Thursday, December 29, 2005

KL here i come!

and NEW YEAR too!!!
yea!!.. will be going to KL to spend NEW YEAR's with my baby for the FIRST TIME!!! yooohooooooo!!!!!
don't know where we'll go though... but we'll be around... any invites to parties?? let us know ya! hahhaha..... we'll be going with my cousin and her bf... but we'll split when we get there... they got their own plans....
if i don't blog before new year...
HAPPY NEW YEAR to my loyal readers out there!!!
don't drink and drive... you might spill your drink... nyeh nyeh nyeh.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

is it over?

is Christmas over? no.... it's 12 days long!! didn't u know??
"On the twelve day of christmas, my true love gave to me....."
everything's back to normal, back to work, my baby's hanging out with his gay (he's not really gay, but he acts and has an attitude like a girl.. sheesh.. worst than me also) friend going gaming whole day and night... i'm sure his friend must have taken leave to be with my baby... eww eww eww.. i hope he doesn't come back...err.. "gay"... if he does... i dunno what to say la..
the good news is... I'M ON LEAVE TOMORROW!!!! till next year to be exact!!! YEAYNESS!!! will be going to KL to spend the new year there with my baby.. this would be the first time we will spend New Year together... weird uh... after soo many years, we NEVER ushered the new year together.... hope plans will go well...
Sharon and Bee Choo came last night... both of them were the only ones who gave me jewelry and it was the type i like!! hahahha.... they stayed and we chit chatted until i couldn't open my eyes! was soooo tired i tell u.... couldn't get up this morning... sigh.. it was nice having them over, chatting, having heart to heart talk... i don't know but, everytime we meet we'll have heart to heart talks.. hahahha we very emo when we get together! (and NO we are NOT gay!)
just heard and confirmed that i'll be going to watch Narnia AGAIN!!! yea baby!!!! 7pm show.. hope i'll be able to get there in time... knowing the jam....
ohhh did i tell u.... I'M ON LEAVE!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

100% attendance!

finally.... 100% attendance for the Dugong Clan!

yeah!! EVERYONE was here!!!! it's very rare i tell u!!! and it's sooo hard to get everyone together... so here we are... and i have proof!!!
last night, the dugongs came over for dinner.. and we had the present ritual... exchanging of presents... fuhh.. u should see the mess we made!! hahaha.... what u see in the pic is part of it, there are more around... practically no place to walk!
mum was glad that there were no more leftovers!!! if not.. sure no place in the fridge! only 3 ppl "drank" last night... yea.. everyone was working so... all couldn't stay late or get drunk... like me... i'm at work now! sad innit?!
ok ... let me see what i got....
- wallet/purse
- Body Shop merchandise (body shower, body scrub, lip balm)
- lip gloss
- photo frames
- Coffee Bean termost mug
- chocolates
- door knob cover (soo cute!!!)
Jessica and her new fiance came too! but they left early... good to meet up with her again... damn! i promised them a dinner and i'm behind with that.. i really got to meet up with them in Jan....
and ooh.... looksie at my "pink" hall!!! i'll put up before and after pics ok?

Monday, December 26, 2005


well so far i've only received 4 presents
- Eleanor
- boss
- Godma
- my baby
here's the branch that broke from my christmas tree at home... i brought it to work, decorated it abit and put it up between my cubicle and Gahya's cubicle (she celebrates christmas too)....
and here's what Eleanor got me.. isn't he CUTE and adorable!!! OMG!! when i saw it, i just fell in love with it! i mean.. i'm not a FAN of soft toys.. never was actually... to me.. it's all reasons for dust to gather... but when i got this!!! hahaha... i loved it!!! but don't u all go get me soft toys now ah..... u want me not talking to u?
my boss.. well not actually my boss.. but the new lady that will be in charge of our sub-dept in future, gave all of us (bout 10 of us) Tupperwear water container/bottle... i think she's a member of Tupperwear... hehehe.. mum sure to be interested!
godma got me a froggy cup.. not a cup that looks like a frog.. but a cup with a pic of a frog with its hands stretched out.. like it wants a hug.. hahahhah
and my baby... fuhh.... master piece.. he got me Proactive... the skin care regime from SmartShop... though i can't use that yet as i still have my set to finish... i hope this works...
didn't take pics of the other presents thinking i might be "too over" with that.. hahaha.. dad's still questioning me... "why do u like taking pics of food, things, buildings...? everything also want to take picture..." ahahhahahahahaahha.....

nicest day!

