Thursday, August 31, 2006

Peraduan Fesyen

Di tempat kerja saya terdapat satu peraduan fesyen. ia bermakna memakai pakaian yang berwarna merah atau biru atau kuning atau putih melambangkan warna-warna yang terdapat di Jalur Gemilang.

Pemenang pertama akan mendapat hadiah RM50, pemenang kedua mendapat RM30 dan pemenang ketiga mendapat RM20. Hadiahnya bukannya dalam ringgit (amat menyedihkan kan??) tetapi hanya boucher untuk digunakan di kedai ais krim Haagan Daz.

inilah gambar separuh daripada kawan saya yang menyertai peraduan ini.

dimanakah saya?

dan inilah pemenangnya

Nombor 1

Nombor 2

Nombor 3

sekurangnye lah tempat kerja ni ada aktiviti di antara teman kerja. kalau tidak, bosan-nye!

Selamat Hari Merdeka!


Pada pagi yang mulia ini, para rakyat Malaysia akan menyaksikan perarakan Merdeka di merata negeri di Malaysia ini. Adakah anda salah satu daripadanya? Atau adakah anda akan menyaksikannya di kaca televisyen dengan sarapan pagi yang menyihatkan?
tapi malangnya saya kena kerja hari ini, tak boleh bangun lambat, tak boleh menikmati kesejukkan pada pagi ini. sepanjang malam tadi telah hujan lebat syoknya tidur tetapi kena bangun awal. trafik di jalan pun lancar! saya sampai tempat kerja 30 minit legih awal daripada biasa hahahah

apa makna merdeka kepada anda semua? adakah ia tentang kebebasan seseorang individu di negara ini, kebebasan beragama, kebebasan bekerja, kebebasan untuk ke mana-mana di negara ini? ataupun rakyat malaysia boleh berdikari, boleh membuat sesuatu sendiri (ingat tak kereta proton? perodua? atau pun mempunyai MAS dan Air Asia?)

perkara yang membanggakan saya adalah kepelbagaian kaum di Malaysia. Ada kaum Cina, Melayu, India, kaum di Sabah dan Sarawak dan kaum saya iaitu kaum SERANI! YEAH! SERANI BOLEH! okok balik ke topik. saya bangga yang kami semua memahami antara satu sama kaum. bukan sahaja memahami tetapi boleh menikmati dan menyertai perayaan kaum yang berbeza dan lain. Keadaan ini (bagi saya la) membuka minda rakyat Malaysia untuk menerima kaum yang lain dan memahami bahawa bukan dialah seorang dalam negara ini, ada orang yang lain yang berbeza

saya telah melancong ke luar negeri dalam setahun yang lepas dan ia amat berbeza. saya akui bahawa ia amat mengembirakan menikmati tempat orang lain tetapi selepas beberapa hari saya akan merindui penang saya. mungkin ini kerana saya tidak melancong dengan banyak tetapi mungkin ini kerana tempat ini adalah tempat saya. kamu boleh berkata tentang keganasan di sini ataupun di tempat lain, pada pandangan saya, mana-mana pun adalah sama. oleh itu, pada masa ini, saya tidak boleh bayangkan diri saya tinggal di tempat orang... mungkin bila masa datang, ia mungkin terjadi tapi kalau sekarang, tidak...

baik, ia amat memenatkan bagi saya menulis lagi dalam bahasa malaysia tetapi saya bangga mengetahui dan belajar bahasa ini, tidak begitu baik tetapi boleh la.. apakah markah saya? menulis blog ini dalama bahasa malaysia...? sila beri jawapan dalam bahasa malaysia juga ya! kita boleh bandingkan tahap bahasa kita semua!

kepada 5xmom, macam mana? pass ke tak? :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

it's cold...

