Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sugar Daddy's @ Dubai

THERE!! in your face! a cupcake!! LOL

(hahaha trying to follow SixthSeal's signature picture post with a pic smack in your face when u start reading the post... hahahha did i manage to do it? failed? hehehe)

it seems cupcakes are UNIVERSAL! they're everywhere!! when my cousin found out i had a weird facination with cupcakes, she made me try these when i was in Dubai... omFg!!! i've never tasted anything like this! not in Malaysia though!! (or not that i know of, is these type of cupcakes sold in Msia, KL or Penang?)

ANYWAY, this shop, Sugar Daddy's, is a quaint lil shop that only sells cupcakes and big ass cookies and maybe a cake or two, with tea/coffee/drinks.. with 2 tables and some chairs. patrons usually take away but unlike me i had 1 and half (left overs from my cousin) right there and then, i could have even had an orgasm! LOL (joking)... yea it was THAT good!

again, different flavours, different colours.. all looks very appetizing :D
(mind you it's 12 Dirhams each, about RM12)

this is the Red Velvet! YUMMERS!!!

Check out their site here wonder if they'll ever come to Malaysia...
(there's one that's similar in Singapore - i made a review on it, but it's not the same in some ways)

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