had a wonderful time.... nothing much though.. but it was nice

as said in my previous post, went to church in the morning, then to see grandad... well.. grandad sort of didn't know what day was yesterday and he had a hard time swallowing his food... though when it came to Coke and jelly, he could nicely swallow that.. hmmm.... and to him, water was bitter... mum said he never liked water so... hmm... he didn't want to eat mum's fried rice... but i was thinking, if we gave him McD, he'll sure to finish that!! very fussy man.. very hard to take care
then we went off to lunch, we went to Mama's.. dad hasn't been there before and luckily they had the last table for 3. they had reservations for bout 40 ppl so it was packed...we spoke to the owner, and he found out that my dad was his friends wife's bro (which is Aunty Esther where she and cheryl were the ones who introduced Mama's to me). dad liked the food though he couldn't really eat the spicy ones - mouth ulser....
to Giant we went... to get stuffs for dinner today.... not that many ppl, but there were ppl buying stuffs.. all in their christmas clothes.. hahahah.... mandarin oranges are out ppl!!! they're out!!! oooo my favourite!!!!
got home... rested abit... then my baby called!!! he's here!!! yeay!!!!
for the first time in after SOOOOooooooOOOOOoooo long he ACTUALLY took the 9.30am bus!!! he reached bout 2+ pm. went to fetch him and went to makan, poor thing he didn't have lunch. got home and the preps began, pauline was to come over for dinner.... mai leh!!! she forgot man!... 7.15pm i called, and she forgot she was supposed to come for dinner! hahahh so she said she'll be there at 8pm... in the mean time, we opened our presents... i didnt get much though... only from Godma and my baby.... parents had more pressies than me!!!!!!!! *sob sob*.... while everyone was opening their presents...
mum: u not giving it to her?
me: *puzzled, looking at mum, looking at dad*
dad: *puzzled*.... give what?
mum: i told u to give her and Shen ang pau?!!!
dad: didn't go to the bank... tomorrow i go
mum: *rolls her eyes BIG TIME*
me: *laughs*
my baby: *laughs*
mum: *eventually smiled*
then pauline came and we all had dinner...
we were supposed to go out after dinner but she was tired... and Gladiator HAD to come on... *rolls the eye* so which means.. confirmed i couldn't go out on Christmas day... my baby was glued to the TV... Gladiator!!! sigh... but it was ok... pauline went back bout 10.30pm.. and i was dozing off....
what a surprise... was about to get to bed and i got a call from a weird number, that number has been calling me but i'm always not in time to answer the call... but anyway, managed to answer and it was an overseas call!! it was from Jeoffrey!!! my childhood friend!! he called from Holland!!! OMG!!! i never thought he'd call... we chatted for a while and he said he'll be back for CNY... YEAY!!!! and he wants me to bring him round round penang and go clubbing!!! YEAY!!! at least i got kaki to go clubbing next month!
so that was my Christmas... good end to it eh? ;)
it so continues today.. though i'm at bloody WORK now!!!!!!
sigh...... no life!!! but have to motivate myself...
*chants*... the money... the car... the money... the car...

Sunday, December 25, 2005


nah.. couldn't stay up till midnite last night.. there was nothing interesting on tv to keep me awake so i went to sleep early...
got up bout 8am to go to church.. church was at 9am in Holy Spirit, Penang. church was quite packed but so so.. i'm sure not as packed as the midnite mass last night. decorations in church was quite nice, unique too, a blend of christmas balls, ponsetias, silver leaves... nicely decorated. mass wasn't that long, i think i heard the same sermon as last year.. the point was the meaning of christmas.. issit on christmas trees, presents, decorations, cleaning the house, nice food, nice clothes.... or having Jesus in our hearts and remembering the day Jesus was born into this world?
i guess we all know the answer but it's how much we keep to that meaning...
for me, Christmas is about having family and friends around. rekindling bonds, friendship, relationships (esp with my baby) and reflecting on ones confidence and motivation for the coming year...
hmm... what's your New Years Resolution?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

1 day to CHRISTMAS!!

yahoo........ tomorrow is Christmas!!....
won't be going to midnite mass... cause going to morning mass tomorrow with parents and also will be going to see granddad at the home after that...
will try to stay up till midnite....

Friday, December 23, 2005

yeay yeay!

10 more minutes and i'm leaving the office!!!! muahahaha... and it'll be CHRISTMAS all the way!!!! can't wait!! can't wait!! can't wait!!

