11 in Bangkok, you should know what i'm talking about right?

i let the pics tell you...
you can literally have a full course meal in there! from appetizers, to snacks, to main meals to desserts and of course drinks! they have the instant rempah, instant rice set meals, noodle meals, fresh meat like ham, bacon, sausages.... even a microwave for you to reheat the food... and... get this... PORK!!! hahahahha and that's what got me to O_O with :D

if i could, i could just shop in here, like as in, grocery shop... hahahah tell me bout your 7-11 stories... just as good as the one i went in Bangkok?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Scene, Sukhumvit, Thailand

Ever since we landed in Bangkok, somehow we couldn't find the time/place to have authentic Thai food. so the 2nd night we were there, we insisted in finding a local Thai restaurant. we asked the locals there on where we can get local Thai food. fortunately one was quite helpful in pointing to us the direction of the restaurant, that was just down the road from where we were.... and the name of the place is called Love Scene... hahahha don't ask me why, i don't know :P

the front of the restaurant had the fish tanks (indicates they have fresh seafood) and the menu. but when we headed inside, we were somehow had to pass by the kitchen.. and the word dodgy came to my head. but surprisingly, the dining area was cozy, dimmed lights, interesting Thai deco, tv with the sports on, and a lil bar. there were even pictures of the Thai King and family pictures.

there were patrons having dinner there already when we arrived. the menu was warned out indicating that this place have been around for a very long time. they had of course the local Thai food and also western food.. they call it European food hehehhehe... but of course we ordered Thai. no words can describe, having tomyam in Thailand... da bomb i tell you!! and everything else that we ordered was good as well :)

what we had? the usual tomyam "red" seafood soup, steamed fish, a lala dish, and some mixed vege. the rice was hot, fluffy and fragrant, the food was good and so was the bill too! satisfaction!!! :)

i think if you google Love Scene Thai and European Food, u'll find the address somehow. it's definately in the Sukhumvit area, near a gym hahahah i'm sorry, that's all i can give you on the location :P

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thai-Isan Cuisine, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

if u're tired walking around Chatuchak market and looking for a quick bite, try Thai-Isan. it's right in the middle of the market, have no idea where it's located, we just found it by chance. the taxi driver warned us about eating at the market, it may give you a tummy ache, but i was kinda tired and hungry and didn't want to wait till dinner, so since there were loads of whites eating here, i thought it was safe enough.
what's good bout this place is that the menu has pictures of the food and there's English translation on what the dish is about. but because we are Malaysian, the food offered here was kinda familiar, so we didn't really have a problem. we just had to cross our fingers, hoping we won't get sick eating here.

we didn't have rice, but we tried their noodles, it's a cross between koay teow and beehoon, looks like beehoon but more firmer. we got their famous friend chicken and kerabu mango. the mango was quite spicy! lol we were suffering! but it tastes good!

so if u find yourself itching for something to munch, u can try this place out (that is if you manage to find it) but there are other stalls and street food inside the market for you to try :) just make sure your tummy is strong.. lol!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Chatuchak Market is for shopping lovers!!! it's a haven for shoppers! and it's conveniently situated next to a train station AND have loads of taxis at the exits. so easy for you to travel with all the shopping you would have done at Chatuchak.

at one of the entrance to the market, i saw this stall selling bbq skewered food, it was mostly seafood and cocktail sausages and meats. i took 3 sticks, one looking like a squid but actually i think it was muscles! God knows what i ate! hahahah looked really weird but FORTUNATELY it was GOOOD!!!! especially with the sauce they add in the packet. spicy too!!
i was told that you could get "maps" of the market so that you'll know what's where and that you won't get lost. but the thing is, i didn't know where to get those maps too! and the area we covered, i don't think we did that whole place... it's like a HUGE maze and one can get lost in those lil shops!!!
those who know me, know that i love wearing flowers! eversince i saw those flower clips in KL.... now, i saw THIS shop and i went crazy!!! there were soooooo many flowers!!! all sorts! different sizes and colours and types! and they even sold the flowers by itself! like wholesale! and you can glue it yourself to clips or to whatever you fancy! i bought a good number of flowers, not knowing what i'll do with them! LOL!!! now that's when the crazy shopper in me came out! ahahhaha... even the lovely aunty was so nice and friendly! didn't mind taking a pic with me! hahahhaha

there were so many shops/stalls sellling weird stuff, clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, linen, cloth, kitchen stuff... you name it, they got it! all you need to do is search and hunt for them!! they even have things you never imagine they would have! HAHHAHAHA..... prepare for some panadol! u might get a headache with all this shopping and great deals!
but don't worry, they also have street food among these shops. the taxi may tell you not to eat there as you might get sick, but you are the only one who knows your body and obviously, check out the cleanliness of the place before you decide to eat there.
here are some street food, didn't really try em but i think it's weirdly nice! hahahah if you get the chance and your tummy is strong enough, try it and let me know eh! :)

what made me happy was this man (pic below) he was making drinks and was wondering if it was coffee or tea.. and true enough it was TEA! milk tea somemore!!! i had to get one!! and O.M.G !! freaking awesome tea!!!! i know of some girls and aunty who would just LOVE this tea! perfect for an evening cuppa. i could have had two!!! but tried not to be too greedy!! i don't know what they put in this tea but it was superb!!!

verdict of this market? if you have 2 days to spare in Bangkok, spend it in this market.. sure no regrets one! but if u have limited time AND want to sight-see around Bangkok, u won't be able to finish this market. i believe with the 3-4 hrs i was there, i only managed to see 20% of the place... and that too was very brief "window shopping"... not even proper shopping, like going in to shops, and look at the stuff and bargain... lol yea, it's THAT big!!!
the only time they're fully open is during the weekends, while weekday, only certain shops are open. so plan your visit wisely! hahahha and Happy Shopping!!