Saturday, July 30, 2005

Adelaide felt like home...

was in Adelaide for the past 4 days.. just came back to Sydney today... feeling very tired... being in Adelaide somehow made me feel like i was at home... wonder why... maybe it's because it isn't too rush-y like Sydney (which is similar to KL life).... and also my cousin Pira said that Adelaide and Penang are sister cities because both had connection to Francis Light.. so..hmmm......
went around Adelaide town.... quite nice.. they have the normal malls, pedestrian malls and had loads of high school kids "lepaking" around after school (cause when i saw that it was a friday) and saw ppl with bright pink hair and gothic people... so cool!!! heheheh.....
anyway here are some pics of the ppl i met...
- Uncle Steve & Aunty Jenny with Harry and Oliver
- Pira & Paige (with her bf Greg)
- Aunty Jean & Jeremy (with her bf Wayne)
and Pira's best friend Sara....
Aunty Jean, Paige, Wayne, Sara, Pira and Greg
Aunty Jean, Wayne & Jeremy
Uncle Steve, Harry & me
Aunty Jenny, Pira & me
Oliver, Paige & Harry

Monday, July 25, 2005

country gal!

The horses at the Moyne Farm where we stayed for the weekend
Me at the farm..
Holding Snip, one of the horses..
The Gooloogong Horse Trail Riding Club
At their destination at an old cyclo and railway tracks... BBQ sausages for lunch
Wallaby... type of kangaroo
Real big kangaroos... can you spot them?
At the house at Moyne Farm with Godpa's 4x4
Breakfast at a cosy diner in a town called Boorowa... the hot choc and burgers are simple the BEST!

Friday, July 22, 2005

of to the farm

got to get up early tomorrow.. bout 5am or so to go to the farm... 4 hours drive!!! uugghh.... leaving at 7am... guess it's ok cause it's my first time going and i'm not to sure of what to expect... might watch a DVD on the way there with Kevin and most prob i'll sleep... heheh....

backing up my pics on my thumbdrive and on cd which is dvd format... wonder if i can read it on my comp... hmm.....

one more week and i'm back in penang!! i want NASI KANDAR!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

nearly died...


i nearly had a heart attack and died!!!!

i switched on my hp last night (i do that everyday just to check who sent sms - yes i can receive sms from u) and i got this sms from a number that i didn't know (which is not in my phonebook) so anyway, i checked it and it said..

"Please send your thesis to Mrs Wafaa"

like SHIT!! what's the problem now!!! luckily it was 9.45pm (Malaysian time) so i straight away went to call the number of the sms.... found out that it WAS Mrs.Wafaa (she was my supervisor that left me in the middle of my thesis to go back to Iraq and i had to find a replacement supervisor for formal purposes)
she was asking me if i had passed up my thesis, when and to who... and she asked if i did my Viva (presentation).. i said i passed everything up and also did my viva and she said that nobody told her... well that's not my fault anyway cause i spoke to the course coordinator bout all this and he WAS to tell her bout it.. so anyway she was like speechless and was just saying "ok...ok"... i didn't know what to say so i also just said... "ok... bye then"... and put down the phone...

phew!!!! i was in sweat (yea not really cause it was really cold last night) but actually my heart was pumping soo hard... i mean if anything goes wrong, i can't do much cause i'm like 800km away!!! in AUSTRALIA!!!... but it's all well... (i hope).. results coming out end of the month.. nervous.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

going to Adelaide!

its official! i'm going to Adelaide this coming tuesday!... my godpa thought it'd be a good thing cause i haven't seen my uncle steve and aunty jean for ages and since i'm here.. why not!? cause it'll be like another 10 years or even more till i come again.....

this weekend will be going to the farm... not their farm but a farm where they keep their horse (yes they own a horse) and where they go horseback riding!! i might ride too!! not too sure though.. heheheh... kinda nervous... horses are huge man!!! so yea.. will be leaving EARLY EARLY morning on sat and will be there till monday....

lucky for kevin (my cousin) cause he'll ponteng school on monday!!! hahaha he gets excited on these trips because he can play his DS (Nintendo DS) like gameboy type of thingy... and also he can watch DVD (yea they got portable dvd player)... i know, this family very gadget-y... heheh... godpa's even giving me an MP3 player to bring back for my dad!! hahahahha.... (cause he found out he has no use of it...fuhh!!)

