Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

to my fellow readers...

sorry if i write like a sour puss....
this year has been very eventful....

so i've made up my mind...
gonna take a huge step, huge risk
and start 2009 anew!

thanks for reading,
to my family, thanks for being there eventhough you have no idea what's going on with me
to my friends, thanks for LISTENING!! and being there, i LOVE you!

Believe that GOD is always there for you eventhough life can be a b**ch!
Pray that you are safe, full of joy and LOVE!

...oh.. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

(now i'm gonna try to get drunk!.. anyone want to help?)

Friday, December 19, 2008

favourite drink

my fav drink is......

(without the empty tom yam soup bowl lah!)

Deluxious Spa Cuisine

i've been passing this place a few times and never had the chance to go... then one day mum saw their ad in the local paper - RM88 for massage and meal.... so we thought it was a good deal and on my off day (needed a rest from all the christmas preparation) we come down to the island and tried this out.
its in one of the old huge bungalow houses that they converted to a spa/massage upstairs and downstairs is their cafe/pub like outlet. it's the christmas season so the place was decorated with trees, fake snow and all...

it's known that we shoudln't go for a massage with a full stomach so we went ahead with the massage first. the spa was upstairs so we had to take off our shoes at the entrance and climb up the stairs...

we were greeted with smiling faces and friendly introduction of themselves, the spa, the services and their packages... the RM88 was not listed anywhere so mum had to ask bout it, only then they agreed that there was such thing. it's inclusive of semi-body massage (legs and back) and given voucher of RM8.80 for meals downstairs. since we haven't eaten at the cafe before, we didn't know what was offered or what was the prices. anyway, compared the RM88 package with the ala-carte packages in the brochure - this one is more cheaper...

they gave us green tea in the mean while - but i didn't like it. it seems they have only about 4 indonesian girls for massage, they also have facials where in the lobby obviously is trying to sell facial products and Haagan Daz ice-cream... have no idea why..

wanted to try to sneak in the camera for our session but the girl was following us everywhere, showing us where the locker room is, washrooms (they have jacuzzi in it with power shower) and brought us to our room. they only have a single bed room and the other rooms are couple rooms...
the room was simple, minimal decoration... and bit dark.... when our session started, it was abit warm, i had to ask the girl to bring down the temperature abit as it was quite warm... i think they set it to 25 or so....
what we had was bamboo massage where they used different sized bamboo for different parts of the body.... we had to strip till out nickers and lied on our stomach. they did our legs (toes till waist/thighs) and our backs (abit of arms too)... and this was my first time they actually "cracked" my back bone... u know like how you crack your knuckles, its the same thing, but this is cracking the back bone...
i still had pain on my shoulders (no thanks to lousy chair at the office) so my girl had to do a few mins extra on it - man it hurts.... she said i got lots of "angin" and need to do more massage to "fix" my shoulder.... sigh... thanks alot to the lousy chairs!
once we're done, we headed straight downstairs and ordered - i was hungry!

the menu was filled with wine lists and set meals.. set lunches and dinners with different prices... the cheapest was RM19.90 set lunch.... which means..... the voucher was not enough....

expensive mineral water

pineapple and orange juice - buy one free one

out of shape buns

i had spicy chicken

mum had black pepper

all i can say food is good, ambience was nice... it's a place where you can have private parties, weddings, birthdays... in a fine dining way... will i come back here again? maybe.. it depends... :)

17A, 1st Floor, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050, Penang

Ecco Cafe @ Chulia Street

it was one of our so called sudden plan for meeting up with the dugongs and we thought of this place... because of cher who has been there before, we thought of trying it out ourselves... unfortunately at the last minute, cher herself couldn't make it as she went to KL..

anyway the rest went ahead and it was nice to have a brief short dinner and catchup with the rest.. it was my first time meeting uncles other half... and i'm sure the others were glad to meet the sotong after a long complicated while...

so the insides of this cafe at Chulia Street (had to go up and down the street twice to find for this place hehehe) is very simple yet cosy.... some how they made it so that their patrons felt at home...

they had some olden days stuff on display like the old fan that still works, the pots and the giling, there was even a charcoal iron at one corner.... these compliments the cafe as it IS a very old building

so the menu came, and it was abit of a fusion type of menu, western with abit of oriental... because there were a full table of us, we managed to order different things so that we all could have a try ... i liked the garlic bread (which i forgot to take a pic of) and my pasta - the one with the banana... hehehe

