Friday, January 29, 2010

Terry Reutens turns 60

1st there was the big hoo haa regarding someone turning 50... but that was not as bad as turning 60!! yup, my dad turned 60 this year. it got me thinking, has he lived his life the way he wanted? did he do the things he love? or did he take everything that was given to him and learned to adapt, love, live with it? i think that's what all of us should be doing. to look back to see how far we've gone and how to make it better in the future.
i had this thought a year ago, that i would treat my dad to something special - a round-the-island trip on a helicopter/small plane... where he will sit in the cockpit! but unfortunately Tanjung Flying Club in Penang don't do such thing anymore :( what a waste...
anyway, we had a nice gathering of close friends for dinner for his birthday. it was held at 747-YMCA. everyone agreed that the food was wonderful - though some didn't like the szechuan and the yam basket.. hahah

Bayan Baru friends and Anna

my girls and mum's friends

mum's friend and sister Loretta (my Godma)

mum and our family friend

dad's ex-boss

mum made the cake - her famous sugee cake and i iced it!

it was supposed to be in blue but because of the buttercream (yellow) and the yellow lights in the restaurant, the colour turned out greenish/terquise-ish. in the end, it looked quite paddle-pop-ish colour! hahahha

my mum was cutting the cake to serve to our guests when my friend offered to take the family pic! hhahhaah looked like she's the one turning 60!

group pic - not all were in, some went back early

so i hope my dad had a great time, he didn't know half of the guest list - mum and i didn't want to tell him. and he didn't know what food we ordered! heheheh...


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Penang Island Jazz Festival 2009

i know i know it's an overdue post. had no time ler....
again, Penang Island Jazz Festival was organised by Mecedez-Benz Malaysia at Bayview Beach Resort. and since the last time i went was with my dad, i thought he'd want to go again. it was actually a last minute decision as we only got tickets on the day itself.
we went early as we wanted parking and a good spot to sit. but were too early as the doors were not open yet. so we hung around the lobby, there was one jazz performance going on and exhibitions. i met a long lost friend, Darren (looks still the same), did go up to him, but i doubt he remembered me. he was all polite asking how am i and all but had to leave, so yea, i think he doesn't remember me anymore. oh well....
since the doors to the even was not open, dad and i just chilled at the garden, dad even ordered tea and cakes! that IS the life, by the beach, on a deck chair, tea and cakes, wind in the face. i even had a very short, light nap! niceness!!

the time came and we started to get in, ppl came in with mats (as us too) and finding a good spot. we were not allowed to take videos but i'm sure everyone sneaked to take a short clip now and then - they had "bouncers" walking everywhere checking to see if anyone was taking vids.... :-S anyway, we got a good spot, right infront, not too close, not too far. and thank God the weather was great!

part of the crowd - the place became full towards nightfall

because this post is totally over due, i can't name the bands that played that night, as far as i remember, there were Japanese bands, Irish, English and American, Brazilian, Australian... i'm sure if you went HERE you'd get the list.

this was interval, for everyone to grab some drinks, bite and toilets. we were getting abit sore from sitting on the ground for 3+ hrs.. lol, not young anymore. when there was short breaks, i would lie down just to be comfortable for a while. it's nice to lie on your back and watch the stars for a while... hmm... reminds me, need to go to the beach one of these days... who's for it?
ok ok, back to this, i sneaked out for a while to see an old friend who was next door at Hard Rock. it was just a quick 10mins or so to make plans for the next day. coming out from the hotel, there were cars everywhere!! parking at the side of the road.... see, lucky we came early.
back at the event, dad and i wanted to get something to eat but the food was extremely expensive!!! in the end we just shared a hot dog and a starbucks coffee. it was just over priced!! what's worst, we couldn't bring our own food, either you pay for expensive simple food, or miss the even to go out to eat.

overall it was as what was expected, a good show, good line up of gigs and a great turnout - this time, because we were early, we got a complimentary cd!! how cool is that!! u can play over and over again hehehhe....

so the next installment, would be in Sabah, i'm sure my friend (who was at Hard Rock that time) would be thinking of going - cause he's from Sabah.

