Friday, September 04, 2009

Victoria Station @ Bayan Baru

it's been a while since i step foot in Victoria Station. the last time i went, was few years ago at the Seberang Prai outlet. the steaks were dry and bland... don't know what happened. so this time when my cousin came back and suggested that she's craving for Victoria Station... i went abit blank... anyway, she insisted and we went to the one in Bayan Baru... and i don't know if they upgraded their quality, or it's a different branch or issit just because i haven't tried it for so long, i actually thought it was good again!

so the kids insisted in sitting in the train to have dinner.. it's actually fun, but if you don't like small places, better sit outside in open space. the interiors the same, never changed all these years...
so we ordered our food, fruit juices are fresh! even when we asked for it without sugar. i can't remember how was the service is like, if we had to wait long for our food but i remember they forgot my appetizer!! the salad prawns!! they only brought it our after my main dish! aiya...

my late appetizer

my cousin had the lobster! :D

this fish and chips portion was HUGE!!! they gave 2 whole fillets!

oh then for desert, we ordered a BOMB Alaska! it's been ages since i tried this!!! this cannot be ordered if it's a party of 2 or 4 people, it must be more because this dessert is HUGE!!! it's made from cake and fruits at the bottom and the white thing is egg white with sugar (to make it sweet) and to make the flame, it's from wine or rum... correct me if i'm wrong. the main exciting thing is to get the egg white burnt a nice golden colour so that it's crisp. can't eat too much though, can feel jelak! lol

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