2 days to CHRISTMAS!

what a surprise i had early this morning!!!!!
our lil Ah Ma Dugong came to my cubicle smiling away and handed me a card... i thought it was just an ordinary Christmas card.. then she stood there... waiting.. looking at me... she said.. "open it, read the small blue card first...."
so i opened it, and read.. HAHAHAHAHHAHahahhaha it said something bout this christmas card being 5 years old!!! so i opened the christmas card and saw under her signature... she wrote '00 which means, that card was written in the year 2000!!!! hahahhaha... the card has yellow stains and her handwriting was so different!! we both had a laugh!!...
come to think of it, its cards like this that gives more meaning to Christmas and i felt so warm and cuddly when i got it!! *hugz* Ah Ma!!!!!
so the lesson here, if u didn't or forget to send out cards that has already been written, don't throw it away, u could send it again after 5 years and it'll still be ok, memories keeps rushing back, u'll start to remember the good old days and the friendship we had... isn't that the MEANING of Christmas?
now, the card is proudly being hung at my cubicle, will bring it back home after work... and will be proudly be hanging somewhere at home...
thanks again Ah Ma!!!
so yea.. 2 more days to CHRISTMAS!!! yeay!!! last day of work (so to say).... gonna do my FINAL christmas shopping today with mum... lunch tomorrow with my best friend, Pauline and muahahaha.... We Wish u a Merry Christmas.... we wish u... ok ok.. i suck at singing... but yea.. it's Christmas!!!!
err.. Cher, Ah Ma.. what time is Christmas mass in Holy Spirit on Sunday morning?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 days to CHRISTMAS!

the "angels" at work has been revealed and my angel was Eleanor! hahahha Aja's friend... what a coincidence uh? i was hoping that it wouldn't be anyone whom i didn't know or what more haven't spoke to before other than over the phone.... mana tau, i got Eleanor! yeay!
so today, everyone found out who bought for who and what... some had chocs.. some had ornaments, some had lighters (mostly for the guys) and most girls had something from Body Shop.. hahaha... mine? we'll it's been delayed abit, i'll only know tomorrow....
i bought a box of cookies and a pen for Alfred.. one of the Sales Coaches.. at first i wanted to get him a hamper of food cause he's always asking us for munchies.. then i thought... na.. not so nice.. so i got some English cookies and a pen... hope he likes it! :)
so it's 3 days to christmas and the christmas atmosphere is around.. it's in the AIR... everyone can smell it!! everyone hates working now! hahahhaha... the customer department had some carolling! a few of them went round the whole area (not the whole floor but our section) singing and giving out sweets or something.... we deal with talking on the phone with customers, ppl starting to shhuusshhh them.. hahahha *malunye* they had a guy playing the guitar and a lead singer and some followed behind trying to sing.. hahah
dad's back to his cycling.. i think he stopped for a week because of renovations and painting... and now he's back keeping fit... or so to accomodate the food that will be coming during the weekend.. HAHAHHAHA....
my best friend's BACK!!! YEAYNESS!!!!! but she'll be only be around a few days, she'll be gone on Boxing day... :( hope to meet up with her tonight though.....
one more pressie to go!!! and i'll HAVE to get it tomorrow at Gurney.... HAVE to.. if not it's too late... i dun really like "owe-ing " presents... never did actually... heeheh

in the news

when i get back... i'm too lazy to read the papers... so i read the articles online...
came across this one "Woman senators must vote for Bill..." and the caption that caught my eye was "... have no choice but to vote.."
i mean WTF wei.... if u are eligible to vote.. u should be given CHOICES to vote... not vote for just 1 thing... and if that's the case... why VOTE at all??? why call it "vote"? doesn't really make sense...
though i'm not into politics.. this type of comments or statements really just pisses me off... (i hope i don't get into trouble for this).... for me... the meaning of VOTE is the right to choose something, the minimum choice should be 2 and not ONE?! so if there are no choices for ppl to "vote" why call it vote?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

4 days to CHRISTMAS!

so the countdown begins.. yea i should have started 8 days ago (12 days of Christmas?) but then... hey at least there are still few days to make a countdown!! hahahahh
i'm officially in a christmas mood... the house painted.. the crib is up, the tree is up, the presents wrapped and under the tree, mum's sugee cake and tarts are a smelling, money... er.. what money? all gone!!!.... carols playing, christmas wind blowing (ooo that i like...)...
ok ok ok... back to work... what work??!! hahaha it's christmas and no way can customers get their stuffs delivered if they buy now!! better go prepare for christmas !!! blueekk... :P

