Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tawakal Hospital

the clinic i go to, the doc there can't seem to cure my bad cough for the past 3 weeks... and in the end he had to refer me to a specialist... i was like.. FINALLY... so the paper work was done, co. insurance could cover the trip... so there i went the next day... friday..
was kinda nervous... what if i had some disease... what if i'm gonna die.... fortunately i managed to find my way there, kinda easy actually... then as u all know, in hospitals, u gotta wait...
wait #1 - confirming the referral letter from the panel clinic
wait #2 - waiting for the doc, seems he was on his rounds in the hospital
then managed to see the doc, did some examination - got bronchitis and sinus.... was given a choice to continue with med and go on my daily life and suffer... OR get admitted to get it done and over with..... decided to get admitted... somehow i broke down and cried.. i then messaged my parents, boss and some friends... and to those who called (including my boss) - i cried on the phone! LOL!! why? have no idea.. i guess it's my first time getting admitted and it was scary for me... and also, i was alone.. wished someone was there with me... but, it was ok.. just needed to gather myself and be brave...
wait #3 - waiting to get x-rayed
wait #4 - waiting for confirmation that x-rays done was ok

this is opposite the hospital - The Eye of Malaysia...
i've been wanting to get on that but somehow couldn't find the company and time to go... it's best to go at night and see the whole of KL at night...

wait #5 - brought to my bed, waiting for doc and physiotherapist
got my blood taken for tests, doc came to check on me, physio was done... only then i could go back home to take my clothes and stuff.... was damn tired.... and by then i got a "tag" on my wrist
no one came to visit the first night, it was ok, i was damn tired and i slept most of the time...
next day... bloody hell! 6am they woke me up to take my pressure and temperature! then at 7.30am or so... woke me up to change sheets! sigh.... i just wanted to sleep again but then after 30 mins... breakfast came.... sigh...

the menu for the day... YES, i can choose!! it changes everyday

here are my breakfasts that i had during the days i was admitted....

half-boiled egg

scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs but this time with soya bean milk

then here were my lunches and dinners.. yes, i could still choose, from malay food, to chinese to english... deserts were either fruit or pudding/jelly... drinks were either chinese tea or orange

chic kurma

tou cheong fish with mixed veg
ayam masak merah
tandoori chic
was in a 4 bedded room at first but that place was extremly small, so i opt for a double bedded room.. had to be on a waiting list but finally on sat i was moved... so much more space and comfort... most of the time i was alone as the bed next to me just stayed the night... so that was good
my blanket
my dad took the bus on fri afternoon when he found out that i was admitted and reached fri night... he stayed at a budget hotel nearby where he could walk to and fro the hosp... i was glad that he came, mum couldn't come cause grandad was admitted too - water in the lungs, foot swelling
then on sat, my colleagues - andrew, raymond and damon came... so nice of them, they brought me some koey teow and junk food! hahahah.... was hoping for some flowers.. but that didn't happen! hahahahha.... it's ok guys! dun fret!
also my good friend - aaron and his fiance - cassandra came to visit... first time meeting his fiance (what a place to meet! hahahah), when they came, time flew by very fast... which was good...
and on sun, aaron and cassandra came again and brought my munchies and magazines!! ahhh!! at last something to keep me company! and guess what! my boss - eddie and gf came too later on with MORE mags!!! uncle cliffton came too eventhough he was on-call for his job, so nice of him :) the family too came for a short while to pass some clothes, they couldn't stay long cause the boy was sick too... poor thing....
the mags i got - THANKS guys!
everyday what did i do?
1 - woken up at 6am for pressure and temp
2 - woken up again to change sheets then lil while after - breakfast
3 - brush teeth and bathe... then meds / doc visit / physio
4 - watch tv / read mags / naps with radio plugged in my ear
5 - lunch... then meds / pressure/ temp
6 - layan visitors / watch tv / read mags / naps with radio plugged in my ear
7 - dinner .. then meds
8 - watch tv / read mags (...facebook redrawal!! hahaha - thanks jess for facebooking with me through sms!)
9 - pressure / temp ... sleep...

the few minutes before i left on mon

the meds i brought home and have to take - next visit to doc is next fri and on mc till 1st Nov

overall the experience was good, cause i was not in for something serious, i was ok physically just that my throat and cough was the reason for staying in the hospital... nurses was nice, friendly yet not friendly, doc's visit was quick and thorough... no waste time.... physio was cool! like i got massage everyday - but it made me cough out my phlegm, so that was good... and being in a double-bedded room just made the whole experience better....

