Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Italiannis @ The Curve, Damansara

i've been to Italiannis a few times and everytime it was good... i even went there for lunch by myself!! lol i was craving it that time. anyway, here's the time i went with some CHOICE friends during out trip, we wanted to sit inside where it's cool and comfy but it was packed... kan Saturday night, what do you expect.. so we had to sit outside. we COULD people watch but it was stuffy...
anyway... as usual, they served us 3 diff kinds of bread with olive oil and vinegar, we tried NOT to eat too much cause we know that our mains would be ALOT with capital A!!! lol
i think i've reviewed this place before and again, if u're in The Curve, craving for some pasta, head on to Italiannis and give it a shot! just make sure u're super hungry, so that you won't waste your food.. hehehe

can't remember if these were cocktails or mocktails..

grilled fish over fried vegs

angel hair pasta (chicken i think)

salmon and tomatoes

their famous cabonara... YUM!!!

pepperoni pizza, lovely too!!

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