Sunday, August 31, 2008

more pics of PLR

go here for pics from my cousin's camera..
i believe there's more, i'm still waiting for my copy...

Cameron Higlands (overdue post)

was just going through my pics and remembered i haven't blogged bout my cameron trip with TC.... i had a great time though the trip was quite short... we need to go there again and stay the night, more stuff we could do cause this trip we didn't have the time to go to the tea plantation and pick strawberries!!!

the cold hills - going up

English style hotels

Tanah Rata town - quite happening

i didn't know cactus grew in cold places?

i love my roses!!

hill trucks

a confused prick

many times i wrote a title, and wrote a post in this same space.. but i deleted it.. because i didn't want to compromise anyone again....
i'm just not feeling too happy at this moment...
i feel like going for some retail therapy but i can't, cause i got to settle my bills first before i can go for a session... and i know it will not make any difference, just a bigger hole in my pocket...
i feel like sweating the bad feelings off but i can't seem to bring myself to do it....
i feel like eating my gutts out but i'm trying not too cause i'm starting to feel the clothes getting tighter...
everything seems to be going the wrong way (except for my job) and i'm not too happy with that.. i feel restless yet i don't know what to do...
i just hope this stupid feeling will go away and hope things will be better soon
sigh.... i'm such a confused prick...

Saturday, August 30, 2008


looks like my plans for sunday is cancelled.... sigh....
(mind you, sunday plans were made a week ago...)
....can meet the myvic gang then

meet up with MyviClub Penang members

i had gone for one TT in WangsaMaju in KL... but somehow i didn't really have time on Fri nites to meet them after that...

now that i'm back in penang... i just thought to myself that i should give MyviC Penang a try... and i had no regrets... all crazy ppl, talk cock punya ppl... nice group... though this session that i went, there was a big crowd, nearly 25-30 ppl (couldn't really say cause ppl come and go the whole night) i managed to get to know some of the main ppl, mainly the moderators and the active members...
here's some pics taken by our "photographer" Isfendy... (Is-the-Fendy... hahahah *inside joke!)

my Whitey!

waiting for the others to come - drizzling abit (opp E-gate)

we're located on the right where the cars are lined up

we met at the opposite side of E-gate... supposedly to leave to our TT makan place at 9.30 but only by 10+pm only we left... there was about 10+ cars convoy to the makan place... where the makan place? it was Ikan bakar at the Police Marine place just down the road from E-gate. i've seen this place every single day i go to work but i haven't eaten there before... so, this was my first time eating there and boy, my only regret was not trying this place earlier!!! it was lovely! fishes was fresh, cooked well.... yum.. will definately go there again...

my Whitey behind the sesat Satria

(found out that the owner of the Satria are good friends with the members)

our moderator -Bella (on my right)

at first there was lots of left overs cause the guys ordered abit too much... but towards the end of the dinner, few more members came over, and they ate all the left overs... so no food is wasted!

after that, there was a debate on where to go after makan... in the end, it was suggested to go to Gurney 3... had NO IDEA on where that was... so, just follow la.... see see it's by the sea along the Jelutong Expressway... it's like a park-type place where u can hang out, chat, sight see... it was quite nice, there were new 3-story hses there... not fully occupied, though some members say they own those units just no time to move in.... KONON-nya la... LOL hahahahah... there were alot of couples dating there... but we were the noisy ones!! there was a few police cars doing their rounds, was quite nervous bout that, but i guess it's ok, we're just hanging out, hses are empty so that's fine, and the cops didn't stop too... so all's good!