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


its a headache to get gifts... but the feeling's good when u have FINALLY found something.....
i'm almost done with my shopping except for 2 more ppl... thanks to my baby for spotting something both my parents will like (he can be usefull at times... heheheh *snikers*)... and spared me the headache to get something EACH for dad and mum....
i can't wait till christmas... i don't know, but this year i'm ACTUALLY looking forward to it.. maybe it's because i got ppl coming over on the 26th and that my baby will be around... YEAYNESS!!!! and maybe it's because the house "looks" new?! hahahha... dun worry, i'll put up pics of the "pink-ness" of the house... get your sun-shades ready!

Monday, December 19, 2005

high on paint

can anyone get high on paint?
hahah.. i've been painting the banisters and holding the paint close to my face as i was squatting and being in weird poses (because of the areas that needs to be painted ... susah!!!) so my baby was asking me these crappy questions, just to get into a conversation with me (while painting).... he was trying to get me irritated... i told him that i didn't hear what he said (actually i did, but malas to layan) and told him that i was high on paint! LOL
come to think of it... i know ppl DO smell glue to get high (hehehe i for one like the smell of glue - but fret NOT, I DO NOT get high on glue).. what about paint? ICI Dulux paint?

Aurora the pink!

i don't know how it happened but my house is PINK!!!! well.. not exactly PINK but the colour is called "passion".... oooooOOOoooooo....
well, it started from looking at the colour on the brochure.. looked nice... i told my mum... 1 (ONE) wall with this pink (passion) and the rest use the off-white-pink... but NOooo.... she put "passion" on all alternate walls.... so now.... the hse looks pink.. AND because of extra paint my dad bought, even the window stills are pink and the banisters are pink! what more the wall of the porch outside is of that off-white-pink....
me: now the house is sooo pink! (looking at dad putting up a pink lamp on the porch wall)
dad: of course! got too many girls in the house! *grins*

mai leh!!.... what too many girls???... 2 only what!!!!
my baby: why didn't choose manly colour
me: u tell me, what IS manly colour???
me baby: *blur*... green?
OMG! is green REALLY manly colour??? u don't know what green he is talking about, his green is HORRIBLE!!!! it's like striking green, the green of a pandan leaf, the green of banana leaf tree.... tell me.. what IS manly colour???
* btw Aurora is the name of my house


damn! my pc got infected with spyware... and it was not detected by the Adware SE program!!! shucks!!!!! found this bloody pay.exe file which is the MAIN problem and loads of trojans.... my pc is screwed man!!!!!
i know reformatting it would solve the prob but the thought of making backups of my files... headache!!! aarrggghhh... and somemore i seldom go online!!! bearly 2 hrs aday... the most also 5 hrs a week... and that too can get infected? sigh......
any idea how to solve this without reformating the pc?

Friday, December 16, 2005

sharon's birthday..

tuesday was my beloved Sharon's birthday... i went there and met Bee Choo and also some friends. we ate her mum's cooking (btw was yummm) and her friend, Helena's cooking (yummm too)...
bee choo and i couldn't really stay long cause working the next day, but we did managed to catch up abit bout stuff. sharon's christmas tree is up and i really wonder when MY christmas tree will be up... hmm... looks like it's gonna be this weekend....
so anyway, back to the party... gossips were being told, jokes (crap mostly) were being laughed at and camera's being smiled at... i took a close up of her tree and now it's my wallpaper! heheheh.....
really wished we could have stayed longer... sigh.... soon ya bee choo, sharon!!.. soon we'll meet up...

Sharon's family


yes.. finally got to see my baby over the weekend... and we did spend some time by the beach talking.... happy to say that we sorted stuffs out and i guess we're ok now.. for now..

we went to our normal spot over at Teluk Bahang... though we wanted to visit the Spice Garden, i didn't know it cost nearly RM20 bucks to get in!!! aaaahh.... we skipped that, we'll go there another time...

i had brought some macaroni (left overs) from home and thought we'd have a picnic... (but i actually wanted to bask in the sun.. heheheh).. since my baby is ALWAYS hungry, he ate most of it :(

we were contemplating... should we have a swim or not... i didn't really dress appropriately and my baby got a phobia at this particular beach.. u see.. the last time we came here, he had a swim and something stung him under his feet... and being such a water baby, he was feeling whatever he was feeling under his feet and then he got stung... i told him.. "padan muka.. go feel feel somemore la... that fella under the water sure got pissed and he stung u.." and it was so bad that i had to drive him to the emergency room at Penang GH.... what a day that was... so this time, he didn't want to go in the water... nyeh nyeh nyeh... so he teman-ed me sun bathing :P
my baby trying to be "artistic" .... bluegh...

we went to Ribs for dinner, i was craving for those ribs after Ah Ma's Birthday lunch we had there... and i know he loves ribs too, so we went there... he was impressed by the deco and loved the ribs too!! heheheh... looks like we'll be going there often!

it was a good day, though i became really tired after that... had to sleep early for my 5am shift the next day.... sigh.... wished we could have more days like that...

