Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe Penang

Hard Rock Cafe, Penang is (so called) separate building next to Hard Rock Hotel, Penang in Batu Ferringhi. newest outlet! the soft launch was on the 19th Sept, 09.. attended by lots of people (and celebs i'm sure)! heard good reviews of the band in their opening, not too sure who played but yea... looked it was a good opening (too bad i didn't go)

here's the inside of the Cafe, with their famous logo lights (like what you see at the entrance of the Hotel) and of course its memorabilias everywhere!

stairs going to the upper level of the cafe

the staff here is very friendly, everyone greeted us when we stepped into the cafe (i guess it's because it was empty and we were the only guests). one of the waitress brought me around the cafe, explaining what's what and all, she even showed me the menu and she kept stressing on the HUGE portion of the food! lol, looks like whoever goes there to eat, have to skip a meal before going!

it seems the cafe is open to all for meals and it's non-smoking up till 10.30pm. then after that, children is not allowed in the cafe and then smoking is allowed. i guess it's fair enough where it's not really comfortable having ppl smoking around you when you eat.

i didn't really see the prices of the food but i guess it's about RM30 onwards, depending on what you order... i'll definately do a better review when i go there again.

so HAPPY PARTY people at Hard Rock Penang!

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