Saturday, December 25, 2010


Wishing my faitful readers a very
Merry Merry Wonderful and Blessed Christmas!!
Thank you so much
for staying tuned all these while
and I hope u've enjoyed reading
as much as I've enjoyed writing
Be safe on the roads and be responsible if you're drinking.
Have a wonderful time with your family and friends.
Love you lots and I'll be back! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang, the most popular beach in Langkawi. it's where the hype and happenings are. it has lots of motels, budget inns, backpackers inns and chalets. there are also a quite number of convenient shops that sells everything from mineral water, to toiletries, to cheap beers, clothes and souviners. lots of restaurants too from breakfast bars, to pubs, chinese seafood and even a nasi kandar shop too!

the beach is very wide and long too, it's a couple of kms (i think). there's lots of beach sports going on, from jetski to parasailing. good to know the beach is quite clean too, though it's not clear blue waters like what you get at Redang.
sunsets at Pantai Cenang is quite beautiful too, though the time i went was not very good as it rains practically every evening/night. but the day was hot hot hot. the evenings i was there, it was cloudy but i know from the lil sunset that i got, it'll be beautiful during the hot season. so check the weather conditions before making your trip there.

suprisingly there were quite a number of seashells on the beach, most of em were broken ones but if you search properly, u'll find some nice looking ones too! there used to be lots of shells on Batu Ferringhi but not now... pity. so i'm glad that there are still some on Pantai Cenang :)

Pantai Cenang is a place to chillax and people watch at the same time. but just be aware that other people watch you as well! hahahah you'll see lots of different types of people. different ages, races from different countries... if that's your thing.

so again, come here to see what's the hype about but dun expect blue clear waters. :) everything's here, from food, drinks and beach beds.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Lylia's Chillout Cafe, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

been going to Babylon too often in Langkawi? why not try out Lylia's which is just down the same beach. it too has a food menu, live band and drinks. i believe this place is more spacious, more room for tables. and they also have a outdoor grill that makes bbq!! imgaine the smell when i was there!

when we went there, there were already some patrons having their dinner and started with drinks.. after an hour or so, the band came on, playing mostly laid back songs, raggae. tht's when you'll notice the crowd coming in. mostly tourists, younger to middle-aged people. the locals were mostly the tour guides and beach boys. didn't really stay till the peak time of this lil cafe but i heard it's quite a scene too. so give this place a try if you're spending an extra few days in Langkawi ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Restoran Nelayan, Bkt Malut, Langkawi

Restoran Nelayan Langawi, is located about 5km from Kuah Town in Langkawi, near Bukit Malut. a guide brought me here for some seafood dinner. was quite skeptical bout this place as it's kinda hidden and is at a mangrove swamp and fishing village.

when i was there, it was still daylight. no one was around except for us and another 2 Arab couples. they were having a hard time choosing and telling the chef what/how to cook their choices of seafood.

what was displayed was lots of fishes (different types) and seashells and veg. i spotted this weird shellfish. it was a huge muscle type of clam... weird looking. not sure how it'll taste like.. didn't dare since it was just the two of us, what if i didn't like it and it went to waste?

so i chose a medium fish and prawns for our dinner. the fish was steamed with sour veg.. interestingly nice. and the prawns was in thai/assam type of dish. lovely too.. not too spicy not too bland as well. the kailan veg went well with all these and rice. perfect dinner before the pubbing begins.

obviously the seafood was fresh and you can taste it, like it just came out right from the sea. half way through our dinner, more people came to this little hut. and it seems (from the guide) that lots of guides bring their customers here for dinner. so i'm lucky to have been brought here. too bad we couldn't try other dishes :)
so if u're in langkawi and looking for seafood, try asking around for this place. i'm sure the locals know it... btw, service is quite slow, but u're on holiday, u shouldn't be rushing off anywhere. so relax, chill and enjoy the cheap and delicious seafood here.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Red Tomato, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

are u looking for a hearty breakfast in Pantai Cenang? i was.. but i couldn't find this place till it was lunch time... lol... was kinda ditsy that morning... anyway, found it eventually and lunch was good!!! Red Tomato is on Pantai Cenang road and it's somewat opposite Underwater World. just have to slowly look out for the red tomato signboard and lots of plants.

it seems this place serves the best breakfast on the beach... poached eggs, toast, bacon, beans, scrambled eggs... the works!! pity i didn't manage to try it. please do take note that they don't open on fridays...

this place is filled with potted plants everywhere. very refreshing feeling and chillout place. i've seen ppl there with their books, just having a drink and reading... like they have all the time in the world! so nice!

the staff here is very friendly yet they give you your space to enjoy your holiday. their menu was quite interesting.. from pasta to steaks to salad and sandwiches... if only i was there longer to try it :)
so what i DID manage to try was their carbonara and chocolate milkshake. the portion for the carbonara was huge!! really filled me up the whole day!! which was good!! and the milkshake... yummy, thick and creamy as how it should be! :)
yes, so do try out this place for some western food! sure leave u leaving the restaurant with a smile on your face :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Babylon Bar, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

anyone who goes to Langkawi knows they must go to Babylon for some drinks and live band and to chill by the beach. they have food too!! was determined to get some dinner there and was walking up the beach to find this lil place.

i went there abit early (when there's still day light) to check out the place... not many ppl were there but the crowd started to come in later that night. their menu's were interesting.. looked like vinyls. i got myself a burger and a screw-driver :)

tell you the truth, the burger was ok ok only.. the meat was kinda dry and so was the buns so, was kinda hard to eat it... but it was ok, enough to fill the tummy. drink was good... think they put double shots of vodka for me.. was kinda tipsy just after that ONE drink... lol
i had quite a long day so i didn't really last long enough to see the crowd and to see the live band that they had that night.... hahah better luck next time, if i do go there with friends :) but from all the feedback i got from the ppl i know who went there, it's a place to hang out at night, with good laughs, friends, drinks, by the beach, sound of waves, live band...etc
so when u make a trip to Langkawi, do drop by this place and check it out... sure ONs one!!!

