Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mizi Bistro @ New World Park, Penang

Mizi Bistro is located in New World Park in Penang. it was my first time here, came here with my friends for my birthday. the food they serve here is mostly western and the ambience is quite nice. i suggest you make reservations first cause it can get busy and full with customers. they have set dinners with free flow of ice-cream!

chicken and speghetti


BBQ chicken

hmm... a chicken dish, can't remember


chicken and mushroom

i actually had the pumpkin soup, which is the first for me. i liked it for the first few mouthfulls i had, but after a while, it kinda got jelak for me... kinda rich and thick. would like to go back there again to try the other dishes as they have lots of varieties in their menu, they also have lamb and steaks too... hmm.... who wants to go there with me again? hehehe

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