Sunday, March 30, 2008

more from dad


Retreating into murkiness.
In feeble candlelight
With past sins, I meet.
Setting the gloom
Spiraling downwards,
awaiting my doom.

Then You stir in me, the long lost subtlety of discernment.
In lucidity, I grasp direction.
I have joy.

I get up.
I draw the curtains letting sunlight in.
Didn't think of this before?
Solutions can be found.

(The lapse Christian)

Being away contrives my emptiness
For re-conversion never in my mind.
But when Your visit starts the catharsis
The good enough Christian I then find.

Knowing God cares, gives salvation
transmutes my reluctance to joy.
And with adroit participation,
Its completion I thus enjoy.

(Matt 20:1-16)

Angry and selfish
Dissatisfied and envious.
For beyond the pay I cannot see.

Until the job-hirer tells me
With no uncertainty
I was wrong to be covetous,
Wrong to be petty.
For before, I had nothing,
While now I have fifty.

(The first inkling of a basic wage; not arbitrary, but livable)

dad's ramblings...

Should iambic pentameter, I consider?
When penning poems of no consequence.
Why would I bother with Hebrew parallelism?
When abhor I must, my restive ambivalence.

What a way to go, you fine fellow
With no directional stability.
Never mind if I pen facts by rote.
It is what I've been taught,
That makes me mellow.

... only time will tell...

certain things went too fast, now it has been slower and hopefully it'll be much better - only time will tell....
certain things that was slow before is beginning to be fast and i'm not sure if i can handle that pace and the changes that come - time will tell
i know i got to face this, but how long must i face this? - time will tell....
sometimes, i just feel like going home....

Kampung Thai @ Ampang

it was one of those days when u have the perfect company and had the time for dinner and just didn't know where to go - yet don't want to go too far from where we already were...
anyway, we were around Ampang area and thought of having yong tou fu but we saw this interesting place with a fish tank right infront of the shop... since someone is SOOOOO into fishes, had to get a peek on what's in it and how the tank was set up... and here comes this friendly Enligsh speaking waiter who eventually convinced us to eat there....
so there we were.... we ordered and started to regret! (the place was actually out of our budget for that nite...) hahahaha the power of being nice, english speaking and friendly of the waiter....

when the food came, we were too hungry and actually forgot to take the pic of the fish before it got messy! sorry for the weird looking fish! LOL - that fish was some sweet/sour-ish steamed fish

basically the food is ok/good just that you need to prepare to pay la.... there's alot of seafood dishes too, crabs, squid, prawns... and their menu is the type with pictures in it... makes u drool... hahaha...
if you STILL wanna go and try...
48, Jln Mamanda 9,
68000 Ampang
(behind Ampang Point)
03 - 4252 9232

Thursday, March 27, 2008


41 Jalan ss 21/1A
Damansara Uptown
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

Saturday, March 22, 2008

road trip to Putrajaya

another road trip with TC and daisy... by the time we left for the trip and finally found our way to Putrajaya, it was evening and we missed the Putrajaya cruise boat.. yea, they have a boat bringing ppl along the putrajaya river/lakes... not too sure how much it costs but it would have been nice if we were earlier and managed to get on it....

anyway, here's some pics from our short trip... will definately go again...

here's the entrance of the main road to all the buildings with big/huge different architecture, it's a sight and a playground for photographers... as i said earlier on, we were there abit late so, couldn't really take much pics or spend much time looking around...
this road is also the road where u have merdeka celebrations, new year celebrations... just imagine the ppl that would have gathered there.... O_O
there's lots of buildings with different themes, and they're all government offices!!! u have to be there yourself to actually see how HUGE the buildings are and how they look.... even the mosque looks inviting! hahahah ironic!
guess what is the picture above? it's on the floor of a monument.... the dots are actually rain drops... yea, it started to drizzle when we were there.... if u have a "funny" mind... hahahah if not, nevermind, dun bother asking me what i meant... LOL
anyway, it's actually a layout of the location to the monument... the red dot is the "You are Here" sign...
this is the monument that i was talking about.... the pic with the "You are Here" is the map going towards this pencil looking like monument.... it's actually showing the journey of malaysia's success from the time the big guns where fighting for our independance till the current years... u have the the stories on how melaka became melaka... penang and kedah stories, Penang Free School and the rest of the states.... its like going back in your history books... if only we had this when i was still doing history in school.. i'm sure i would have scored better LOL!
(we did take some "funny" pics but, it's no nice to be put up here... LOL)

there's a few bridges and this is one bridge... i'm not sure which bridge is popularly used for advertisements on tv.. but i'm sure its one of these.... couldn't find a way to go on this bridge (the pic above) but manage to go on the bridge in the pics below....

we had problems coming to Putrajaya and we had problems leaving too!!! we were heading Pusat Bandar... but in the end, it brought us back to where all the buildings were.... signboards are not too very userfriendly.. so, have a street-wise fella in your car and u'll be out from there in no time... hahahah...

basically, putrajaya is a sad place to live, there's nothing to do... u have those buildings and Carrefour (or was it Tesco?)... and that's it...

visitors in KL

over the weekend, i had some visitors from Alor Setar, friends mum had to come to KL to go for an interview in the US embassy for her visa to the states... fortunately, it all went well and she gotten her visa...
so since it's her first time in KL, thought i'd bring them around abit after work, though i was dead tired, i was nice seeing them again....
first we wanted to go to KLCC Aquaria but by the time we went there, it was closed.. they close really early, we were there at 7.30pm!!! anyway, we had dinner at Delicious and after that went walking around KLCC park... friends mum loved the twin-towers and the water fountain and lights
as expected, she didn't really like the traffic and the fast pace of KL life, heck even my parents feel the same and i'm starting to feel the same too!!! having second thoughts of going home.... :(
but at the end of the day, my friends enjoyed the lil trip around KL though it was a very short trip...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CuppaCakes / WonderMilk

eversince rosie piggy (and review from KinkyBlueFairy) introduced these wonderful cuppacakes to me, i've been crazy over them!! lol... until i start to order them myself, made my friends eat them and forced them to say that Cuppacakes are lovely... hahahaha... and stalk them on FB and their blog...