Whitey in the middle

one person TT?? hahaha nah!

what's left of the TT session this time - 2+am the rest all went home

all ended well about 2+ am !!!! ahahah... it was a long nite but i had fun with these guys... anyway they're gonna come over to BM to the 99 shop this sunday (merdeka day)... but not sure if i can meet them cause i have plans...

nice meeting u guys!! i had fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

second "family"

ever since i came home, i did feel happy, more secured, more familiar to everything and all that... but i dunno, maybe it's too soon to tell, or i'm just in denial and stuck to my comfort zone...
what i'm trying to say is that, i miss my dlinkers family... i was never bored in going to work... because i know i would always have a great time when i go to work... the times i didn't go to work, i had reasons... i didn't ponteng because i didn't feel like going, never felt like ponteng-ing because it's always homely and fun going to work! and i would miss out on everything if i just sulked and stayed at home...
as i told my boss, i feel guilty in taking my annual leave... hahahha.... yea, i was THAT loyal to the team...
and now, i'm in a new place, new team, new boss, new company... and i SHOULD give them a chance. everyone's new here, everyone's trying to get comfortable, everyone's trying to find their place... no doubt that everyone is nice here at the new place, no one's shy, no one's a loner... maybe they're all in their good behaviour?... for the time being? who knows kan? hahaha....
like i said, i HAVE TO and SHOULD give them a chance, who knows? they're a great bunch of ppl too (but maybe in a different way)! i should be positive, need to be a role model cause my position requires me too heheheh... (not that i'm doing it for the job only, but i have to do it for myself too, as personal-improvement! LOL)
thanks to the one-on-ones i had with the previous team, i have to learn from my mistakes, be positive, change a new leaf and reach for my goals...
so, to my dlinkers, you're one of a kind! no one can come to par with u... hahaha i miss you guys alot! wishing u all the best in your future!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

super swimmer!

edited : ok ok la... spelling mistake, it's SUPER swimmer and not supper... sorry *rolls eyes* hahaha
edited #2 : i'm such an ass, i totally forgot about my dear cher! my cousin, she too was an athlete, volleyball wei!! she's the tall one in the family and she deserves to be in the volleyball team, she too started young, in school :D so there you go, 3 sporty ppl!! and all are girls :P what happened la to the men in the family? hahahah
there's two athletes in my family... and these two - mother and daughter! mother was a runner, ran for Penang, Malaysia.... and now her lovely daughter Kelly, swims!!! she swims for the PISA swim team, joins competitions in Dubai and she's only 9!

so when they were down, Kedah had a swim meet and invited the PISA swim team, and Kelly was invited too!! that meant a short "road-trip" to Alor Setar!!! all the ladies went to support Kelly, there was cher, anna, of course lynn and max, then i came later cause i had work... shen was nice enough to entertain max, anna and cher to the Paddy Museum which is next to the pool while Kelly competed the whole day!

so what did Kelly win? i think it was 2 gold, one silver and 3 bronze? (am not too sure, i can be forgetful at times) and that day was the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing!!! ahahha so the mood of games and competition was high, we made as if Kelly was swimming in the Olympics!! LOL

CONGRATULATIONS sweety!! you did well!! KELLY BOLEH!!

sight-seeing abit in Alor Setar

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sort of expected answer

i've been wanting to get an answer from a question i dare not ask. i assumed the answer would be in my favour but looking at the facts, it might not be.... and finally, it's confirmed, found out the answer to that dreadful question was NOT in my favour....
u thought that blood is thicker than water but i guess, it depends on the situation and it's not always that blood is thicker... sometimes (or in my case) water is much more thicker... and when that happens? what do u do? i really don't know....
as far as i know, if it was me, i would give a different answer because i believe that blood is thicker... but then again, i don't even know if that time comes (or it may NOT even come) for me to decide...
bottom line is, the truth i feel sad and dissapointed about the answer, but its ok, because the answer involves good things... i just need to accept it and get over it

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T-Cafe @ Tanah Rata

have been eye-ing this place of its scones ever since i came across reviews on this place on the net... with the sudden of craving of scones AND had the time... i dragged TC to go to cameron highlands with me....
we sort of left late and by the time we reached, it was about 5pm... nothing much we could do, but just eat scones and "window shopping" in the car..
T-Cafe is located at Tanah Rata, it's above MaryBrown's fast food.... there are signboards but if u dun look out for it, u may miss it.... just head towards Tanah Rata, lookout for Marybrown and u'll sure to find T-cafe

at the ground floor at the entrance of the stairs, there's this big ass signboard of the menu of the cafe.... and it got me drooling just reading on what they offered! walking up the narrow wooden stairs, u'll see another signboard welcoming u...

