Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Charlotte in KL

so one afternoon, i got a call from beloved sharon..... she said she won some invites to Good Charlotte... am not really that much of a fan of them, but i'm sure i've heard their songs on the radio.... they do actually have some hits that are catchy....

so i met them at 1U and followed them back to Bkt Jalil..... the gates open at 6pm, but we were still in the hse at 8! hahhahahha.... her place was just opp the stadium so it's good, no need to find transport or parking at the venue...
finally we managed to get in, and it was already packed.... the ppl on stage were itsy bitsy so that quite dampend our spirits... we just hung around watching Love Me Butch (good show), Estranged (i don't know them) and J.LO!! OMG!! he should have his own concert la wei!!! i just love his songs!!!!
just about when Good Charlotte came on, a good samaritan saw that we were just depressed about our "situation" at the concert grounds just invited us to go to the VIP area!! hahahhaha..... what luck!!! so we ran there... yes, literally RAN to the VIP area cause we were soooo ssooooo happy... at last! now we can ACTUALLY see Good Charlotte!! and like what sharon says, can see the tattoos!!
i enjoyed their concert, i learned to like their songs... and it was a good night as i was out ON A SATURDAY NIGHT man!!!! i'm so grateful that sharon thought of me for that extra ticket....

THANKS sharon!!! muacks muacks.....

Love Me Butch from where we were standing.... far far away

Jason Lo... far far away as well

the 3 girls i came with... gwen, sharon, audrey

... and Good Charlotte!!!

Holiday Inn & Batik Factory

so saturday morning, after our stomach-filled breakfast, mum wanted to get out for some sight-seeing... so we went to the Batik Factory at Teluk Bahang....
the batik factory was a small place, not very fancy, i guess they wanted to keep it that way for the authentic feel and also for the tourists.....

so on about 3 walls, there were these molds that were used for batik.... these molds have different designs..... and i'm sure some of em are like very old....

this is the wax pot and all the chantings (wax-pens) lined up there.... the chanting is used to hand-draw designs on the cloth with wax... so one must be good at designing free-style.... i'm sure they use pre-designed motives but it's more unique having it hand-drawn....

one of the designs on the rack, they are all hand-drawn but with a specific design.... the outlines are from the chanting used with wax and the filled in colour is dye.... the dye-ing process are also done by hand and it needs skill too on how to blend the colours and know which colour works best where...

here's a lady colouring the design....

me at the batik factory.....

though the factory is interesting, unfortunately the ppl/workers there are not that friendly.... i tried asking them questions on the process of batik making, they just gave me one word answers and didn't bother to explain.... maybe it's because i am local.. or that it was during lunch time that i came to visit them..... so.... sigh.... how la, want to attract tourists??

didn't really take much "nice" ones, the other pics i took were all saja-saja pics... hahaha somehow i sort of lure-d my mum into bakaring... heheheh, she thought she could sit under the shade, but somehow the sun moved and we were NOT in the shade! hahahha.....
i did soak myself in the sea, but it was not very comfortable, the sea had boats and jet-ski going up and down, and the sea was not that clean... so, i just sat in the water and lepak! hahahah

long due pics

here are the pics of the restaurant that i went with my parents while we were in Batu Feringghi for Easter... it was quite dark and pics with my parents and food didn't really come out well... here's the surroundings around our table... romantic-nye...

the many times that i went to BF, i've always wanted to take a pic of these wonderful lamp shades..... finally i managed too... no one was around and the tauke was not in sight too... so, here's the pic... was thinking of getting one, but... what for!! heheheheheh

i got conned!

for the last 2 weeks or so, boss has been trying to get the Q closed for today - Anzac Day.... till yesterday, we were all supposed to come to work, knowing that there's no indication/email saying that the Q is closed... so this morning, everyone is here lah!
when i walked in the office, i heard my name being called and saying that we WERE CONNED!!! it's like WTF!!!! so i checked my mail and so it is... the q IS closed... and it seems instead of taking calls, we'll be having "trainings".....
my dept conned me! hahhahaha..... well, what's good about this is.... NO NEED TO TAKE CALLS!!! yeah!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

nice pic

our office do not have name tags on our cubes... so inorder to "have" one, they decided to take pics of all of us, print it out and post it up with our names and such.... so here's the one that was taken of me and i love this shot.... just washed hair, and it was in the morning, i was still "fresh" heheheheh..... and yea.. i know, my desk is in a mess... hehehehe