went walking around Liverpool shopping complex and shopped abit at Target... Target is a place like Reject Shop where it's huge, has everything and is cheap... cheaper compared to other shops in the mall.. but still it can be abit pricy... managed to get some "inner" tops... bout 10 aussie dollars.. it's cheap compare to their other shops.. so it's ok... i try not to convert it to ringgit cause it'll be heartbreaking.. anyway.. it's good cause ppl here are bigger so it's easy for me to find my size... heheh just wished i had brought more money.. :P

godpa is into home movie making with his digital video camera and does editing on his computer.. he showed me some basics of it and it's a wow!! it's like his hobby.. anyway, he showed me a simpler software where i can make a slide show with my pictures... it's all DVD format so that means it has lots of features like the "menu" part (like when watching DVD movies..) it's cool... i might make one with my pics of my holiday... hmmm..... *thinking..

well it's gonna be a busy last week for me... and then it's time to come back home to Penang... gosh i miss the food!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

pics over the weekend

in Laura's convertable! was going around the Northern Beaches and back with the hood down! brrr cold... but sitting at the front isn't too bad....
Sydney Opera house! with me in the convertable! (wonderful blue sky eh)
Narrabeen lake (left) and Narrabeen coast line (right)
Palm Beach
Narrabeen Beach (the beach Leigh proposed to Laura and got married (registered) on the same spot-how romantic is that!! aawwww....)
BONDI Beach! (loads of people surfing and going bare bodied - it's WINTER people!!!)
*note the colour of the Northern Beaches (Palm Beach and Narrabeen Beach), its orange-y, and the Southern Beaches (Bondi Beach), its white-ish

Saturday, July 16, 2005

palm beach... aussie style

today was a beach-y day....

my cousin laura and her husband leigh drove me up north to Palm Beach... it's the last beach of the coast line of the Northen Beaches... man i love that place... it's soo peaceful, the scenery was gorgeous.. even the weather was so fine.... it's a good day today, clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly...

the beaches here are different... the sand is some sort red-orange colour and the waves are awesome!!! u think it's winter and no one was at the beach... WRONG!! eventhough its winter there are ppl SURFING there!!! don't care if the water is freezing!! amaizing...

after Palm Beach, they brought me to another beach called Whale Beach... it's about the same, ppl picnicking and SURFING (in WINTER mind u...) they said that if u seen one beach, u've seen the others.... wow... i didn't want to leave that place.... wished it was warmer abit so that i could go and swim in the beach.... but then again.. it's good enough that i was there....

best of all it's facing the Pacific Ocean... :)

tomorrow i'll be going back to my godpa's place but on the way back, laura said she'll bring me to the more happening beach in Sydney.. BONDI Beach.... which is situated in the Southern Beaches.... so i've seen the Northern Beaches and tomorrow i'm gonna see the Southern Beaches... cool aint it?! can't wait!!!!

will post up pics when i get back to godpa's place.... wonderful pics!!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

in North Sydney

this weekend i'm at North Sydney staying at my cousins place.. the cousin that's getting married in aug in kl.... its totally the opposite from where i'm staying with my godpa...
wow.. there's so much to tell.. bout australia and how i love this place.. but i can't seem to sit down and think properly to write.... heheh.... will do that when i'm fully rested and have time on my hands...
it's been a tiring week for me... soaking in the new culture, scenery, food, the cold and basically everything bout me going overseas to some place that i have no idea of!!... i've always been observant when i go to a new place esp in penang... but when i came here... there's too much to take in!! too much to remember!!... so i told myself that i should just prioritise the basics.. like where am i staying, which train stations do i need to take and that should be enough for just in case purposes.. and others... i'll just let it be.... enjoy the places, the sights and the scenery.. man.. the air here is clean and crisp...
got 2 more weeks to go before i come back to good ol penang and haze... has it been raining in penang lately? but one thing i miss bout penang.. its the FOOD!! OMG!!! yes they have bacon in their McDs here in australia but where can u get cheap, DELICIOUS, and filling food??? and ALL TIME ROUND???
will be going around North Sydney tomorrow, see the beaches that face the PACIFIC OCEAN and see clean-feet-water!!! oooo i can't wait for that!!! will take loads of pics!!!
i wonder how's everyone back in penang is doing... esp the dugongs... still blur? hehe can't wait to see u guys again...
miss my baby.... :(

Thursday, July 14, 2005

more sightseeing today!

McD breakfast - BACON and egg muffin! yeah!!

Manly (it's the name of the place...)
on the ferry to Manly
Sydney Harbour bridge (beautiful aint it?)
Sydney Opera house

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Liverpool Catholic Club
yea.. even catholics got club... can gamble also!! like genting... they got ice skating ring, mini cinema, conference halls, Bingo hall, 2-3 makan places... Queen Victoria
all the royal stuffs (real gold and diamonds) are displayed.. crowns, rings, swords....