* point to ponder, if there are a number of customers, please expect a delay in your order...

cajun chicken sandwich

basil pasta

pasta with bananas... (forgot the name) but it was lovely!

creme brule - coffee flavour, not my kind...

i'll definately go there again and maybe this time bring my parents... i still want to try the other dishes too!!

here's a post my cousin Cheryl blogged about this place :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

wrong colour!!! damn it!

colour blind ppl SHOULDN'T be a hairstylist!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i felt like smashing something today... i don't know, i just felt so pissed... mood swing? maybe... fedup? hell yeah... bout what? everything....
i need to vent it out somehow but i can't, i don't know where, i don't know how... i can't do it here, i can't do it in my journals....
just feel that my hands are tied up right now....
i feel so invisible right now

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

when 24 hrs is NOT enough

i've yet to
- put up tree
- decorate house
- go to post office to get stamps for christmas cards
- get gifts for... you, you and you
- WRAP the gifts
- find clothes... (i've only gotten shoes)
- prepare for the 27th
... all this in 4 days which by the way even on those 4 days, i'm sure to be needed back at work... damn it!!!! what happened to the OTHER days till 25th you ask?? well... i'm working darling, DUHH!!
sad right?

i better

stop watching I Propose on 8TV....

CBM Year 1998 - 10 Years Reunion

i know i know it's over due.. but here it is...
Pei Ti and Bee Wooi started of organising this through email and FB, i know some don't have FB, and some are not online, so it's kinda difficult to get everyone....
so we met at Golden Triangle @ AutoCity and those two have alread pre-ordered our dishes... i ate there once and some dishes were good, glad i went...
i was quite nervous to go for this as i haven't met half of them since high school... i was curious too on what has happened with them... hehehe... some were married, some with kids, some doing well in KL, some are still here in BM, and majority are working where i'm working... small world eh... heheheh it was a good meet up, at least we are now a lil MORE updated on the others before this nite...
* more pics HERE

group pic!

the collecting-of-money picture again!
after dinner @ Swenson's AutoCity

last pic before we went our separate ways! THANKS Pei Ti and Bee Wooi for organising this! hope to meet you all again ok!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1998 - CBM reunion pics..

coming coming coming.... no time la.... wait ah!

there it goes

..goes what?
well.. my wonderful off-days!
yea.. from this week onwards, i can't seem to enjoy them, cause there's lots of training to attend and also we're lack of 2 - they left the co. thank you very much
there goes my christmas preparation, christmas mood, christmas shopping... and 1 weeks leave

Thursday, November 27, 2008

CBM - 10 years reunion for Class 5C 1998 - PICS!!!

sorry for the late upload for pics.. but infact they're already on FB.. just didn't have the mood to blog... anyway.... here's the link to the photo album in FB
we all met at Seoul Garden in AutoCity... waited abit for somemore girls to come and in the end 12 turned up!! so since we skipped lunch, we started eating away!! hahahah... it was a new experience for me as this is my first time there (though i've been to bbq steamboat elsewhere in penang)....
we had loads of catching up, chatting, laughing!! and all i can say, its great to see that we still have out F5-ness in us!! never change la wei!!! hahahha... oh, and thanks to u for translating for me.. *paiseh*

everyone that came! thanks girls for making it :)

then after dinner, we wanted to hang somemore and thought of starbucks... but, they didn't have enought place for us.... in the end, we ended up in an empty Sega Fredo's... i don't know whay that place is sooo quiet, usually that place is happening...

there, some of us had drinks, some of us had coffee.... and MORE talking and cam whoring!! hahahha

at bout 11.30pm-ish it was time for us to head home, some of us had work the next day, some had hubbies to go home to, some had babies to go home to, one was pregnant... and the others were just too tired from being out the whole day from work till dinner....

tata for now, and i hope to see u girls this sat at the main YEAR 1998 reunion!! keep in touch ya!

i feel u man.. i really do...

i soo agree with this blogger...
“That’s fine, I won’t ask you then. The fact is I almost never ask anyone to cover my shift and I usually only cover for other people if its an emergency. I plan my life around the fact that I have a work schedule, unlike you. Its not my responsibility to let you go home because you drank too much last night, and the fact is that I’m only being a dick because you two didn’t let it go. No one wanted the day off until it was convenient for them, now its not convenient for me. If you asked me to work and I said no and you said ok, there wouldn’t be a problem. But, you had to whine to management and to anyone that would listen that I’m not a team player and you had to question why I wouldn’t work for you. Frankly I could have no plans but to sit on my couch and play video games and I still wouldn’t have to give you a reason. Now that’s the end of it.”
i like it when he said this... "... I plan my life around the fact that I have a work schedule..." taken from The Insane Waiter from here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

how's it like working my shift...

