Friday, September 04, 2009

Gastronomia @ Singapore

* old post, delayed being posted up

Gastronomia i heard is quite famous for their cupcakes in Singapore. my cousin got me some when she was there and because i was in the cupcake "phase" she thought i would like to compare this to Sugar Daddy's (from Dubai).
i thought i was nice but the icing was quite sweet... sweet till you get something like a "brain freeze" hahahah so i took each cupcake with care, bite by bite, taking my own sweet time to finish it...

i'm not sure what were the flavours she got for me, but i know there were some chocolate ones, and the yellow ones were lemon/citrus flavour.. the blue was was abit of a minty side.. but in conclusion, i think i would still prefer Sugar Daddy's :D but thanks Lynn for bringing me this for me to try!

my first bite that gave me the sweet "rush"

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