Queen Victoria (outside the Queen Victoria Building)

Town Hall

nice building uh... most of the buildings in the city are like that.. all old, full of architecture and made from sand bricks (which gives the nice brown look)

howdy mate?!

more pics from aussie land!
deli burger (with BACON!!! yeah!!)
this burger tastes just like our road side ramli burger but this one is better cause it has BACON in it!! will be going to try the McD bacon burgers soon...

mini shops in the suburb

part of Darling Harbour

this is a famous tourists place with expensive cafes around and the aquarium is also there round the corner, there are also water taxis (which is yellow like the yellow cabs in America).. lovely place!!!

Hungry Jack's... its like Burger King

it is said that Hungry Jacks own Burger King and that's why the food tastes the same.. and yes!! i had the BACON one!!! heheheheh

Monday, July 11, 2005

godpa's house

here are some pics of his hse and his pets...

front garage



Tiggs (she's deaf)

one of the farrots

aussie malls

yesterday was out with Kevin and godpa, we went to their local suburb shopping mall... here are some pics...

their local hardware store which is as big as IKEA in KL!!! can u imagine!! it's like a playground for guys out there who loves hardware stuffs... we went there to get some coal for BBQ...

..see how huge the place is?....

Liverpool Shopping Mall
this is their local shopping mall just like Sunshine Square or Prai Megamall... layout is just the same.. just that instead of asians working, whites are behind the counters! heheh

in the supermarket - kitchen department
heheh this was just a fun shot.. godpa wanted to take me "shopping" in australian supermarket.. he's so funny at times...


Saturday, July 09, 2005

i got a new digital camera!


my godpa got me a digital camera! it's Canon PowerShot A75 - 3.2 megapixels with 32MB card! woooweeee!!! yeay!!!! i've been waiting for a digital camera for sooo long!!! heheheh now i can take pics of my stay here! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

today we went to Sydney (the city)! i can't believe that i'm still here!! hehehe... it was amazing walking around the city... first we stopped at a park that had the view of the Sydney Opera house and the bridge.. took some pics but didn't turn out nice (my godpa took it with his video cam and he rather take videos than still pics..)

Sydney Opera House and bridge (cropped and modified)

My cousin Kevin (godpa's son)

Then we parked the car and headed to a park that was on the way to the city centre of Syndey and where all the shopping is!! no i didn't shop.. things are too expensive but i got to see the different shops they had, the people there with their fancy winter clothes... i think i'll come back here again just to have a cup of tea or chocolate, sit by the side of the walkway and watch people walk by... interesting...

Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park

near the shopping centre at Queen Victoria Building in Sydney

Statue of Apollo (the statue on the top most fountain)

There was a guy just singing

Walking along the outside of the mall (it's a pedestrian walk like Bintang Walk in KL) there were ppl singing and playing their instrudments to get some $$ from the ppl around.. so we saw this guy who was singing oldies and his voice was quite good!! hahaha my godpa said i should get a pic with him while he was singing (note the opened mouth) and he was quite friendly! after the pic he asked how was i! hehehe...

eventhough it's just been 24 hrs since i got here, i realised Australians are soo friendly.. what i mean is that they can just come up with a conversation with u!! like while driving to town, we had to stop at a traffic light and there was some construction going on at that junction... my godpa's wife just put down the window and asked the guy cementing the pavement if she could put her initials there!! i mean!! u don't do that in Malaysia!!! and even when buying food or stuff, the cashier will just talk to u like some good old friends!! can crack (sarcasm) jokes too!!!! i'm like really in a culture shock!!! hahahah....

don't know what tomorrow will be like.. i'm sure to use my new cam to take more pics!!! will put it up here!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

greetings from AUSSIE land!

HELLO ppl!!!

my trip was awesome!!! though the seats were abit small couldn't really like lie back and sleep... food was good.. had chocolate cake and stuff... hehehe.. was glad that the food was "acceptable"...

one thing bothered me was that towards the end of the journey... it was abit shaky and felt abit sick.. but when i touched down and went to the toilet... i felt much better..

am here in my godpa's place... writing this... will write more when i can.. in short.. so far so good i'm having a great time!! the houses here are soooo different! the air is COLD! and man.. everything is sooo different here compared to Malaysia.....

will be going sightseeing tomorrow!! hope i can get alot of pics!!!

so, to the dugongs and family reading.. i arrived safely.. dun worry... and will come back soon.... and to my baby!!! MISS U LOADS!!! love u!! and i'll come back soon ok?...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

their logo..

Order of Service booklet cover