yes it's been RAINING cats and dogs!!! though luckily i'm indoors and not leaving the building for 10 hrs... so it's fine.. just hope it'll stop when i finish work... no umbrella la to the car....
anyway... it's freaking cold... i'm one of those who can't feel cold here eventhough the others are shivering and is wearing jackets... only on certain occasions when it's terribly cold, i'll then feel cold.
it's been a while since i saw rain that heavy... it's been hazy for quite sometime and hot... so it's nice to have a lil rain here and there... too bad KL is flooding like nobody's business....
random posts below
did u know helium ballons can only last bout 12 hrs? and after that they drop.... they loose their floating-ness.... (what's the word? i'm no dictionary) the office here yesterday had balloons floating everywhere for some brand thingy.... that was around noon.... and today when i came to work, they all dropped.. though they still have air in it...
plans for mid sept... going steady, we already have a draft of where to go, the timing and budget.... budget came to a surprise but i guess it's because of the # of places we'll be going... if we just stuck to one place... it'll be cheaper.... so... hopefully *crossing my fingers REALLY hard* we'll be able to go ahead with the INITIAL PLAN A..... which would save us as much as $200!!!
one of my colleagues will be his last day tomorrow..... so we're going for some makan today.. though i've never actually hung out with him (he's kinda shy.. hehehe) he's a nice fellow... we'll miss him... and also he's the thorn among 8 roses!! hahahahha.... he'll be going back to his hometown in KL to get a better job or just basically move on.... so i wish him the BEST in whatever he decides to do and wish him success!!! HIP HIP HOORAY for WILSON!
so with the bloody accident i had... i'm now also still broke as i got to pay back my dad the money... sigh..... now i understand the phrase "money the root of all evil" though it does bring some good and satisfaction to me, personally that is.....
he's in KL getting his passport done and his IC... the sucky thing bout not having a Malaysian passport or IC is basically not having a Malaysian passport or IC!!!! especially when u're living in MALAYSIA for your whole freaking life! sigh.... want to go travel with him also so susah..... how liddat?
did u know christmas is coming? i can hear some of u saying NOOOOOooooo especially my mum, christmas = lots of cooking = lots of cleaning = no rest = moody mum for me? well, i think it won't be a big thing... few things changed between relatives, friends so maybe i'll plan another trip? ;) why not uh? hhahahahah....

Just recently

Here's what was in our email circulation at the office.. funny man!...

Fellow countrymen,


In conjunction with Merdeka Day,
we're hoping that everyone will come to work tomorrow
wearing ANY national colour that they'd like.
You might be thinking, "Nahhh I'm not gonna do that".
But think about this, it might sound lame,
but it's the day we won our FREEDOM!!!!


we'll see tomorrow if anyone was sporting on this...

1 day to Merdeka

not tht i'm off also... sigh...
but ya.. tomorrow is a public holiday for us and the roads will be CLEAR!! YEAY!! can get up a teeny weeny lil bit later.... AND we'll be going out of the office for lunch.. yeay!!!! no boring food....
did i do any preps for merdeka? hahaha na la.... we work in an ausie environment.. so no such celebration in the office... though the local depts are decorated with balloons and stuff which is very colourful...
so tomorrow i shall blog in bm... wish me luck!
damn.. ppl going partay-ing tonight!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


do u believe in symbols? as the famous DaVinci code book is all about symbols and codes it has gone a long way hundreds of years... but what i'm talking about here are symbols or u can say it as superstitions...
like they say it's bad luck when a black cat walks pass by you, or that it's bad luck when u break a mirror or it's bad luck to walk under a ladder... some may be stupid and doesn't make sense, some may make u think abit...
so, does it mean something when the ring u wore for nearly 4 years SUDDENLY turn black. though it never happened before... or when the chain and cross u wore for over 10 years suddenly turn black? and of course it never did before....
does that mean the relationship with him has gone sour or something bad has (or will) happen? or is my faith lacking with Him (looking up)?
i've never looked into these type of symbols or superstitions before... well yes i do take precausions like not walking under a ladder cause obviously the ladder might fall on you, or wash my feet before i go to bed cause u may just bring some dirt that was on your feet to your bed....
but why suddenly? why did the ring and chain and cross turn black? i've been wearing it for YEARS and it never happened... but now, it has... why?
some say it's because of the soap or water or powder or perfume i used.. but it is the same thing i've used all these years!..... so what say u? is it a sign? or is the silver just reached it's EOL (end of life)???

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My blog worth....

hahaha how i wish they will pay me that much... try it for yourself!

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

countdown to MERDEKA

in 4 DAYS.... MALAYSIA will turn 49 ... and i'm sure next year it'll be a very BIG and HUGE occasion.. the big 5 0....
so anyway, 5xmom suggested we blog in BM on merdeka day.... i'll try though i haven't spoken (proper) BM for quite sometime... what more WRITE in BM.. hahaahh... it'll be fun come to think of it! hahhaha why not u guys join me? on the 31st, we blog in malay... boleh? jom!
plans for merdeka day (or eve)... used to go out "partay-ing" but not for few years... it gets too crowded with ppl.... would love to go to the Esplanade again to watch for fireworks but a few times i've been there with friends on some occasions, they didn't have fireworks and it was pretty dissapointing... plus it falls on the weekday.... I AM WORKING!!! sad right?
so what are you ppl doing for merdeka? SLEEP i guess! hahahah... i would! if i had the day off... and are u flying the Jalur Gemilang? hope so... though i don't have one with me.... maybe i'll get one motobike flag and stick it on my cube wall.... how much ah?