Monday, January 25, 2010

peeps came to visit!

yea i got nothing else better to blog about, so thought i'd cerita bout some out-of-station peeps who came to visit penang (and me! i hope) recently... funnily, both peeps were originally form sabah AND!! i brought/met them at Hard Rock!! damn, when will i finally get to go there in DAYlight? everytime i go there it's at night... hmm....
ok ok...
first off it was Rainer Yong that came to Penang, i was extatic!! finally get to see him after wat.. 8 years???? my my... he does looks better, got to give that to him :D he came down to Penang with his family for his father's co. family day, met his dad and sisters for the first time (though i've seen them before in church, but never got intro to them.... Rainer's fault).
i drove him some-what around penang at nite, when everything is ..errmm... closed! we went to Gurney Drive for his koay teow soup (he already had CKT), then wanted to find a cool place around gurney, town area for a "watering hole"... but it was a monday night, so yea... in the end, we ended up at Sunset Bistro and finally got our drinks.
we managed to catch up as much as we can, family, friends, work, life... so much has happened and i believe we both turned out OK.. not that bad! so that's good, had great laughs, great insights and intellectual conversations... heheheh...
hope we'll still be in touch and hope to see him again. *hugs* dude!
then, there's THIS girl who i've been waiting for her to come to penang ever since i met her at Datacom, and FINALLY she came!!! her trip too was very brief and no thanks to my wonderful shift, i only managed to see her for few hrs at night.. where EVERYTHING was closed.. sheesh
so finally Miss Monica Kong, arrived in Penang, with her dad, bro and bro's gf. though i didn't meet them (they were sleeping already - yea it was THAT late when i got to see her). she too i sort of did the same thing, i drove her around town, showing her places to go for makan, see, so that she can save it on her GPS, for her to use the next day with her family..
then i brought her to B.Ferringhi night market, let her see some stuffs but in the end we both bought dvds!!! LOL!! we didn't get any drinks this time, but did managed to sit to grab a bite and catch up, with our mutual Datacom friends, partners, work.. it was good having to talk to her. made me feel (more) to go back to KL...
then i couldn't resist, i had to bring her to Hard Rock and at the same time the dugong's were there chilling! hehehe... kill 2 birds with 1 stone. monica finally met them as per pics on FB and like wise (i think). she said it was cool... :P
yeap, missed monica lots, and hope to see her again the next time i go to KL.. i'm counting my days/months... MISS YOU MONICA!!!!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dugong Becks bday 2010

our friend Becky turned a year older couple of weeks ago (hey it's not feb yet!) and we had a belated bday for her.. this time we had a VIP (uncle dugong) to join us from KL!! good to see you again!!

1st up difficulty was setting the date, then finding a place. when we actually did, the place was closed, luckily someone knew a 2nd place to go to at the last minute! phew! can't really remember what was the name of the restaurant. we had pork, soup, egg, veg... simple yet quite nice food. must go back there again to try the other dishes.

it was a simple short night as everyone had plans after that... so we had simple food, and made my bday cupcakes for her. good food, good company, what more can one ask!!! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

CHOICE Penang - Xmas and NY dinner 2009/2010

on the 2nd of January, CHOICE Pg organised a Christmas & New Years Dinner at Lil Cottage 2, Waterfall Hotel. family and friends of the CHOICEes were invited and gathered here for dinner and some fun. the food was great (though the replenishing of the food was kinda slow) and i believe it was a success and everyone had fun!
part of the committee

we had a table outside collecting tickets stubs for lucky draw and handing out door gifts, thanks to some wonderful sponsors! :) yea we had lucky draw too!! gosh we prepared soooo many lucky draw prizes!! pity you didn't make it!

our wonderful MCs were Maureen and UNCLE Eddy! hehehe, they were wonderful! Maureen was a cheer to the crowd (btw she's still single). there was no dull moment! heheheh speeches were started off. first it was our CC1 - Elizabeth (she too is still single), then to the Bishop... yea, THE Bishop came! later on when Fr.Dominic arrived after celebrating mass, he gave a short speech. then dinner was served, it was really yummy i tell you!
and the fun and activities started! first off was a father-daughter (fellow CHOICEe - Maria, still in college/part time working) duet of 2 songs. lovely voice!! then there was a game of who can drink the fastest! from a milk bottle! the participants were very encouraging! such a sport!!