so when they actually opened an outlet, i had to pay them a visit, and what's more exciting is that TC was around at that time and accompanied me there! even TC fell in love with the cuppacakes!! LOL

here's their entrance - there's smoking/outdoor area and the steps on the left is the entrance to the cafe

menu chalkboard / custom made wooden logo / cashier

our order for the day... hehehehe bottom right was a new flavour - lime/cheese thingy... (forgot the name of the flavour)

their cafe is also a place where u can buy their art... it's where artists (this is coming from the owners mouth) that have no where else to go, they come to Wondermilk and have their art being displayed/sold... nice small ornaments, hand made clothes, post cards, decorative displays and even jewellry and stationary... u gotta go there to see what they have.. i believe the stuffs there are being changed off and on...

i love this place as it is very homey and it's where u can actually talk and have good coffee or drinks with their wonderful sandwiches and cupcakes... i'm just looking forward for my next trip..

what's dissapointing about this place is that, it's usually full with people and their lack of customer service... u dun really get friendly smiles or staff ushering you in or out from the cafe.. but if u don't mind that... then, go visit them and see what they have to offer! :D

see the cupboard behind me, those are clothes that u can actually buy.. and also stuff on the cupboard and the frames on the right side of the cupboard

more posts on Cuppacakes :

Delicious - The Review

have been patronizing this place for a bit recently and didn't really do a proper review... the best experience was the first.... and the trips there after that was... well, expected.... though, it's a place where u can't really go often in a short period of time, the food can be abit predictable...
anyway, it's a good place to makan, hang out with friends, have drinks, evening tea... it's cosy everywhere, smoking or non-smoking areas as both have nice cushion chairs or big huge pillows for u to be comfy....
what i love bout this place is the branding (curtesy of Wondermilk)... the colour theme, the concept... simple, yet very elegant, yet homey and comfortable.... i like!

notice the place mats are made from paper and it's embedded!! NICE!!
wished i could take one home!

i've taken more pics but somehow the last time i went there, i deleted them ACCIDENTALY!!! damn... that's so not me!!! sigh.. anyway, i'll still be going there when the budget allows me... :)

outlets i've been :
- Delicious Bangsar @ Bangsar Village II
- Delicious @ KLCC (it was at a building next to KLCC, next to Atenine)

more posts on Delicious:

Esther Reutens

and her art! :D
more info? email her at :

easter hols....

i'm home for the week and i'm pigging myself out with junk food! gosh!!
anyway... i'm trying to update pics and stuff on my blog but somehow somethings wrong with my external hdd.... :(
anyone free, let me know, see we can meet up or not.. :D

Sunday, March 09, 2008

wanted : company for ride home to penang on 15th March

anyone wants a ride to Penang on the 15th March? we split the charges (toll and petrol)... let me know ya

Opposition leads Penang

is it good or bad? well, time will tell......
what an exciting polling day and this time i didn't get to vote... bloody aussies, i had to work and i couldn't vote....
i'll be back home next week and i'll get to hear bout the hoo haas at home...
*wonder if the big higway project infront of my hse in Bukit Tengah would still be continued or stopped....hmm....... interesting....
*Updated : Malaysiakini mirror site :

Friday, March 07, 2008

another visit to Delicious....

the 3 of us again, TC, daisy and I was wondering about town, finding stuff to do.... it was time for munchies and because i've always wanted to bring TC to Delicious, we went there, because it was at a weird time, it's not lunch, it's not breakfast, not even tea time yet and we also had something just before... so we were not THAT hungry... i remember the portion there is quite big so we just shared....

waiting for food... bored... somehow i just realised there wasn't any pics of me! HAH! hehhehehe.....

green curry and "fragrant rice"

lamb shank pie - YUMMY!

asian salad - weird but nice - had sweet potato and fresh/raw bayam... hmm...

apricot and peach tart - yummy!

one thing about being in Bangsar is that u really do see many local celebrities... models, actresses, singers... just that day i saw Miss Nina from Teh Tarik Crew, then i thought i saw Hannah Tan, then one of the Miss World.... i think if i go again, sure meet somemore.... i'm eating with the celebs!!! AHHAHAHAHA..... :P

finally.. had YeeSang

yee sang... a dish made of crunchy, veg stuff (have no idea what's in it) with raw fish and pamelo and sweet sauce... that supposedly ate during Chinese New Year with a group of friends or family for good luck
the group would need to use chopsticks (not sure if forks are allowed) and all must mix it together.. the higher.. the better... while saying your wishes...
i went with daisy and TC, good company, good ppl, great time... finally having this dish after soo long... this medium size dish is about RM22 at some choo char coffee shop in ampang..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

lil belated vday

it was the day after the "mushy" day (as i sometimes call it) and i got a lil surprise from someone who was "trying"....

i love flowers and it really made my day when i got these.... what happened was that when i left for work on fri, i had a call saying that there was something for me at the office... and i found out what was it!! i couldn't wait to see...! i had to get my supervisor to get it from the receptionist and put it on my desk... it was the weekend and it was so irritating because i was not working that weekend and i wouldn't see it till the next monday!!

so on monday, it was the first time i was excited to go to work and there it was! lovely!

and it's still there behind my screens!

Thank YOU!! muacks!