its here again

yes the weekend is here again, and soon it'll be gone.... days have been going by very very fast and i sometimes loose track of time... when it gets too hectic i sometimes forget what i did the last few days....
the last few days was depressing, financially heartbreaking, emotionaly sad and pysically tired... but somehow when things go wrong and when u feel that no one gets you.... someone u never thought of would just lay help on your lap, without you asking (but of course u bitched bout what u're going through... but never asked)... and that's what touch me most....
i was obviously in need, though having thick-skin i never asked for help. u knew i was bitching bout the state i was in and u knew i needed help - u gave it to me (even without asking me if i wanted help). i'm really appreciative of that and i'll always remember it. it made me cry cause without that help, soon i was a goner...


it's that time of year... again.. and i've been dumped for it.. yes.. for WCG... sad aint it? sigh... what can i say? nothing...

How UN-Malaysian are you?

was reading Kenny Sia and he had this test, was bored so i took it.. and... ta daa.... I AM THE PM!

Congratulations Shimmers, you are 23% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Abdullah Badawi !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

i got stood up AGAIN!

are you hungry yet?

my random food pics... enjoy! (there's more actually... nyeh nyeh....)

of shopping and eating

i blogged this long long time ago after i came back but bloody blogger didn't let me upload pics...
yup was in KL for the weekend for pure shopping!! i took the bus after work to meet her at the hotel. tired la but excited hehehe....
in the morning we had breakfast.. late.. we couldn't get up.. hahahah too tired from the traveling... food was good... ate so much!! then we headed to Times Square to Debenhams to get my tops but ALAS!!! Debenhams were closed! i meant closing!! everything was gone!! only the left overs were being sold... sigh...... so sad... they were the only ones that had my sizes and now that i HAVE the money... sigh..... some luck i have... then we went to get out bus tickets... we got till Sunday 2.30 to do shopping!!
so we headed back to MidValley and the shopping begins.... we shopped and shopped... i managed to find some tops from Dorothy Perkins where i got a top from Dubai... YEAY!!! i think now Dorothy Perkins is my favourite shop! i got TWO tops from there!!! and i'm sooo blooody happy!! i've always wanted tops like that....
and the usual places we went, PDI, Padini... managed to get 2 t-shirts from there.... cheap ma... then got a buy-on-instinct shoes.... high heels somemore... O_O i never do that you know... just go in a shoe show (unknown shoe shop) get a size of a shoe i like, it fits and i buy it... i NEVER do that!!! i ALWAYS shop around... and THEN i make my decision... but no... THIS trip... i did it on instinct.... hahhahah hope i don't do that too often... it's BAD on the wallet....
then we realised it was nearly 2pm and we forgot (or don't feel) to eat!! hahahah.... since we planned for a BIG dinner that day, we ate simple fast food... found a HongKong place to eat, i had charsiew-chic rice and she had duck noodles.... yummy.. :) then continue with shopping! she got some things too for herself.... i basically got tops and a pair of shoe.... and my budget was just enough.... enough for dinner, lunch the next day and home....
so dinner time came... went back to the hotel to rest.. and have a nap! haha.. it was kinda late (but that late) for dinner.... thought i'd use a dress i bought months ago... but it didn't seem appropriate.... so i wore my new top!!! yeay!!!! and new shoes too!!!! and went for dinner.... where u say? CHILLIES yo!!!!! yes! our favourite place!!!! we ended up eating soo much!!! hahahah..... and desert weren't even in our minds!

we had all the time we had so we ate slowly... chatting bout everything... and continuing eating.. till we managed to finish ALL we got!! amazing!! in the end we decided that it's best that Chillies DO NOT come to penang.. cause.. if it does we won't appreciate it as much as we do now... right or not?
our friend here got 2 bottles of orange+vodka pre-mixed drink for us before i came to KL... so we had our drinks.... but because we were too tired AND full... we only had half the bottle... sad right?
we nearly missed our breakfast in the morning, but managed to be in time to eat something... went back to the room to rest, pack and get ready to check out... would u think we'll go to the bust station now? naaa.... continue shopping! but this time is for food! had a small lunch at a jap-fast-food place, got my Burger King and St Cinnamons to bring home !!! yeay!!! at least for a week i won't be hungry at work during breakfast!
it was time to get to the bus station, and were stuck in a jam!! OMG!! we were panicking!! hoping that we'll reach in time... we did actually.. but the whole hoo haa was too heartattacking... guess if there was a next time, we got to leave early eventhough it's a sunday....
got home safely and on time... and had enough rest to come to work the next morning.....
now i'm so bloody broke..... and it's only the first week of the month!!

