Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's already 2010????

my my.. how fast did this year go. very fast i'd say. so much has happened, so much i've gone through, seen, heard, lots of tears, laughter, made new friends, lost some, gained back some, lost a love, lots of battles between the heart and the head, good-wrong-bad-right, logical and emotional and religion battles, between responsibility and consious... sometimes i wonder how the hell did i go through all that and come out alive. i guess THIS is what life is, whether u like it or not. issit a clean cut of 50/50 good and bad? i can't say for sure as ppl tend to remember the bad more than the good.
all i can say, that we learn from our mistakes this year and try to be BETTER the next, grow a lil, be smarter and hope that 2010 will have more good things than bad.
remember your loved ones, don't take them for granted. i've lost my grandfather this year and we all thought he'd live till a hundred. also i've learnt that (some) friendships DO last, just have to be patient, eventhough it takes a few years to have it mended. so yea, i pray that i'll move on with my life, find a life partner soon and have a great year ahead - and i pray for you too ;)
Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

... and may you have a Merry Christmas!!

another year has passed and 2009 has taken a real toll on me, emotionally especially. but i "think" i'm doing better but i know that there's still lots more to be done to be back to the person i was before, to be better, more positive, more confident, more motivated and HAPPIER.... and that's what 2010 will be about. self improvement... i never actually kept to my new year resolutions, but lets see ya.... oh, and if possible, find a husband candidate! LOL.. serious!
so i hope everyone had a BETTER 2009 than me, and i hope and wish for a much more better year ahead for all of you.
Have a wonderful Christmas! you can drink, but be responsible and get someone else to drive you. enjoy your time with your loved ones, remember the ones that are gone to a better place and appreciate all that you have now.
i will TRY to NOT be a sourpuss during this season when i'm WORKING! uggh... :P
and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Max @ opposite QueensBay Mall, Penang

Max is a chinese/noodle/Hong Kong type of restaurant, located at one of the shoplots opposite QueensBay Mall (opposite HSBC). i never tried this place before (or even know it existed! hahah) until one of the CHOICE gals brought me there. not that bad actually! :)
at that moment, i think we were really hungry hence the # of dishes on our table.. lol, as usual, we wanted to try as many dishes as we can, recommended by Irene on what's good. overall, it's tasty enough to enjoy and fill the tummy. good place for snacks too and the pricing quite reasonable. will go back there again to try the other dishes in the menu. :)

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

supposedly appetizers but somehow the dessert came in too

fried "nest" mee

wan tan soup

char siew rice - yumm!!

custard bun, siew pau (i think), mango pancake

Just Pizza @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Just Pizza (not it's not just pocket bread, but also pizza and pasta) is located in the basement of Gurney Plaza. was out with Melanie for christmas shopping and we couldn't decide on where to have our early dinner.... sick of fast-foods, chicken places, thai places and jap places, no budget for steaks, weren't into porky dishes... so we saw this place right in the middle of the basement, and thought, hey pizza!!! definately sick of the usual pizza place but this was new, pics were looking good, saw the menu, price also ok. so why not. so we got in, and ordered.

was wanting for some salad, so instead of the usuals, i saw mango salad, so i thought why not, it has strawberries!!! :D the portion was one big plate and it's a good size to share. then they had a promo set, garlic bread + soup (can't remember how much). the garlic bread was nice. crunchy at the sides, soft inside. soup? i'm not a mushroom soup lover, Melanie said it could be better though it had lots of mushroom chunks in it.

then came the pizza. it was a set thingy order a pizza together with coke OR pudding OR cheesecake OR tiramisu for about RM29 (large pizza) or something. we got the cake as the cake was more expensive than the drink.
we ordered Pizza Rino and was surprisingly delicious!!! crust was not too thin and not too bready, enought portion of meats and tomato base.. AND it had a fair amount of cheese!! love it!!! would definately go back to try the other flavours... all in all the bill came up to about RM20+- each.. which his quite ok actually if u think of the quantity and quality.. :)
must go back again! yumm!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

my first overseas trip was i think in 2005 or so to Sydney, Australia. it was not exactly my first time flying (have flown MAS before but between Penang <-> KL). it was abit scary at first but i loved it. planning for the trip was kinda confusing, i wasn't too sure about online booking and all that and dad wasn't too convinced with using his credit card over the internet, hence we resorted to a travel agent.
anyway, when i got on the MAS plane, i got excited. there were beautiful stewardess, food was surprisingly great AND the movies! hehehe... told myself i'd watch movies for the whole duration of the flight (which is, mind you 8 hrs) but in the end after 1 movie or so, i fell asleep.
so far on the flight i was impressed, i thought, i like MAS, though maybe the seats should be abit bigger.... ehheheh

when i reached Sydney it was coooooold (yea, clever me i went during winter) but i loved it. i stayed with my uncle and cousins and they showed Sydney to me. i saw the Sydney Oprah House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach! and many more places! gosh, miss that place, would love to go back there again (maybe when i win this eh?)