The Loaf, Telaga Harbour, Langkawi

i remember the last time i visited Langkawi, this place was there.. and that was long long time ago... so this time, i told myself i'd go and try. especially when i read alot about it from other bloggers and friends who've been there.
The Loaf is a place that sells lots of different types of breads and pastries and tea-time snacks. they also have meals for lunch and dinner... i also noticed bottle of wines around the restaurant.

it's located at Telaga Harbour and it has a very English feel, where the outside is where you can see lots of yachts and boats at the marinas... what a sight! lovely! very calming effect too! check out the view from my table!! awesome isn't it! and the interior... very cosy, very homey too
what i had was a danish and fresh watermelon juice. wanted tea but i felt i needed some picker-upper... so the watermelon juice just did it! the danish was lovely too! fresh and soft.. just how i like it... then i saw their display fridge that was full with all these lil cups. u'd think it's cupcakes but it's not! it's cheesecake in a cup!

uhu! hu! is their brand of mini cheesecake cups! and they have lots of assortment flavours! the one i tried was the strawberry flavour one... my gosh.. i could have at least 5 of em! yummy i tell u!! it's just sweet enough, and the cheese is just right... melts in the mouth.. sure wish for some right now ... heheheh....the staff here was quite friendly telling me that people would come here to celebrate birthdays with these lil cheesecake cups and stack them like tier cakes... i can imagine! cute!
it seems they have other outlets in KL (at the Pavillion), have yet to go there to check it out. but it's nice to have places like this... lil cosy cafes... :)
so if u want a nice lovely tea time outing, i think The Loaf would be the place in Langkawi :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

their time to tie the KNOT! finally!!!

the anticipation of Aaron and Becky's wedding was building up since we (the bridesmaids) went to the tailors to make our bridesmaids bajus... then it was Becky's Hen's Night... and finally! THE DAY has come!

so since (as always) there's last minute touch ups to do, we all met at Becks place, then headed for dinner, then back again to finish up everything. from the games for the hengtais in the morning, to finishing the bridesmaids flowers, last briefing by the Maid of Honour. we planned for the bride to sleep at 10pm but obviously THAT didn't happen! lol... but we eventually all slept at around midnight or so...

the morning started early. i was incharge of bringing the bride to France Taipe for hair and make-up and back to the hse to get ready for the boys! boy i was excited!! i never experienced the chimui-hengtai event before! :D was kinda nervous driving the bride, u know... THE BRIDE!! i mean if anything went wrong??? choi choi... FORTUNATELY by God's grace, nothing happened :) and back at the hse, the hayvok started, everyone was dressing up, makeup and hair, baju issues, and trying to get everything done! boys were early and they had to wait for us.. hahahah
then the games started!! lol... it had got to do with some shots, some sticks, bananas, gummy bears, cream, singing and wriggles... (let your mind go wonder.. hahaha) was too crowded and well i couldn't take pics.. too much going on! anyway there were to official photog around so yea... :)

surprisingly the games ended early and there was more than enough time for the photogs to get some shots of the couple and with the bridesmaids too :) managed to get a few taken then when it was not so busy in the house.
time had come and everyone started to leave the house to the church. we were quite early too. so managed to get some pics taken and could see the grooms side all getting anxious! hahaha the church setup was lovely and the ceremony was lovely!!

i loved the flower deco for the brides bouquet and the car deco! loved the flowers they used, unique to the normal roses and the car deco was lovely!! love the one sided vines! so after the ceremony and refreshments at the church hall... the couple had some shots taken in church.. can't wait to see em!

there were some hours inbetween the ceremony and the dinner, so everyone went back and managed to get some rest. the night was expected to be filled with happenings and hayvokness!! not to mention great laughs too! the deco in the hall was just awesome!! loved the two backdrop designs as well! i'll let the pics explain the night :)

maid of honour getting ready with her speech..

Becky's 1st friend in Std1 gave a heartwarming speech on how they met and the times they went through and lots of "warnings" given to Aaron for their future .. hahahha and then it was Rosie's time for her speech, Becky reacted and "helped" Rosie out so that she can be heard... no one knew bout this!! great speech to the both of you!!

the bridesmaids all changed to their own baju's after the walk in to the ballroom and everyone had a great time eating, dancing, drinking... then there was throwing of the bouquet (nope i didn't get it), throwing of the garters... and more merry making after that. the after-party party was up at the suite and more merry making was done....

the groom was out (pic showing the groom appreciating his photog), the maid of honour was out too and many more others! surprisingly some had energy to go to McD's for supper! lol! and i heard the party continued in other suites as well!
it was a great nite, with familiar faces, mutual friends, old and new friends... well what can you say, AWESOME COUPLE = AWESOME WEDDING = AWESOME TIME!!!
lots of hugs to you Aaron and Becky for your union in marriage and for all the years of friendship! wishing you the best in your future as husband and wife! God Bless!! xoxo