useless banks

some say it's the 1st and the 3rd.. some say the 2nd and the 4th.. so which one issit?
got up early today cause i wanted to withdraw some money from ASB... (yea, they don't do ATM cards... so have to line up at a bank...) and no bloody bank is open today!!! sheesh.... then there's this DOTCOM card from RHB where u got to get it to do your online transactions... BUT they don't send to u the card.. you go to GO THERE, SHOW YOUR FACE and then u can get the card.. how am i to do that when i work MON - FRI 8am till 6pm? and u're not sure which saturday you're open? talk about customer service.. sheesh... yours sucks man....
so now i'm (as the english would say...) skint...
and my plan of surviving for the next few days is gone cause the green lane house is full of ppl, relatives and not relatives... so there's no place for me to stay.... sigh.... can't even give priority to own family.... :(

Friday, August 25, 2006

looking outside...

i sit at the window and i can see the clouds are blue and the air is clear (i think)... sun is shining crispy-ly.... and how i wish i was outside... though inside will be cooler, but i miss the sun... the last i felt the sun was my trip to Dubai....
yes how i wish i was out.. walking on the padestrian mall in penang road... taking my long due pics, eating cendol at the roadside... sweating.... looking at weird stuffs being sold, looking extremely jing jang small clothes which doesn't really make sense because penang road is a tourist-see place and tourists are USUALLY bigger than the locals.. how do you expect them to buy your clothes when their kids will fit them easily?
ok ok out of topic..
so yea.. walking in the sun at penang road... and mind you ON A WEEKDAY! not a busy weekend but on a week day... there's chowrasta market which i haven been inside before! yes.. weird right? then there's campbell street where i had lovely memories with my grandma from eating nasi kandar and getting silver jewelry to buying nice felt pens.. come to think of it, i haven't been there for years.... sigh...
somehow i think i need time to myself.. but yet i need someone to be there with me, doesn't matter if it was him or my gfs.... and to be just there with me without having to make a conversation cause the both of us would understand.. we just needed to be there for each other... but then, work comes in the way, and i can't do all this.... weekends are used to catch up on sleep and by the time u feel restless and want to do something, it's already sunday evening and u got to go back to work on monday.... which puts u off....and u get tired of doing nothing... and the cycle starts again...
i have this latest urge to go on a solo holiday... but i dare not... i'm not gutsy enough to do it on my own... i've done so many things on my own here in penang, but it's because it's penang, it's where i live, all my life... i'm familiar with it... i guess if i've been to more places and familiar on the dos and don'ts of traveling, i guess i will... but it will be one of my things-to-do-in-life thingy... to go on a holiday alone...
so what do u want to do in your things-to-do-in-life ?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


yes.. first day coaching the new girl... it's always the same for newbies... i just have to learn to be patient and try not to be so garang! hahahha.. while i was explaining about the calls she took and what she should have done and etc... my "boss" stood up and told me that i was garang !! O_O hahahahah... then everyone around started to giggle and laugh... i knew it was just a joke...
but then again.. was i harsh?
i too was very nervous taking my first calls on my first day.... nervous like mad.. i was shivering and yet sweating cause of nervousness... but i assured the newbie that she will get used to it, used to customers hanging up on her and cursing and swearing at her... she will get used to it... it takes practice... it takes time... it takes experience....
i guess she'll go home today... thinking of every single call she took and will ponder over it... i know i did! :)
i'm tired now... the thought of driving 1 hr back just really puts me off... just wished my place was just downstairs or just across the road from work... at least i won't be suffering about money going to and fro work and not eating cause of no money at the end of the month.. (like what i'm going through now... over budget man!!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i'm sad