Thursday, December 15, 2005


yesterday our department had "pick your angel".. it's actually picking out names of other ppl in the department to exchange gifts... it's supposed to be anonymous, but we have to put our names on the present that we got. Minimum to spend on the present is RM20 and on the day of exchanging the gifts the ladies must wear red and the guys must wear green... that'll be so cool...
the girls sitting next to me, we were talking and thought maybe few days before christmas we would wear either a santa hat to work or the headband of the deer antlers... hahha.. what a sight it would be! but it'll be fun!!
so who i got in "pick your angel"... one of the managers... grrr..... scary.. but then ok la... talked to him before and he's a fun and crazy guy.... i SO know what to get him!! hahahah
i've cancelled my shopping appointment with Ah Ma.. am so sorry!!!! cause my granddad is in hospital, and mum wants to use the car... sigh... it seems he has pneumonia and bronkitis... don't worry.... he had this before same time last year... dunno why it's like that.... i just hope the McD double cheese burger set i got him a few days ago didn't trigger that, but eventhough when i saw him, he was already having the bad cough...
at home... my hse stinks!!! stinks of new paint smell! dad says that it has some perfume smell... my FOOT!! perfume!!!! damn!!! (actually i do like the new paint smell but because this paint is "supposed" to have a perfume smell, it becomes terrible..) now i dread going in the hall or coming downstairs...... hope it goes away when christmas comes.. wouldn't want ppl coming into a "smelly" house! blueegghh..
christmas is coming and i haven't done any christmas shopping yet!!! O M G !! aaahhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

christmas yeah!

it's fun but at the same time it's quite stressful... u don't know what to get and u don't know if the person will like it... yes it's the thought that counts but wouldn't it be nice-r if the person actually liked what u got? ggrrhhh... tension lo!!!!
so my hse is under renovation, basically everything's done. now it's just the painting up, touching up and the CLEANING... omg!!!! then only i can get the christmas tree up (which i hope won't be too late for christmas.. hehehhe) and also only then i'll be able to bring stuff to work to decorate my cubicle abit... heheheh
oh.. btw.. the christmas tree that was put up for my department was the worst looking christmas tree i've ever seen! OMG! even the tree in Gurney looks better! the excuse was that the ornaments were missing, so it was left with about 5 balls to hang on the tree without any streamers. lights were in-built (u know the tree that has optical wires in the branches that gives out light)... very sad indeed and we're supposed to be one of the most important departments in a company that "sells"
in other news...
so what if i don't get the movie... FYI i actually DID get the movie, just that i didn't ENJOY it... i'm not surprised that the rant of me so called not-understanding the movie came from a guy... cause it's a movie for guys to watch... it's just like a guy not-understanding a chic movie... oh well.... everyone has it's own opinions and preferences.
the movie that i'm looking forward is GEISHA.... ya... though i didn't read the book... but i did see the preview and it looks provoking and mysterious.. i like that... what's funny is that the geisha's are all chinese actresses and not japanese?!
went to Sharon's birthday makan last nite....
May this year brings u lots of flutters in your stomach!
If u know what i mean... *wink wink*
and had a blast eventhough it was just a short while.. simple small gathering of her closest friends and family... took lots of pics of her and her ppl... i kan the photographer? :P heheheh
i'm like soo sleepy! since saturday i've been out and late - everyday. i'm like so dead...
granddad's sick.. so got to rush back home to BM.. so that my mum can take the car back to PENANG.... sigh... all these traveling u got to go through when u only have 1 car that needs to be SHARED between mother and daughter ... and THAT's so not a good thing..... (especially if u made plans to go christmas shopping with Ah Ma... *sob sob* so sorry Ah Ma....) damn! i really need to get my car soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the future