*note - never ever stay in a 4 bedded room....

so once again, i thank all of you who came to visit and to all those sms'es and phone calls that kept me company.. really appreciate it, THANK YOU!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

everybody.. i'm ok! :)

sorry for not updating my blog..

been sick for quite sometime and in the end i ended up in hosp... i'm ok now.. just the cough and phlegm still there... and i'm on mc...

will be updating in a while.. got some things to do..


thanks to everyone who came and sent their wishes! it really made my day knowing that u ppl out there cares for me...

love ya! muacks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the city

it is true that when u come to the city from a small town (not to say Penang is a small town ahaks!!) there's so much going on and u never know what is happening just under your nose.. u tend to assume things and that things are like it is back home...
what's hard is that rumours or facts have shown that ppl who go to the city will change.. i think i'm still who i am when i was at home (though i do more cooking and washing up here! hahah)... but i guess i have to depend on my good friends at home to say....
i've been here about 10 months and it's been overwhelming.. though i had my loneliness cause i wasn't out.. was home most of the time... but when i do go out and be with kl ppl, u do get to see what's it like being in KL..
everyone is so different and yet we all can still hang together - good example is my work place... there was one time half the team was out for a movie and starbucks after that and i was just looking around and thought that everysingle person in the group is totally different, different race, religion, background, upbringing.... it's like... yeah overwhelming! LOL and yet, we all could get along together... and sometime i wonder, how could this happen! hahahha... i guess it's gods work but then again, it's the chemestry with each other... i feel comfortable when at work - which i'm glad cause i wouldn't know what i'll do if the place i work in was all so stressed and... boring... hahahah
then when u go online, it's a whole new thing... esp when u're a blogger and u read celeb blogs and u get to know bloggers u just adore and religiously follow... and to think that u're in the same city as them, u just secretly hope u'll meet them.... fortunately... i'm working with TWO! hahahah.... sweet!!!
a n d.... u get hooked up in some stupid online group thingy where u ACTUALLY went to meet the other addicts face-to-face..... which leads u to meet other bloggers and meet another set of different ppl all together.... which is again.. IS overwhelming! hahahahah
and because of this online thingy... u get to meet a good friend, mind you... a NEW good friend where the friendship/relationship started off innocently, weirdly and confusing.... just imagine, the first day you meet, u're just so comfortable that u can just talk about anything and not just the "where u working", "what u like to do", "what is your fav movie" bit (though we DID go through that) but u could comfortably talk about personal stuff, stuff that u normally would think twice in telling a casual friend and also stuff u only tell your best friend....
but at the end of the day (whatever confusing and weirdly state we are in), we both know that we click and will be good friends whatever happens... and u've no idea or i've no idea that i could have a good friend from such a different background!!
now the next part of me being here in the city, is that i got to find a room, i got to move out - no dateline yet but i guess its soon.... so, anyone wants to rent me a room (preferrably near a train station?)

Monday, October 22, 2007

it doesn't matter that you
get up from bed with someone
... it's with who you get up with....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

KL BikeFest 2007

i didn't know about this fest till my DJ friend told me about it... it was supposed to be a Malaysain Tourism thingy which gathers Asian and International bikers....

so when i was at the Beach Club last night, we were supposed to take some pics (he needed to take shots for his boss) of the bikes riding through the street... but somehow, it didn't happen... we only saw some bikes parked by the side...

he was waiting the whole night for the signal from his boss but there was none... they were expecting 2000 + bikes parked the whole of Jln Sultan Ismail... but only 200 turned up... wonder what happened... even the roads were closed! (luckily i came early)... we didn't even catch the 200 bikes that were there... (we only found out about the 200 that came after the night was over! LOL)

but in the mean time.. i was online there (how sad is that) and because he was to take shots, i stopped half way to follow him around taking shots... oh and dun worry peeps, there was no drinking as he couldn't drink and i couldn't - cause i was sick.... so it was all water all the way... hahahah... managed to shake some bootie but because my girls weren't there... didn't really go all out... but never the less i did enjoy myself...