i'm very sad!!!
i'm oh too sad....
my best friends who are together but are distant now.... it makes me sad cause they were ... no.. they ARE perfect for each other... i can thick-skin-ly say that i introduced them to each other and they hit it off nearly immediately.... and i was happy for them... i thought and i'm still wishing that they'll marry....
but lately, i've been hearing sad news, they're having some (or big) distance between them and it makes me sad. it's very shocking cause i think they suit each other, they are what the other doesn't have.... i'm very sad....
i don't know what has happened or who is to blame, but they are mature enough to get through this... i really pray so.... i say communication will solve it, but who am i to say that? i'm not in a perfect relationship and not a good example either... and how much communication is in it, it's still not enough.... there's always sacrifices... and at the same time there must be acknowledgements of those sacrifices.... and also the other moral hoo haa words...
dia has opinions and these opinions are all based on dia experience over the years. it made dia more matured and more responsible. and i look up to dia alot... dia has taught me alot.... for my useless whinning over useless things, dia has put some sense into me. i was given a different view of things and have known more than what i could know on my own. i'm very grateful for knowing dia. dia was my confidant, mate, a shoulder to "cry" on... i was AND still am very comfortable talking to dia about every single thing... and i meant EVERY single thing. though i miss our times chatting away but when they got together i was extremely glad. i am glad that dia can share dia life with someone.... i'm glad that i've gotten to know dia
for dia, though at first i didn't know much bout dia but dia was very friendly. we became instant friends and had a good laugh all the time. though there were some dark school years we could relate cause i had my rebel years too. when i introduced dia to dia, i didn't expect them to have a thing for each other, but the instant i sort of knew, i was glad that it was both of them and not someone else. dia have been there to listen to my talks... talks i needed someone to hear and dia was great to give some feed back bout it. especially giving me obvious answers that i already know but choose to ignore because i didn't like it. i really appreciate that.
we hung out alot, the 3 of us, and for me we always had a good time. we'd go to some places to hang out, or for snacks.. or for dinner... or just hang out at dia place to talk and watch tv... i would most of the time drive them and it's a really nice feeling that ppl actually take u in consideration.... i always enjoy hanging out with them... it's sad to know that they are going through some bad times and i really hope it's just a phase. it'll be hearbreaking if its not and it will be sad.... i love u guys u know.. individually and together....
did i say i was sad?
yes, i'm sad.... :(

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i would like to be among the skies with u,
where everything is light, bright, quiet and at peace....

though most of the times i walk alone,
i secretly wished u were walking next to me... ALL the time

though things looks like a straight easy road
but in reality it takes more than that to get where u want to go,
more work is needed, more sacrifice must be done,
even though it hurts, it must be done if u love

sometimes u may see me as someone who's strong and standing still,
but below the surface i'm struggling to stand,
and it hurts most of the time

talk and talk and talk

confusing useless post... leave this page if u're not bothered.... i'm pms-ing, remember?
we can talk for 3 days also there won't be a solution.... everyone's standing on their own ground, not wanting to move.. how like that? how to settle the hoo haa?
as i see it, it's like a circle, u come out from one prob, u'll be stuck in another.... the only way to get out is to stop everything and start a whole new cycle (that is if we're strong enough) if not, try to find a new and better way in handling this cycle.
just because it's hard to get out of this, doesn't mean u have to put the blame on everyone who's so called in common with the reason of all this. fine, that person's like that but doesn't mean all who are like that are that person. so give a break to the rest of us.
u say the big one up there has a "plan" for us and all that, and yet u blame the reason of the first generation of this kind. but who created this first generation? he did right? so that means you're blaming him too!
basically it boils down to the individual. are u strong enough to stand your ground. say no to things u don't want to do. say no to the things ppl tell u that u don't want to hear? or say yes i should do this and i WILL do it.
if u hate the world u are in today, u still have to live with it. u can try to rebel and change it by yourself but it'll be hard and useless. all u can do it make use of what u have and try to survive with that and make it your own world. don't be mad if no one joins u.
oh crap i'm just confused and can't really find the right words for what i really want to say....

Saturday, August 19, 2006

is it really PMS?

suddenly i have this bad temper. i get mad at everything that seems wrong. why did i suddenly feel this way? all i know that work was fine, of course i had my idiotic aussie customers but it's normal. colleagues were fine. i don't know why on my way home i was pissed...
i'm pissed and i sort of let it out to my parents, i tried to hold back but a lil leaked out. period is nearly over.. is it PMS? that i'm feeling this way? i rarely get THIS pissed...
sigh... is it because he is TOO busy to talk to me over the phone? even though i catch him playing his ..... (trying not to say) computer games? i mean, if he has time to play ... (there i go again) computer games, can't he spare me that decent conversation?
i know i shouldn't be mad at every single body i meet... but i'm just so angry! sigh.. somemore this bloody blogspot can't upload my pics.... my thumbdrive is fucking up... tomorrow i have work... next week will be 30 mins break at work.... i'm broke...*pissed* aarrggghhh... can't wait for mid-sept!

i miss talking to him


am i one?
he says i am.. well that's because he doesn't really know what's going in what i do.... not that i shiok want to work so long everyday... it's just the way it is...
but i don't think i am... schedule is arranged and it's fair for everyone including the weekend schedule. unfortunately where i'm working, we have to work on weekends.... but because i needed certain weekend off, i have to exchange with other ppl... because of this i end up working saturday AND sunday...
he complains that why when he asks me to take leave or "mc" i won't, but i can for other reasons... well HELLO!!! the leaves i take are WELL PLANNED earlier mister... not less than 24hrs!
so, tell me, am i a goody-two-shoes? being a good girl, being responsible and not wanting to slack off work?
what IS a workaholic anyway?