if the future technology will be like the one in AeonFlux.. that'll be soo cool!
not that i liked the movie, i have to agree that it's for the boys to watch... 99% of the time u'll see Charlize in it... and also u get to see her 99% naked.. am so surprised that they didn't cut the kissing scenes....
anyway, i was impressed more of the technology they came up with rather than the show itself. like how their surveillance cameras were actually puddles of water, u look into it, u can see what happened like a CCTV in a security room. then there was communication in the brain - no use of hp!! hahah. even the weapons, look out for lil small silver/metal balls she throws around, that's so cool! and many more la.... but i feel it's a waste of time and money to watch it, and even if u are a Charlize Theron fan, u'll think that she too had wasted her time doing the movie. so much contrast to Monster.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Spare Oom

to the land of Narnia was where i went..... and it was wonderful... Ah Ma, u want to see, i'll be GLAD to accompany u to see it..... just love the movie!!!
Lucy was soo cute!! i don't usually go "ooo so cute" to young kids or babies.. but this girl really was cute.. and the casting for the 2 sons of Adam and 2 daughters of Eve was quite accurate... i mean, they suited the characters... and i was glad that they didn't choose "unsuitable" ppl to play the part ... it's like having someone else play Harry Potter? tht would suck right? (i know Sharon, it's a nightmare for u if THAT happened!!!)
as the story goes, u get to see Aslan , and he was huge!! i mean i haven't seen a real lion before but i'm sure it's not as big as how they potrey it in the movie... he can have 1 adult and 1 kid on his back travelling!! and his head was... fuhh... all i can say is huge!
i also loved the charater Mr. Tumnus... he was so sweet.. and u could see that in the bond between him and Lucy... he's just like the Hobbits in LOTR.... Mr. Tumnus don't wear shirt, Hobbits don't wear shoes! hahahahha (like that makes sense 0_o)
the only thing i like about the White Witch was her sword/wand for whatever it strikes that is alive, it'll be turned to stone. i know that's cruel but it's cool! hahahah... and if u guys ever got a chance to watch the movie, please pay close attention to the witches crown, before when it was winter and after when there was no winter, see the difference... hahahah.....
gosh... me want to watch again!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

strong enough?

it's been nearly 5 years since they've been together, he never had a girlfriend, he had eyes for one in school though but never persued her or hadn't the skills to. she however had loads of guy friends, had loads of crushes, had weird relationships but never a steady one. so when the both of them met, it was sort of love at first sight or shall i say love at the 3rd or 4th chat.

yes, they didn't know how they looked like but they fell for each other through their conversations. it was unrealistic but that came to an end when they decided to meet. it was a festive occasion that they decided to meet, prior to that, photographs were sent by courier together with letters and cards stating their love and loads of telephone conversations. when the day came, he met her at her house bearing gifts for her and her family and off they went for their first date.

she thought the first date would be awkward, but she didn't feel that, she felt comfortable. they had talked on the phone nearly everyday and that gave her the confidence to meet him. as for him, he was nervous, was sweating the whole time and gave him the shivers everytime she looked at him, walked next to him. one memorable thing they did together was eating mandarin oranges on the beach. both confessed in liking the fruit and he had brought a big bag of them to be shared between the two. during that time, no words were said, they knew that they were sharing a special moment (even though it was just sitting by the beach, eating and peeling mandarin oranges and getting their hands dirty) and that they knew this was it. that they belong together.

weeks and months after that was bliss. eventhough it was a long distance relationship, they always found time to meet, he'd either come see her at her house in the middle of the night or she'll meet him some where. they'll ALWAYS find a way to meet. they became close, very close. so close till she got him enrolled in a local college and found him a room to rent, so that they could see each other more than before. then the opportunity came for him to study in another state under a scholarship. it was good opportunity and she had to let him go and take it. she thought that since they were ALREADY in a long distance relationship, what's different with another 300KMs away? so he went.

he's been there ever since. he'd come down to see her, and she'll go up to see him. they'd steal a few days away to go for holidays and it was great. it was great until it became too long. the distance felt furthur and the opportunity to be closer is dissapearing. she has tried to go to him, but she had no chance. he couldn't get to her as he was under a scholarship. all they could do is to stay where they are and kept doing what they were doing all along - telephone calls, emails and the occasional 2-3 days a month of meeting each other.

they came to a pact that COMMUNICATION is the key to a relationships. talk talk talk! that is the only way to overcome problems. months and years passed and she started to feel the strain. she was always insisting for him to see her and insisting him to attend family functions. he too felt the strain, in trying to make her happy and at the same time trying to be patient with the family problems he had back in his home town. everytime he had a chance to go back, he had to split his time between his family and her. she has but many times gave him his space for his family but how long can she do that? she too needs his attention.