* photography by Andrew

Friday, April 20, 2007

tired week

... the funeral was short and sweet and well, sad but it's alright... uncle philip was a very lovable man, everyone loved him and he had a good life... so we must celebrate that....
heard from laura that they will be going to india send off the ashes there in the sea... uncle philip loved the sea and spent most of his time in india... so i guess that's the best way to do it....
haven't really got good sleep since the funeral, sleeping late... getting up early.... will be going to TTDI today after work to spend the weekend with mum and godma....
oh.. had a delightful phone call inviting me to Good Charlotte this sat... free ticket! wicked!! so i'll be going on sat.. it'll be at Bkt Jalil... damn.. the traveling time would already be 1hr +....
so, my lunch break is up... need to get back to work soon... sigh.....

Monday, April 16, 2007


15 APR 2007
Philip G. Williams
78 years
May he rest in Peace

My uncle, who is my Godma's husband has passed away yesterday noon. He had a few mini strokes and when my Godma brought him to the hospital, he went unconcious... docs said he may be able to hear ppl but just cannot acknowledge it.... this started end of march
Laura, my cousin was down and my uncle managed to open his eyes to see her... tried talking to her, but i guess he was already in semi-coma type of state and couldn't talk... she went back to Aussie last thurs and sadly he passed away yesterday... but she's back again this morning...
went to see Godma yesterday for prayers, she was alright, looked tired.... i sort of cried during the prayers as i liked this uncle, he was always so witty and carefree....he was full of experience esp during the war and had so much to say to us young ppl.... i will miss him dearly... i know shen loved him dearly as he was always so into conversation with uncle philip... so i messaged him to let him know...
so to Godma and Laura, my/our prayers will always be with you and i know that he is now free without any suffering and he can see u both.....
May the Lord be with you Uncle Philip, we'll miss you dearly!
* funeral on wed, getting unpaid leave...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend

err... HAPPY EASTER...? heheheheh

i know it's late, cause i was back home holidaying ppl!! heheheh... i was in Holiday Inn for 2 nights.... wonderful! and i got burnt... as usual.. heheheh... i need the sun cause i'm like so white! i go to work, i don't see the sun, then i'm in the office the whole bloody day, and then when i get home, i STILL don't see the sun.... so now, at least i have some colour (and i'm suffering for it.. heheheh ... i know i know, serves me right! :P)

so i got on the bus straight after work on thurs and came home... by the time i got home was about 11pm or so.... nice timing...

on fri, went to do my license, got some stuff, had light lunch... and went for 3pm mass in Pulau Tikus.... so hot i tell u.... luckily, mass ended around 4.30 or so.... and after that we went to Holiday Inn.... we had tea, since we're "fasting"... so cannot eat big big and cannot eat meat...

mum and i swam, hung out on the lazy benches and chilling out... we waited for dad, he was working and we went for dinner... dinner was at Feringghi Cafe.... nice cozy romantic place.. more for couple couple thingy... unfortunately, it got to me... but i was trying myself to enjoy the food and the company of my parents (pics will be uploaded l a t e r . . . )

then on sat.... my major goal for the day is to have COLOUR on me!!! yes!! but before that, after buffet breakfast, mum wanted to go see see the Batik Factory... in fact, even I haven't been to the batik factory... so we went... interesting... BUT the workers there, so unfriendly man!! i mean if this year is Visit Malaysia... but with that attitude.... sigh..... (again.. pics l a t e r . . . )

then it's bakar time! i swam, i lepak, i sat on the beach, i "scrubbed" myself in "salt and dirty water" and swam in the pool again and just got burnt.... mum couldn't tahan... so she headed back to the nice aircon room... i followed but soon later, i went to sleep in the garden (under the shade... i was too burnt by then)... i ACTUALLY slept! it's SOOO nice sleeping in the garden, with the sound of waves, wind, the palm trees..... sigh.... miss that feeling... i slept about nearly 2 hrs.... NICE!

had dinner at some hawker place opposite Golden Sands... ok la...... the prices are abit $$ too.... then later CC came to fetch me (so nice of him to come ALL the way up to Batu Feringghi...) and we went to meet piggy and cher and ed and some fellas from "hell" for The Reaping..... hahahha the movie had some jumps but it was ok la... towards the end it had quite good effects... but it's so not for Easter man... it talks about the 10 plagues and the devil and all that.. hahhaha.... oh well, at least i went to watch a movie!!! yeay!
after movie, half of us went to this hangout-drinking place next to Naza Hotel... just sat for an hr or 2 just to relax.... didn't really have good wind, it was quite stuffy and hot.... in the end everyone was tired and we went back....