Friday, August 18, 2006

who is the leader?

as i see in couples (married or not) there's always some sort of a leader and a follower... some u can see it obviously and some will leave u guessing. as for my parents, i think my mum is the leader but when it comes to major issues, dad will be the one addressing it... but for the household, obviously the MOTHER is the one.. right or not? heheheh... for some, the girls are the ones... and some the guys are the ones....

for me.. i think i am.. or shall i say i was... but now, i guess he is.. he says WOMAN is always demanding, even if u give in to her, it's still not enough for her, she still wants more... is he right? well i can't deny what he said is true though i can't agree to it as well.

and being a follower, how long can u be a follower? wouldn't u want certain ways your way? i wouldn't know, though i think i am one now, but haven't actually experienced it....
anyway how can one say that one is a leader or a follower? can't right?

i guess it's how u see it being a leader in the relationship... is it stating the rules on what to eat for the day? or where to put what in the house? or is it saying yes or no to that plasma tv or getting another car? but i guess all couples try to compromise and make the decision TOGETHER... but it's obviously easier to say than do....
but does it matter? i guess not... i was just bored...

so... are YOU the leader?

planning plans

it's getting more serious, planning for sept.... part of it is good, part of it is bad timing... we got to make a back-up plan... but leave has been approved.... wonder if plans go bad and there is no need to take leave, can i redraw my leave application? just hope it won't be to that extent.. hope everyone will make it, all are well (esp me) and have enough of budget (me again...) i really want this to happen. it'll really make it memorable...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

cannot get out

of going for makan makan...
yea.... yesterday was meeting day... so... because she was still around when i finished work.. we.. went... for... makan....
so the guilty man.. eat so much!!! some more the budget so tight... sigh... first i thought.. ok la... we go have some satay.. kinda missed the satay though this would only be my second time eating that satay.. but hey! it's nice!! and i had tom yam beehoon! yummy! hot but not too hot.. which is good for me! *grins*
.... and then..... someone (looks over THERE) suggests cake.... so we went to secrets... haven't been there for a while.... they have a new look, new CLEAN menu too! hahah and some new dishes... anyway..... while having cake... someone .... yes the one over THERE... craved for pasta, cheese and prawns and mushrooms..... to "share" with me.. but actually ah... share the guilt la... but its ok piggy... i enjoyed myself... thanks for that.. :)


no i don't have a new post... but how i wish.. i'm still where i am...
what i'm talking about is posting here in blogspot!! i am trying sooo soooo many times to blog bout my shopping weekend but blogspot can't seem to upload my pictures!!!! sigh..... not that i'm using dial up at home... i'm using streamyx!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

do u ever...

have the feeling of nothingness? u dun feel happy yet you're not sad, u dun feel lonely yet u are, u dun feel frustrated and yet u feel something is not right, u feel u want to be alone but hate it when u're not...
i hate it when i get this feels.. it leaves me very restless... that i have to do something.. go some place, talk to someone.... i should be happy that this weekend is a weekend of nothing-to-do-ness and i obviously know that i won't get this opportunity very often.. next weekend i got to work both sat AND sun.... so i should be making use of this weekend right?
i guess when u have all the time u have u want to make it meaningful, spend it with ppl, do SOMETHING... and yet when u don't have the time... u crave for this moment.... it's so confusing....
at times like this, unwanted thoughts creeps in my head... i meant meaningless thoughts... like about ppl, about situations, about events... it's like it doesn't make sense but yet because of the nothingness it makes u think that it's VERY important.... and when u start "working", doing things again, those thoughts are forgotten....
i have a question, do one NEED to take a good look at ones self? especially when one gets older? is it WRONG to not know what u want? is it WRONG to just go with the flow? i mean, if u DO KNOW what u want, and u don't get it... it's heartbreaking right? so to save the heartbreak, why not just NOT KNOW what u want?