reaching the top, you would think that u were in your grandmother's living room, where u have all these olden days paintings, antics, old books, board games placed around the dining area.. the tables and chairs are the old type too! sort of puts a cosy feeling in the cafe.... with the weather which was abit chilly, that really complements the cafe... i like!

beef lasagne

since my lasagne portion was quite small, i ordered a tom yam dish to warm myself
after filling our stomachs, we had to make space for the scones, cause THAT's the reason of our trip what! hahahah..... so i ordered... the price was RM2.50 per scone... i thought that the scone was a normal medium scone, but when it came to the table... whoah mama!!! that's a huge scone!!! since there were two types, i ordered 2 each for the both of us.... yummmmm....
fruit scone - it's actually strawberry
plain scones - they also served it with home made strawberry jam..
apple pie
part of the menu
my rate for this place? 8/10 love this place, will want to come here as this place is very cosy, chilly, great place to hang out, be at peace to read a book, go online, play some chess with your loved one, enjoy the tea made from the area and lovely SCONES!!! i'm sure to go there again!, who's with me???

bad to worst - a progression?

ever since i graduated and started my first job in "hell"... i've always been around ppl who spoke good english (even with a slang)... not that they purposely talk like that, but because of the job, the job to talk to whites... and i've been in that kind of environment for the past... nearly 3 years....
now... with this new place... everyone here speaks the local lingo.. which is fine... but.. omg... the grammar is ALL OVER THE PLACE... and don't let me start on the pronounciation!!! OMFG!! can't believe they're working "here"!!! at a place where you would think that ppl working there would have good english!...
yes, they ARE good in their work, they know their stuff inside out, they HAVE the presentation skills, and all... but, their conversational english? *shakes head*
want some examples?
broker = blocker
send event = sand-er-vaan
jil (some jargon) = chill
..... there's more to this list
and they like to put "s" at the back of 70% of their words...
omg.. it's sooo irritating!!! sooo uncomfortable talking to them!! don't get me wrong, it's not that they are blur, or stupid or don't know their job, or what...they DO, they are GOOD...and they are NICE ppl! it's just their conversational english is all over the place!
luckily my manager isn't like that, so much easier and comfortable talking to him... sigh...
just hope i don't end up like them, coming home talking to my parents like someone who has not spoken english for a long time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moving forward

disclaimer : you may or may not understand this post
what moves forward?
time NEVER moves backwards... time never waits for you, YOU have to move together with time.... if you don't, whatever you do, it's useless....
i used to tell myself that time will heal, time will solve problems, maybe it's too late but i found out it doesn't work that way....
so how to make it work? YOU have to make it work...
if you're in pain, time won't heal your pain, YOU will have to bring yourself together to heal that pain, to forgive, to accept and let it be....
if you have plans, you MAKE your plans to work! no use if u just have that plan, have ALL THE TIME you can have and yet NOT DO anything... if you DON'T DO anything, how the hell would your plans work?
time makes you grow older and I AM NOT growing older...
and so, you have to respect time and especially plans that you made with other ppl because if you don't go ahead with your plans, you're wasting the time of the ppl you made your plans with

Monday, August 11, 2008

Night Safari @ Taiping Zoo

it was another spontaneous road trip, ever since the Taiping Zoo started this night safari thingy, i haven't gone for it.. so since, i had the company, was "in the neighbourhood", we decided to go... surprisingly, there were alot of ppl and the night safari only closes at 2AM!!!! can u believe that? it's like, if u're bored late at night, don't want to stay home... hahaha.. hang out with the animals in the zoo!!

got tickets to get IN the zoo and had to get someone tickets for the "train" ride... unless u want to walk around the zoo in the middle of the night, u can.. but, would u?? hahahah

the train

signboards shows you what's where

think they were wild boars or hippos or something else... (behind the gate)

an area where u can rest, sit on benches, playground for the kids... it's brighter than the pic

supposedly night shot of the zoo - lousy camera, moving train

huge croc - in the water, between the bars




big ass ostrich!

lots of kancils, deers...

trying to feed the arab! lol


monkey behind bars? LOL