then had to get up early on sunday for the last buffet breakfast and to go for Easter mass at 10.30am.. so sad la wei.... leaving the nice hotel, the beach, the POOL!! sigh...... just thinking of what's gonna happen tomorrow on Monday.... i'm going back to KL!!!!! *cry*
after mass, we all went home and stayed home..... some how we were tired from the weekend away, weird isn't it?
i ended my weekend home with a blast.... i met up with Sharon in SOHO Auto City with her cousin and surprisingly i met some old BM St Anne's friends! so nice!!! heheheheh... we drank and danced though the place was half full... sunday mah! monday ppl work, how to go clubbing? hahahha.... and no, i did not get drunk! :P
thanks CC, Sharon.... Ros, Cher and Ed for a good night out! will try my best to come back soon.... ;)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"i'm going to die a spinster"

... and that got his attention.... he tried to make sure that i wouldn't... but i guess somehow as time goes by, things happen and i don't blame anyone or anything for it...

it was good to know that there was someone out there who looked pass through my looks (and my low self-confidence) and had faith in me that i had something, something worth while, something that means something. he gave me that lil "up" in me, making me feel that everything is ok, that i can do it, that i'm not all that bad and that i'm ok...

now, things have gone differently and i'm not sure if i can find another someone that will give me that feeling again, that boost in life, that fresh air.... i'm sure there are ppl out there but..... sigh... i wouldn't know what to do/react/feel if there was someone who "could" be that another "somebody"....
sigh... well, i guess i WILL die a spinster after all and for the past 6 years, it was God's blessing that i was given the chance to see how it is like having someone there for u, being your pillar and giving you that boost that you can't get it on your own.... (and i'm always grateful and thankful for that - and maybe that could be the reason our "song" was Thank You for Loving Me...)
now i shall learn to be on my own, to find happiness and strength on my own... i AM getting there.... it's a slow process but i'm feeling much better, trying to "take a day at a time" and at the same time trying to appriciate everything that's around me... and hopefully, one day, someone will come along for me (that is la... if i'm meant to be with someone... O_o if not - i'll die a spinster)
so now, i'm open to all new things and especially new friends, to celebrate life! CELEBRATE LIFE!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Before the pc

*another from Andrew

An application was for employment
A program was a TV show
A cursor used profanity
A keyboard was a piano!

Memory was something that you lost with age
A CD was a bank account
And if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy
You hoped nobody found out!

Compress was something you did to garbage
Not something you did to a file
And if you unzipped anything in public
You'd be in jail for awhile!

Log on was adding wood to a fire
Hard drive was a long trip on the road
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
And a backup happened to your commode!

Cut - you did with a pocket knife
Paste you did with glue
A web was a spider's home
And a virus was the flu!

I guess I'll stick to my pad and paper
And the memory in my head
I hear nobody's been killed in a computer crash
But when it happens they wish they were dead!

Because I got high...

I was going answer the calls
But then I got high
I was going to hit my AHT
But then I got high
But now the GOS is bad
And I know why!! yeah yeah
Because I got high
Because I got high
Because I got high.....

*curtesy from Andrew... heheheh.. good one!

Easter is coming!

so it's the Holy Week... what have u given up or sacrificed during this lent season?
me? well haven't really thought about it, but i guess it's eating less OR eating less "rich" food.... but i think this is half for lent and half for loosing weight.. hahahah... i got a wedding dinner to go to in sept, and i want to fit in my dress that i made for my cousins wedding before... love that dress.... so... i have 6 months to loose that weight again....
aussies are taking off for easter, but they're having us to take "forced" leaves..... on friday AND monday! hahahahah.... everyone else is complaining, not I!! :) so i'll be back to BM on thurs night... and i'll leave for KL on monday morning... (don't know if mum bought my bus ticket to kl yet... hmmm)
will be having a hotel stay with parents on friday, just thought i'd treat them to something nice... since i'm not home dee... and hmm... maybe i'll cook on sunday? hmm... it was just a thought.. heheheh (wat to cook ah?)
so, what's your plans for Easter?