as most of u know bout my shift/working hours... i'll explain it here again... we call it the Compressed Shift of 4334 (or u can call it 3443)
here's how it is..
there's 2 groups - we call it group A and group B
lets say for group A
Week 1 - work 4 days, off 3 days
Week 2 - work 3 days, off 4 days
Week3 - work 4 days, off 3 days.. and so on...
so the days that group A is off, that's when group B works... kapish? hope so.. hahahah
currently i'm in group A (Sun, Mon, Tue and alternate Wed)... and in Jan 09, i'll change to group B (alternate Wed then Thurs, Fri, Sat)... am not so keen on group B cause usually ppl will ajak go out on fri, sat....sigh.. but its ok, dad's making noise on why i'm always working on Sunday... (Sabbah day it seems - day of rest!)
how's it like anyway... well... for one, there's nothing much i can do on my work days... after work, go home, eat if there's dinner and watch tv till eyes cannot open... or online till eyes cannot open (even so, i don't know why i don't have the mood to blog.. sorry guys)
during our 12 hr shift, we have 1hr lunch (not that anyone keeps to that 1hr - they self acclaim 1.5 hrs - but not me. if i can make it in 1hr why not them??) and we have 1hr dinner (the same about what i said bout lunch - ppl like taking 1.5 hrs..but that's another rant to blog about). and it's between 9am to 9pm.. traffic going to work.. bareable.. but could be better, traffic going home, nice! but then sometimes the bridge will close one lane and there'll be a minor jam...
now, on my off days.... half the time, i got to come back to work to replace someone and gain some OT... which is... TIRING!! but i'm that type of person, job first! (until i'm too tired).. unlike some ppl....
ok so on my off days, as what i did once, i went to Pulau Perhentian... no need to take AL!! yeah!! and other days, i sleep till 12+ pm, sometimes i do some "official" errands to places that only open 9-5 mon-fri, sometimes i pamper myself at a mall.... other days, i stay home... i had a record of 3 of my off days, i stayed home and did not go out at all!! yup, guess how much money and petrol i saved?? but on the 3rd day, i was getting restless!!
so that's it... yea... dad asked me to go exercise...
1- i'm still in debt and can't afford another 12 months installment on gym fees - dun ask y
2- i dun feel safe walking up Cherok Tokun
3- can't remember where Mengkuan Dam is
4- paiseh to jog/walk in my taman - lots of "foreigners"
5- no motivation.. i'm kinda in a depression phase, remember...
unless, someone can DRAG me out to exercise, maybe i will... but with my shift, who la will be free on a weekday? by the time everyone finishes work, it'll be 6+ something, and it's gonna be dinner time liau.. where wanna go exercise? and even if they do, they'll do it on a weekend, where i'm WORKING... so... clashing of the times...
(and i try not to stay out too late, eating or partying on a sat nite cause i work on sundays)
i'm much of a loner now.... on my off days, if i had a book, i'll go to my fav mall, have a meal/drink and sit there reading a book for an hr or two, or go watch a movie alone (afternoon movies are cheaper), window shopping alone.... oh well, i'm getting used to it, but it'll be nice if i could have some company sometimes...
so that's my life right now... :s
sad? sometimes... but sometimes not really too! :)


how do u react when u're walking down a coridoor at work.... and at the far end, you spot someone u briefly know (hi bye type of aquaintance)...
a) do u start smiling the time u spot them
b) wait till you're closer then smile... if yes, how many steps away from that person do u start smiling....
c) when the person smiles back at you and u still have 5 steps left... do u look down at the ground? or ...?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CBM - 10 years reunion for Class 5C 1998

Class 5C 1998 - 10 years Reunion
Date: TOMORROW! 21 Nov
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Seoul Garden Autocity
*reservation is under my name
Hope to see everyone!! C U tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

finally a team dinner

... at PizzaHut again!
after 4 months of the birth of the team, finally we managed to get at least 80% of the team to meet up for a very quick dinner.... it was held after our shift at 9+pm at Queensbay PizzaHut... why PizzaHut.... budget ler.... hopefully the co. will give use more moolah next time...

two supervisors and a boss - guess who's who

group pics (5 missing - 4 couldn't make it, 1 left the dept few days ago)

Monday, November 10, 2008

rosie rosie posey

we're never to old to have birthday parties! i believe that's what keeps us moving forwards and a way to enjoy life, our friends, our family and everyone who cares about us!
so here's to a wonderful birthday party!
here's to rosie! who just turned a year older!
i believe she did have a blast!
i wish u the happiest time, a year full of good memories, good opportunities and lots of love!

hugs and kisses rosie!