then the second time i flew with MAS was when i had my 1st trip to Dubai (that's another 8 hr flight... some how i'm prone to 8 hr flights.. why ah?) a year after the Aussie trip. that was another experience, again, i still had no idea how to go abouts on the MAS website (was still a chicken shit) to book tickets and again, we had to go back to the travel agent.

anyhoo, the flight was good, food was great! service was too! (but again, seats should be bigger la... for economy.. heheh).

and when i touched down to Dubai, it was hot! hahah funny how my first trip with MAS was to winter season and 2nd was to summer/desert season! stayed with my cousin and also been around visiting the great sites of Dubai! like the ever famous Burj Al-Arab!

then after afew years, i had the chance to go to Dubai again AND with MAS again too! and as expected, i got the same good service as i had few years ago. which is good! and especially the food, it's consistent... :) this time my cousin and i went on the MAS website did our research, and it was quite convenient! we managed to get the dates and timing but due to some unforseen circumstances, we had to relate back to the travel agent, but at least thanks to the website we did our homework! :D

this time i got to see more of Dubai, like Wild Wadi Water Themed Park, went on a Sand Dune ride, and even a limo ride!! how cool is that!!! if MAS weren't too convenient, i wouldn't have made that trip! :D

just to add to the list of MAS services, i recently went on a trip to Phuket with Firefly, again the same consistent service and how easy it is to book a package on the Firefly website. and YES! this time i did it ALL online!! but wouldn't it be easier to do it on your phone??? well there's a new (and convenient way) to book your flights using your phone! it's! (but not for Firefly flights though)

Phuket was one of a kind, it was like Malaysia yet it's not, food too is like malaysian food but it has it's own taste. i took the 3D2N package and i think that's not enough! there's too many things/place to do/go! but on this trip, we stayed in Patong, i did the Phi Phi Island tour trip AND get my braids done! was sad going home, but flying the Firefly plane (by MAS) was a nice way to end the holidays.

SO as i was saying about, it's a site you use on your mobile phone to book your tickets! it makes life easier and you may even find yourself flying and holidaying more!! so check it out!! trust me, even a 12 year old can book flights (i know my lil cousin can) cause it's as easy as 1,2,3!! and i guess it'll be sometime till i visit the travel again again!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


yea, it's happening again. many times i came here to post something (which is not a review), i go blank. and because people i know read this, people i think i know would read read this, people i don't know would read this, people i unexpect to read would read this. so i can't really rant on specifics. which kinda sucks cause that would practically leave me nothing to write about.
yea, i "could" write about something positive, nice, happy but i haven't gone through anything positive enough that i can boast and spread it all on this blog.... well, except for the meetup i had with an old friend, though we weren't really close before, but in this meet up, i really got to know him more. was glad that we had met, just that it was too short. it's really rare to have someone (who's on the opposite sex) be comfortable with me and willing to spend that much time with me just for laughs, good conversation, drinks, drive around town. unfortunately not many were willing... they always seem to have an excuse.. sheesh
so, ya... that was just a brief "good feeling" i had in weeks...
was looking forward to going to KL for my fix but plans changed, so got to postpone all my "meetings" to Jan... sorry peeps, i miss you too in KL, will come see u soon alright?
oh... i officially made a batch of 50+ cupcakes for a customer.. well not really a customer but it was for the PEA (Penang Eurasian Association) and the cost was sponsored by mum.. so infact i didn't actually make anything! :-s this time we used the muffin cups and icing was much more easier, yet i wasn't too pleased with the outcome. somethings wrong somewhere.. with all the batches i've been doing, there's always something that is not quite right.
could the colouring be old, could the kitchen be too warm for icing, could i be using the wrong brand of butter, icing sugar or could i be using wrong kind of grade for eggs? or could it be wrong utensils? tools? there's so many possibilities!!
then there are other issues which i better not go into as per reason in my 1st paragraph.
sometimes i feel like running away, just to piss people off and to make them realise what they're missing.. but that's irrisponsible isn't it? it's like smoking your way to doomstown and drinking your liver away...... but at this moment, that sounds like a good idea...
i wanna blame it on PMS on what i'm going through right now, but i doubt it is, just that PMS makes the emo stronger, on other days, it's still there but not as strong...
aarrgghhh... forget bout this post, it's useless. sorry for wasting your time

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what does it mean?

i don't usually dream of my ex, and i haven't dreamt of him since the breakup. but i don't know why, i dreamt of him last nite.
in the dream, as how he is, he was trying to split himself in helping some other people and at the same time trying to help me in my situation (which is wat i don't know..) which ended up me waiting for ages for him and in the end was late for something, or forgotten something, or something was wrong... ended me hating him more and he showing me his puppy sad (sorry) eyes... it was the same story over and over again... and in the dream i felt something too familiar, too painful and i ended up crying, which also woke me up
it surprised me actually, i mean it's been nearly 9 months and i can say that i was nearly "there" in moving on, not as angry, not as envy, not as hateful, not as sad, not as dissapointed, not as depressed before... i truthfully really thought i was over him, but then this dream happened, and it's all coming back to me.. damn!
what does this actually mean???