Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SOHO @ Autocity, Juru

i finally ate at SOHO's Autocity, Juru. all i can say that the food is good, i mean, it's what its expected. came here with my parents looking for a change of tastes.. it was always chinese, indian or hawkers, mamak...

they had the food menu and the drinks menu of course, and a set deals promo menu, which was quite ok. they had pie, chicken, burger in the sets. prices too were not that bad

ceaser salad, quite ok

mum had the sheppards pie loads of stuffs! she couldn't finish it! lol

dad as usual had fish and chips - don't have the pic fool you, that was just batter, but then again, the fish itself was quite filling for him

i had the lamb shank pie, nice and it didn't have the "stuffs" that i don't eat - hence a cleaned up bowl!! hehhehe
we'll definately go back there again to try the other dishes served in the menu and with some drinks ;) lovely atmosphere, not many people.. good place to have a nice english meal and cozy enough to have chats and drinks with your loved ones...
(we went on a week day about 8+ pm... not sure how it is on weekends hehehe)


Jessen said...

The food looks quite ok and the size of the food are quite big. :)

Shimmers said...

yup yup, good english food i'd say