it was my first time there at the Beach Club and i had interesting insights of the place... heheheh.... admire my friend for being there for 5 years!!! hahahah....

someones flaming...

biker "dancers" - it seems.... sigh..

the BIG BAND, there were quite good.. was introduced to the lead singer - Jerry (i think)

wanna drink? (opp Beach Club)

a lost biker... HAHAHAHHAHAHA

being a FABS-ter

ok so i'm home today... yesterday was a long but eventful day... quite unplanned... heheheh (i'm trying i'm trying)

first, it was raining, thunder storm somemore... was thinking twice in going... but what the heck.. if i don't get out of the house now, i won't the whole day... so i went despite having my feet wet from walking from the apartment to the car...

i managed to reach The Attic for FABS meeting... when i got there, only one member was there and Kyan (the organiser) was just setting up the power plugs for our laptop... (i kept telling myself that this isn't Meet, Mingle and Match - so don't act like u're single and finding someone)... then slowly one by one started coming... some didn't know had to bring laptop, some had their pda and some was late...

it was very interesting, did a survey where most of them loved the scrabble application... hmm.. i don't have that though... but then again, i'm not too good in words, my vocab is quite limited... (sad to say i know...)

the wireless connection was quite bad until someone had "withdrawal" symptoms... hahhaha that Lorraine! but eventually everyone managed to find each other and added.. we decided to do the rest at home when the connections were better.... found out most of us has joined or created lots of groups and are quite active... and there was talk about poking and what that does to us... and also.. hahahah how addicted we are to facebook... hahahah
maria (left) and lorraine (right) - lorraine after getting back her connection, "poking" maria!

oh.. and as for me.. i met KimberlyCun !! i was surprised when i heard her name being called when she came in... heheheh... she's so sweet and down to earth... hope in future i can meet more famous bloggers.... looking forward to meeting lainie and joyce... :) or and kenny sia if possible! hahahah that guy!

moi and KimberlyCun!

so... after 3 hrs, we had to leave cause The Attic had a private function to prepare for....

organiser of FABS - Kyan

the FABS-ters lappies!

wah.. serious-nye

the FABS-ters!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

what's more sad than.....

facebooking in a corner, next to the DJ table in Beach Club in KL....
HAHAHAHHA!!! i myself can't believe i'm doing this!! hahaha....
well, i met a facebooker and he's a DJ here in the Beach Club.... and since i didn't feel like going home after the FABS meet up, i came here instead... haven't been in this type of atmosphere for quite some time and i kinda miss it... though in this type of place i would be with my gfs (u know who u are babes!!) having drinks starting to get drunk and starting to dance....
but... i guess not this time.. hahaha...
i've yet to find my party girls here in KL, though i do know some but am afraid, cause they party too much, too much for me to handle... hahaha
anyway peeps... connections here quite bad... have writen loads here but before i could post it up, connection dropped..
so enjoy your sat night peeps!

FABS meet up!

yea... FABS... good name uh?

so yea, i'm here at The Attic, meeting up with the FABS ppl and making friends, facebooking, drinking (no, i'm just having tea ok? i still have my cough) and just hanging out... took lots of pics and will be posting up soon... (didn't bring my card reader)

oooh ooohh.... and i met KimberlyCun! the famous blogger! sweet!!! heheheheh

Thursday, October 18, 2007


u know u breathe without any effort because it happens automatically... but when u have problems u will know how important that is and that u cannot take it for granted... like when u are in water, there's always the risk of drowning eventhough u can be the best swimmer in the world.. and when u are sick - like me... u will feel u died every morning....
yes, every morning for the past week, my air supply gets cut off when i get up... and unfortunately, i have to "force" myself to cough hard to clear the passage thus waking up the whole hse... i feel so horrible for waking the family.. i mean, i try to be quiet but i'm like without air and i DO need to forcely cough to clear the passage... sigh
it's been 2 nights since i went to the docs to breathe through the machine/mask for about 5 mins or so... it did help abit.. but it's only been twice... we'll see what happens tonight/tom morning....
gosh.. this is the worst cough i ever had.. my friend said it's "stress"... but i can't think of anything that could stress me out... everything is fine here... but then again... who knows right? it could be sub-consious mind that's stressed! hahahah
just wished and hope it goes away.... the thing is.. i cough less when i'm NOT talking.. but with the job i'm in.... no choice... slower the cough will go... sigh....
(but i LOVE my hair!!! hehehe)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

new hair

was feeling bored.. then had a voucher for soooo long.... then had the time... and well.. just thought i'd get some temp excitement in my life.... so.. there u go... i'm a red-violet-maroon head!
u like it? :D
(it's actually better if u see it as it is.... pics so hard to capture the colour... unless i get someone to take a pic of me, outside, under the sun!)