Friday, November 07, 2008

writers block

yea, many a times i've came here to try to post something, but, i couldn't... i didn't know what to write.... i don't know what's gotten into me, but i know i used to love writing, writing for myself and yet that doesn't do it for me now....
anyway, what i've been up to?
getting used to my time table, think i'm going back to my old habits in sleeping really late at nite.. can't believe i used to get up at 5am to go to work by 6am... now, i'm starting to sleep past 1am... and dreading to get up to go to work....
work's fine, i need to get my "flow" soon though, its different now cause i'm not an agent anymore, i'm just one step higher which means i can't work like how i used to work before... got to change...
talking bout "change"... so Obama won.... that's gonna be interesting! can't really comment much as i have not really been following, but it would be nice if Hilary was president! 1st woman president! that would definately bruise all the guys ego! LOL... ok better stop before anyone arrests me...
if u guys are on FB, i'm sure u've seen a few of my "down-side" status... i guess it could be PMS or just being in that "phase" where u think about your life... i don't see anything quite positive but then again, i just pray that it's just a phase! i need to get a grip of myself! grrhhh!
i'm starting to download series again but connections sucky! went to batu feringghi to get the dvds but they were not selling any - waste of time and petrol going there... sigh... anyone has One Tree Hill series season 4 and 5?
been starting to follow tv again... and it's getting worst... u can't enjoy a show with 10 minutes of advertisement every 3 mins in the show!!! instead of watching your show, u're watching ads where they repeat themselves over and over and over again.... wonder why no one is complaining about this! tv shouldn't be irritating but unfortunately - tv3, ntv7, 8tv are all so irritating because of overwhelming ads! (no, i don't have astro)
oh, i've signed up for something, but i just wanna see if there's any difference... so to my good friends, tell me if u noticed anything "better" (or not better) about me...
i wish to go back to Stop Island again....
and i wonder why i haven't seen TC for some time... :(
alright then, i guess that's about the updates that i have...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Stop Island

just had to get away from routine, so i planned this trip with BC, would have loved to go with Sharon too but, well, she's like a million miles away in white man's land.... so, babe? come back soon then we can go together... ok? on?

anyway, i dealt with Ping Anchorage, the travel agent i found on the internet and managed to locate them in Prai and they suggested Tuna Bay. check out their website for the packages. some ppl said it's cheaper to go on your own, but i think what we got was a good deal, and we didn't need to go through the hassle of finding a place, worry bout food, cause everything is included in the package...

we left beechoo's place in butterworth at 5.30am and started to head east.... and it's amazing that on the way there, we actually crossed 5 states!! Penang > Kedah > Perak > Kelantan > Terengganu!! Cuti-cuti Malaysia!!

the journey through Banjaran Titiwangsa was interesting, we saw signboards asking us to be AWAS because of elephants crossing.. who knew, we saw 2 at the road side, having breakfast!! it was our first time seeing wild elephants!!! :D we stopped to take a pic.. and this was the only pic cause after this, they started to charge us and we had to quickly leave!! so scared they'll attack us!! what an adrenaline rush!!!! but i'm so happy we saw them on our journey!

one of our stops on the way, it was one of the stops at the top of the banjaran and because it was morning, it was really cold!!! 20 degrees or something... cold!! brrrr.....

finally we reached. we were so hungry, no time to take pics, we checked in and ate... this pic is when we already changed and ready to go on our snorkeling trip!! Welcome to Pulau Perhentian!!!

relaxing after the snorkeling

we were shocked by this lady, but then again, we were the only malaysians there (except for the staff)... so guys, this pic is for you! hehehe LOL :P

what is there not to like, breakfast by the beach!!

a must have pic - can-see-feet-water!

finally the sun came out after 2 days!! sigh.. catching some before heading home

and it was time to go home... sob sob.. will definately come back again!!

So for more pics, check out my Facebook albums Album 1 and Album 2