Friday, September 04, 2009

John King @ Pavillion KL

John King is a stall in the Pavillion food court that specialises in egg custards, or custard tarts. what caught my attention was the DURIAN custard tart! it was huge and you could see the durian flesh... hence this post!! lol. price i can't remember, should be RM2+ (maybe the KLites can correct me on this) and the taste, well it's nice and tender and u can feel and taste the durian. may be on a sweet side.
try it out but i'm not sure if they have the durian ones all year round, they do have other flavours too but couldn't be bothered, i just wanted to try the durian! LOL
if u my fellow readers have tried the other flavours, feel free to comment your reviews on it, greatly appreciated :D

see the durian ooozing out?

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