bloody accident

i'm ok.. i'm not bloody but i had a stupid accident after work one day...
it happened at those type of junctions where u have to turn to the left and u got to look at your right for on coming traffic... well... i thought the car infront of me would have left cause it was already in the middle of the road.. so i just looked to my left to see when i could go... so when i started to go, i hit the car infront of me!!! WTF!! she didn't leave yet!!!! she's still there!!!... i mean when u start moving and there's NO TRAFFIC.... YOU GO!!!!! not stop halfway!!!!!
bloody bitch!!
so what to do.... she demanded 350 from me.. though only a plastic cover broke and there was a hair line crack on her red lights... somemore she works in the same place... DAMN!!!.... the damage to my car was even worst... the headlamp broke, bumper cacat... the main bar under the hood is dented.... sigh....
lady drivers... such scardey-cat! little bit little bit scard.. dare not move.. dunno how to drive... i saw her traffic.. IT WAS CLEAR!! she would have easily gone... but nooo.... just because she saw something coming from like a MILE AWAY she had to suddenly stop..... FUCK!
there goes my birthday treat to myself....

Saturday, August 12, 2006


it was a horrible shock... got to know that my aunty was admitted in a hospital for a serious illness....
i was like
O M G ! ! ! !
how can this happen? yes my family has a history for heart problems but this? can't be man!!!.... it was a shock for everyone.... after work i went to see her.... hoping she's not in a serious condition.... she wasn't... thank goodness... she was ok and still had her sense of humour.... said the next day was the day of the operation.... thank goodness for that too... for they'll be able to take out all that bad stuffs in her..... didn't see uncle though, he was home resting before spending the night at the hospital... my cousin was fine, i guess she already did her crying earlier.... but i know deep inside of everyone, everyone is worried....
my dad didn't really take it easy too of the news of his sister... he was.. "oh no..." , "how can this happen....", "poor thing..." and he told the rest of the family (in aus mostly).... he went to see her the next day.... unfortunately i couldn't as i was sick myself... soi only...
operation was done and i heard everything looks fine... the doc said he did all he can to take out the bad stuff... so now, we are all playing the waiting game... waiting for tests results.... she's weak... but i'm sure more relieved.. just have to be strong, dun give up, have faith and pray that everything will be fine.....
to my Aunty,
i pray to god that everything will be fine
and that you will be healthy
and back to the crazy aunty we all love!!
to my beloved cousin,
stay strong for your mum,
she needs all the emotional support she can get.
you have so many ppl around you to be your support....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

lack of posts

sorry for the lack of posts.. here are some short hints

- weekend shopping KL :)
- busy at work
- accident
- cancer
- sick
- $$ flying

sigh... all bad things.. only got one good thing that happen... sigh....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

the big THREE O

to my one of my oldest best friend...

you're a year older AND wiser (dun forget that) and full of dreams and goals.
you're someone who's strong and knows what he wants.
so keep to that and u'll go far (as how u've been doing).
my good wishes goes out to you for your birthday and always.

i still owe u that dinner though! heheheh

lil updates here and there

the bf
no updates as i'm giving him his "space"...
the job
everyone's telling me to stay put, be patient (there it's that word again) and knowing that it's been nearly a year, i'm considered having "1 years experience" which means better opportunities... i hope... no where else to go anyway.. and i currently don't feel like starting new someplace... sort of lazy la... so comfortable now with what i'm doing...
the birthday
planning to give myself a BIG treat!!! quater of a century ma....! can't wait!!! heheheh dun worry, u guys will know all about it... soon :P
the parents
dad's still with cycling oooh oohhh check this out, HE (yes my father) uses MY (yes ME) computer MORE THAN ME!!!! what does he do? he checks his mail, do whatever documents he must do and send and then.... hear this... HE.. PLAYS.. CHESS... ONLINE!!!!!! not just one or two games... but at least an hr or so.. UNTIL I (yes ME) have to ask him if he's done with the computer so that I (yes ME) can use my own computer!!! can u believe it?! and it's not just simply play play.. he got profile u know!!! it's like thos online games where u got to keep up with your games to have your rank high.... so.. yea... dad: pc gamer.... HAHHAHAHA
mum, she's making Portugese Salt Fish Pickle... and SELLING it... anyone wants to get some? RM8 per container... lovely i tell you (cheh wah, selling tactics here!) so now the house stinks of vinegar and pickle.. hahahha
the gfs
she - a workaholic + boy prob (she said she's over it... haven't met up with her to confirm that)
she - a workaholic and holy with boy prob (gosh, what are the odds! ahahahha)
she - temporary (or maybe IS) single (i PRAY everything will turn out fine for them..)
she - a workaholic and i'm trying to get her to join me in my birthday treat (haven't seen her for AGES)
she - just joined a different department (don't know how she is)
she - forced to be a workaholic, she looks so tired.. pity her..
the bfs
he - new hang out friend (yeayness!!)
he - OMG my crush who just started work in the same place (one more guy to "look" at!!) - Sharon dun jeles ya!
he - workaholic (trying to get him have dinner with me)
he - single and has found a solution to my Outlook prob (yeay!!!)
and me?
living to my motto "take a day at a time", trying not to "hang" on negative, sad, bad thoughts. so to fill my so-called emptiness, i'm going shopping - not in penang mind you (eventhough i didn't score much on the OT) and get myself out more during the weekends (if the $$$ permits). i was told by someone elder that it's not good having no life when you're young.. yes u're tired from work and all that shit, but when will you be young again to do the stuff u want to do? u want to watch a movie after work? go... u want to have a drink after work? go... u want to go shopping after work after dinner? go.. fortunately i've found friends who i can hang out with without any hassle and is of great company... i guess all of us are (sort of) in the same boat.
now, it's just work and after that if anyone's free, hang out... and i sometimes don't go online often at home also.... very routine but there's always the possibility of going out after work.... :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