then there was a slide show of the activities CHOICE Pg had - such as meetings, birthday gatherings, outings..etc (dad thought i made this slide too - cause i made 2 slides for the family NYeve party.. hahah - yup my parents came with 2 of their friends, and my cousin Suzanne). in between these we had our lucky draw! and nearly half of those who attended got something - which is good! we also had treasure hunt, where there a list is given of things you need to find. it's no easy feat i tell you!! who now a days wear a brooch? or a WHITE hair pin? hahahha anyway somehow someone managed to find all on the list and won a prize!! lastly we had gift exchange, where SuSee (single as well) read out the Nativity Story and we had to pass the gift either to the Left or Right whenever she mentioned the word "Left" or "Right".. what a sight! everyone was confused and loads of laughter! hahahah

then the dinner ended with the CHOICE song! over all it was a good outing, everyone was in their best attire, looked lovely, filled with good food (and drinks.. heheh *hic*), had lots of laughter and went home with a present
it was great helping the team out on this and am looking forward to the next event!! *cheers*!

*more pics HERE

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

why? cause it's too much fun!! hahaha... i'm talking about how i spent my new years eve la... aiyo, what did YOU think? :P

it was a long (and interesting) journey for Lynn and i, planning, discussing over millions of emails, calls to gather info, get the proper people to set up this big bash! and i actually loved doing it!! hence one of my FB status - wrong line of job! lol

anyway, on the 30th, things started to come together, the canopy, the sound system, the projector, the lights.... we had a pre-new years eve gathering by watching Russel Peters and a christmas movie on our (rented) home theater (projector and screen). wished it was wide-screen with crystal clear HD resolution (like the LG Chocolate BL40) though it was a lovely experience, cool night air, suttle breeze, drinks and great family... this is why i like it longer
then finally the day came, it started out hectic, the caterers came to setup the tables, cutleries, deco, lights.... we on the other hand started to bring out our own decos, having headaches on how to decorate the whole house, inside and out, wished we had the LG Chocolate BL40 to take 5.0 MPixels pics of the area and test run the decorating "scene" in 3D graphics so that we have a better idea on how to decorate the place
with my partner in crime - Lynn

Lynn's family

so the party people started to come as early as 8pm and things are starting to get busy, almost 50 ppl came, lots of food, drinks, chit chat, laughter with hugs and kisses. there were loads of surprises through out the night as well!!! here are some of the ppl who came... hard to put all the pics here...
with Dad

Esther and Teck Chye

Jean and Wayne

cousin Cheryl

Aunty Betty and Andre

Michael, Anita and son Andre

with Audrey

crazy cousin Luke

i had also invited some of my friends from CHOICE, from college, school and other friends, but not all turned up. the CHOICEes that came were Irene, Audrey, Fiona (Tan), SuSee and Elizabeth. missing friends were Jessica and Brian, Sharon and Bee Choo, Telly, Mark, Bella, Hanie, Isfendy, my lovely KL friends and not forgetting the Dugongs - Rosalind + Mr.G, Becky + Mr.A, Benji + Ms L, Cyn + Mr.J. missed you guys!!!

Cheryls gang - fiance Edzil, Jean and Ian

there were definately loads of other people who came to this superb i-like-it-to-be-longer party! there were Dave's family, Teck Chye's family and friends, Cheryl's in-laws, Anna's sister and friends, Reutenses from Australia, KL and Ipoh, old doctor friend of the Reutenses...etc gosh the list could go longer!!

there were slide shows on our "rented" home theater, dancing with disco lights and smoke, 2 big speakers (with inbuilt sound system), we even had mic for speeches (and occasionally instructions) and lots of dancing and drinks!! this was the night i heard someone mixed two types of wine and i tried the mixture of kickapoo + tequila!!

the countdown was something too!!! we had a (small) clock on the projector, loads of poppers, banner and bag of balloons to fall and not forgetting AIR-HORNS!! big and small, and all different types of noise makers!! i felt like this was a party at a club!!! to those who didn't come, u guys really missed it!! we were sooooo loud that at one point, a police car came by to "advise" us to keep it down after midnite! heheheh....

*oohh.. check out the vid! (not too clear though)

so yea, this new years eve party is a party on Why I like it Longer! i want it to last, the fun, the family, the friends and the memories we make with each other! to all who came, it was good to have seen you after so long and hope you too had a great time and to those who didn't come, maybe next party ya! *wink* and to Lynn, Dave and kids... it was great working with you guys on this! great experience!! love ya!

*this post was brought to you by LG Chocolate BL40 Nuffnang competition :D (hope i win this)