400km + with a full tummy

so my baby.. manage to squeeze him on how far he can go with a full tummy... and i'm impressed.. this only managed to happen after the second round of inside cleaning...
i love u baby! will get u thoroughly detailed next month when pay masuk k? muacks!

Penang Village @ TTDI

i've been here once, with Godma one sunday after mass... we were craving for penang food, so we went there to satisfy our cravings...

and after a few months... my cravings came back and this time i went to mass with a colleague... i suggested Penang Village and she was up for it! so chun!! we went there!!

my gosh... i could just smell the laksa a mile a way... (church was just at the other end of the block... easy.. no need to go through traffic and such)

so... we went there, and i already knew what i wanted to order - Laksa... and had a soya cincau drink... in penang, it's tou chui with leng kong... and for appetizer.. we had a combination one... which actually came when we were in the middle of our meal - so dissapointing.... my colleague had penang curry mee but with koay teow instead...

over all... lovely.. i felt my tummy was VERY satisfied and I was satisfied too.. and happy... a good meal never fails me in cheering me up! :D

(bad point here is that the air-con was not cold enough.....)

soya cincau / tou chui leng kong
combination platter : lohbak, pandan chicken, mango kerabu and fish satay - YUMMY!
curry mee (but its koay teow) - look at the size of the prawns!

my LAKSA!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marie Digby's cover ofRihanna's Unbrella...

she's really good i tell u!
got it from facebook... check this out!

raya weekend...

it all started off with waking up about 3am.. to go to work at 4am... what a life uh? hehehhe.... when work was done at 8am.. i didn't know what to do... had abit of extra work in the office... but who the hell wants to continue working on a saturday?? gosh...
been itching to go for dim sum after work.. but no one finishes at 8am.. only me.. the rest, finish at around 11....12 so... in the end, chatted at the office for an hr or so... then went home... had some McD breakfast... and slept...
was supposed to go to Batu Caves with a colleague.. but when the time came, it was raining, so we didn't go...hmm... maybe tomorrow? not sure.. though i'll be meeting her for mass.... :)
so when i got back home from work... slept till about 6 or so... had a wonderful dinner... homemade meat loaf and a wonderful English pie for desert...... LOVELY!!!! and to end the night - Monopoly!!... was not into the game because when i was young, my cousins and i didn't really know how to play... we played till the stage of buying land... and not houses or hotels... but tonight, the family taught me how to play it properly.. and it's fun!.. u can be rich one moment and poor the next...
i know this is a boring post... well.. nothing much has been happening so.. nothing much to tell... hope tomorrow will be better....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a surprise gift

gosh... i love this!!

when i was back for her wedding, the day before i met up with the dugong babes.... promised myself i'll see my cousin as i haven't seen her for quite a while... so, i met them for supper (though we didn't eat - they had the Tao buffet, so they were stuffed) at starbucks...

but when i met them at Tao.. before i could ask how they were, and start chit-chatting... they quickly covered my eyes and handed me a present! ooohh ooohh.. it was soo thrilling!!... what a surprise! hahahhaah

so i held this plastic box... felt like a watch case... then they asked me to try to open it EYES CLOSED!! hahahah... and i managed to do it... (good with my hands i'd say.. heheheh) and it WAS a watch.. a SWATCH!!! i've always been a fan of Swatch eversince my dad got my first when i was 16 or so... and that was a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK one! (i just LOVE glow-in-the-dark stuffs!!)
and now... thanks to the dugongs! i HAVE a watch!! hehehe.. a velvety one though.. which means i'll only wear it for "special" occasions.. hahaha... no la.. i meant like when i'm out.. it's not meant for everyday use anyway... :D

thanks guys!!! muacks!!
collage done by rosie pig - see my cousin closing my eyes.. and me trying to pose "ah-lian" style (fail man!)
eeeee my watch!!!

u like my T?

rosie loves to have her "fingers" taken in pictures