Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OXO Cafelab @ Queensbay, Penang

OXO (not sure what it stands for) is located at the shop lots next to Queensbay. looks fancy abit from the outside and the inside. nice place to chill, have some food, snacks, drinks. this place also have a live band playing at night, but not too sure if they're good or not, i haven't heard them.
when i went here with the girls, it seems this place has only been opened for a month or two. they still had their discounts going on, and we took advantage of it :) prices are alil bit above average, but not as exp as Chillies/TGIF standard (i think - i've only been there once and i can't really remember the price)

the interior is quite nice, different, not like a regular restaurant. i kinda like it but just that location wise... well i mean, if u sit outside, what do you look at? hahahha think about it

here's my starter, salmon salad

this is a chicken dish

mixed meats i think

chicken and prawns

lamb cutlets

this is the dessert they gave with the set lunch/dinner - kinda weird i think, the cake and watermelon makes sense, but the cookie? hmm?

overall i think it's a good place to eat, and location is different. This is their own website and also check these few blogs out who reviewed OXO. ENJOY!!

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