old friend and cousin

half of the CMGs with boss

being humble by begging
newly painted church
after novena...


Buffet Lunch at Golden Sands!!! omg the deserts!!!! it was to die for!!! yummers.....
but no.... should follow course by course (i know one of our managers went for the deserts first, then only the main meals... and i'm sure there are others out there who does the same thing too) but anyway, lovely prawns... lovely rendang.... lovely everything la! i lost count on the number of times i went to refill my plate.. heheheh... and when it was desert time... no need to say la.... ;)
my cousin and her bf joined us also, cause he was friends with the team... so he sat with the guys, and she sat with us.. it was nice catching up with her again.. it's been a while since i saw her and actually spoken to her... nothing much has changed.... same ol same ol....
after lunch, we went to the Bazaar Market in Upper Penang Road.. met my cousin there and a few guys from the team... he was supposed to come but he had some house chores to do.. nyeh nyeh nyeh..... things at the bazaar was abit pricey as they were hand made and good quality.. and it's the rich, stylish type of stuffs.... so all we could do is look.... there were rattan stuffs, painted glass stuffs, weaving stuffs, quilts, handmade cards... etc... i managed to get a casual tote bag which cost only 10 bucks from Eden Handicraft Centre... it's blue and it's tie-N-die type of design... I LIKE!
there was a stall of eurasian food... pickles and stuff... could have tried getting my mum to sell her salt-fish pickle.. but then again, there were also other eurasian delicacies like pies and sugee cake...
so anyway, the market was not THAT big, we managed to finish rounding in about 30 mins or so.... it was still early and didn't know what to do... she and i went to get some coconut water at Abu Siti Lane (it's been AGES since i went there) and hahahhaha look who called! it was HE! and he met up with us there.... he wanted to have some mamak mee goreng at Swatow lane so we went there after that.... such PIGS we are...!!! ahahahah....
the 3 musketeers had a great weekend....
FRIDAY - SUBWAY and "drinks"
SATURDAY - Snacks and "drinks" by the beach
SUNDAY - Coconut water and mamak mee goreng

new hangout place

yes the 3 musketeers did it again! we found a new place.. though it's not a new new place but a new place for US to hang out...
it's nice, breezy, can hear waves and the like... they sell "drinks" and of course food.. rice and dishes, western food and the normal snacks.... unfortunately, it's a very chinky place... no, i'm not racists but 100% of the customers are them, and the music they play are their music which i don't understand... but luckily the later half of the night, they played familiar english songs.. so it wasn't too bad...
yea, we were supposed to go to Tari to meet up with my college friend, but because he and i wanted to drink (and obviously Tari don't sell those drinks) we went to this place. it got so relaxing and lazy i didn't want to drive to Tari... yes, the guys made me drive... not that i bother.... i LOVE driving... so anyway, i told my friend to meet up with us there... had to direct him abit...
we were there, talking bout our family tree, finding out who's related to who.. gossips on our fellow eurasians who's the bastards and bitches... hahahah and some work related stuffs... finally it was nearly 2 am and he was sleepy, poor thing he worked earlier today and i dragged him out at night... so we decided to drop him home and continued our night.... didn't know where to go, ended up at a mamak.. damn! i forgot the name of the place, it's in Pulau Tikus, next to the famous school text book bookshop place... sat there... chit chat somemore and after an hr, all of us were on-the-way to lala land... so we called it a night....
by the time i went home (to my grandma's place at green lane) it was 4am... and i had to get up bout 10+am for the buffet lunch the next day.....