now that she has finished with her studies, career is now her goal. to find a job, start a career, and he's starting to feel the stress. he's still schooling and he has to start to think of his future. she believes in school->work->car->house->marry, he doesn't. with her having a proper job with normal fixed working hours, that gives them less time to meet and he still needed to juggle his time between her and his family.

it became so bad that most of their telephone conversations were on "when are u on holiday? when are u coming to see me?". the pact of communication has begun to lose. the distance and the differences they had has taken its toll on them, badly. she kept pestering him to make time for her. he's pressured by this and also the time he has to share between her and his family. she's expecting alot from him and he's stressed because he can't meet that expectation and feels dissapointed in her for expecting so much from him. she's frustrated because he's not making any effort to be with her and he's frustrated because she can't seem to understand and be patient with him.

questions has been thrown back and forth between them. why isn't it like how it was before? what happened to the princess i knew? what happened to the energetic and lovable guy i knew? and the only answer they came up was - they had matured, they had grown, they had new responsibilities, they had more differences.... they are drifting apart...

so, do they have the strenght to go on? will she be strong enough to wait till he gets a job and settle down? will he be strong enough to convince her that it'll be soon? will she be strong enough to be more patient and understanding towards him? will he be strong enough to keep his promises and try to be there for her, more?

what do u think? will they be strong enough?

Do u perm?

that question goes to Mr. Edzil Pacaldo because he became a perm at work!!! YEAY!!! *clap clap clap* hahahah.....
May this gives you more motivation to work harder to achieve your goals in life!
*perm = permanent

Thursday, December 08, 2005

jingle bells!!.... NOT!

bloody it was down yesterday.. couldn't update

so the week has been busy.... getting back to the 5am shift is horrible!!! and by the time i'm used to it, it's back to the 7am shift...

anyway, it's december and it's time for christmas presents shopping!! i used to have a list of presents for everybody, but this time i didn't, no time to think AND don't know what to get!!! the thing is, it doesn't make it easier when u haven't been out and about the malls to know what's been selling or if there are any new stuffs around...

i got to know that Body Shop has a new line of Cranberry products and that's about it... had a glimps of Vincci, PDI, Giodano... nothing really caught my eye.. i feel Vincci shoe's are getting abit boring in a sense that the colours and style is too gordy for me.... *shrudders*

like i said, i haven't been around so i wouldn't know if there are nice stuffs around... looks like i got to go back to MetroJaya (Island Plaza) to check the stuffs out there again....

Prangin Mall sucks.... yes u can get majority of your christmas presents there (cause there's variety and it's CHEAP!!) but they don't show the christmas spirit!! DAMN!!! no decorations... even if there was, i didn't see it.. even the shops decoration sucks!!!! really sucks man!! i went in there, thought i could find my christmas spirit there but NADA!!!! it felt like any other ordinary day in Prangin.... SIGH!!!

at Gurney.. well... there's the controversial christmas tree... opps sorry, christmas candy-cane tree... and lights all around.. and that was BEFORE december!! by now, i'm sure there are more decorations, haven't been there yet.... but it's DEFINATELY better than Prangin...

oh shuucks.. i'm getting myself in a no-mood-to-work-because-of-christmas state....
what happened to my baby? don't ask!!!!! make me angry only thinking bout him grrrhhhhh!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

jazz in the head...

it wasn't what i expected... it was more!!!! am so glad i came to this festival though it would be better if i came with friends... but it was good too to go with dad.. he was enjoying himself!! moving to the groves.. hahahah...
we left the house at 6.30pm (it WAS a total wrong decision) and got stuck in the jam.. not in one place but a few... the Bridge Toll, on the bridge, Udini Road, Tanjung Bungah and the driving-slow-to-sight-see-BatuFerringhi jam.....
by the time we reached there it was 8.30pm... we managed to find a spot infront of the stage and placed our mat on the grass.... it was awsome... the group that was performing when we got there had a 6 year old kid playing the tablas...
then there was a one-man band, Andrew White... he played the guitar AND the harmonica the same time... boy his guitar skills were O_O!!! very skillfull.....
after that there was a group call Dragon Clan or something like that... lots of air instruments (sax, trumpets, bass sax, flute... etc) and had our own Datuk can't-remember-his-name guess drummer for that group....
note the big screen on the right?
the last performance was a group from Indonesia... the members were from many places from Indonesia (like Bandung - i just had to say it Sharon!!!) but basically from Bali, there was an Australian in the group playing the violin... i think she and the leader of the group has something going on... well he did say that she's the love of his life....
there were souveniers being sold... more towards stationary for those learning music like pencils, rulers, erasers, paper clips and mini pencils/pens (like the ones my grandma used to use when she was teaching me the piano), bags and wall clocks with music notes motifs, there were also food and t-shirts and albums of the performers who performed....
it was the first time i met a blogger... the lovely journalist, Aja Ng... and we came to find that Penang is smaller than u think! she knows ppl i know! hahahha and also met a very old friend who thought i came with her!! hahahhaha... yea it's THAT small!!!! also met some ppl from work like Nicholas, Eleanor (finally got to place the name to a face!!) and Joseph whom i saw from afar...
the whole thing ended at bout 1am and by the time we got home it was 2am... waa sleepy.. but i went to bed with jazz in my head....

team dinner pics

so i'm home now and got my heavy butt over to the computer and organised my pics.. wow.. the first time i nearly filled my memory card taking pics and movies (of the team dinner and the Jazz Festival)

here are the dinner pics and after dinner pics ;)
Dinner Pics (Prontip)
the thorn among the roses
battle of the digi cams!
the SnP boys and boss!
the CMG team!
some of the sales reps
impatiently waiting to get some "drinks"
After Dinner Pics (Sega's Upper Penang Road)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

ugghhh sooo full

thanks to our department, we had a LOVELY thai dinner... fuuhhh... u could have seen the food!!!! and even though most of use are big eaters, we couldn't even finish all that!!!! there was hot! there was spicy! there was sweet! there was sour!... all the flavours u can think of!
first everyone was like quiet... and after eating and after a while we were laughing till our stomachs were aching, some mingled around putting names on faces (cause we communicate through email and the phone - we don't know who is who) and it was quite interesting...
i managed to take some pics but dare not take too many as i wouldn't know if they mind or not... though i did take some sneaks from where i was sitting, unfortunately i couldn't take pics of those sitting on the far end table... anyhow, there were some great spontaneous shots! hhahhahaha.....
so after dinner, my sub division (6 of us) went off to Sega Fredo's in Upper Penang Road just to chill and hang out cause this was the first time we hung out together AND had some alcohol in our systems.. hahaha... no one was drunk cause we only had cocktails... AND we couldn't stay long because we HAD TO WORK THE NEXT DAY!!! how sad is that man!!! hahahhah
one of our managers invited us to go for some party-ing with him and his team, but we didn't really know him AND we were working the next day (he was NOT!! hmmpphh) and... we didn't really know the team... maybe next time ya, Alfred! ;)
i'm just surprised that we don't do this often, it seems the department is low on budget, but there's always the initiative of individuals to meet... but then again, all of us have our own things to do.. so.... it's alright... at least we had this dinner! that's something isn't it? ;)
ok.. i got the pics with me... but the damn computer can't detect my usb cable for the camera!!!... sheesh... but for the card reader can... *rolls the eye* i didn't bring that... sigh... so i'll post the pics up later ya!!!
can't believe i was out on a friday nite, came back early and got up at 5am for work the next day - SATURDAY (which means TODAY!!!) sleepy wei!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

THAI food.....

so tonight.. it's my first team dinner... dinner with my collegues at a thai place at Burma Road... Prontip (or something like that... and NOT Porntip as one of my collegues say it!! LOL)
the menu was out in our emails and man.... we're gonna be eating like pigs!!!! so much food!!! but i must remind myself to stay away from Tom Yam... it's freaking hot and spicy!!!!! i've eaten there before and i could never finish a small bowl of tom yam.. it was too hot for me...
and after the dinner, a couple of us plan to go else where for drinks... not too sure yet though.... but it'll be good... be out other than the office...
i'll be staying over at my grandma's place... cause tomorrow i got to WORK!!!!! boooh booh boooooh..... and tomorrow is the JAZZ FESTIVAL!!! yeayness!!!! will be going with dad.. and i do sure hope that it won't rain!!! it's been raining everyday!! especially in the evenings!! if it does rain tomorrow.... wasted only... the thing is gonna be by the beach on the sand and sea... so if it rains, it's gonna be messy.... it's still not too late to get your tickets... come la!!!!
hmmm... what to wear ah? *thinks*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

more grad pics!

ok.. so i've put up abit too many pics......