Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aroi Thai Restaurant @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

Aroi is in Pulau Tikus, next to Francis' Fusion Food, corner of the famous Pulau Tikus traffic lights, opposite Maxim's Cake House. It's relatively new, seen it when drove past but never got the chance to try it out until now.
cousin's were down and had a so called family reunion there, because we were about 15 or so ppl, we had joined 2 round tables and sat upstairs. walking past the tables on the ground floor, it looked like a cosy place and packed with people, you know what they say, if the restaurant is full with customers, the food must be good (though i know places where that theory proved me wrong... unfortunately)
upstairs had one small family half way through their meals and just us, so the uncles/aunties started to order for us and we sort of waited 1 hr for the food!!! sooooo loooong!! everyone was bored, hungry and getting abit impatient! we kept asking where was our food and always saying coming coming...
when it FINALLY came, only half the food we ordered came, so we had to eat some and wait for the other dishes to come... so irritating... AND the fish dish we ordered and WAITED soooo long for, finally a waitress came to us (when we're about to finish our food) to say that they didn't have fish!!! like wtf!! u took our order of the fish and u didn't tell us that they didn't have fish??? and u tell us when we're WAITING for our fish??!! that's bad service i tell you...
fortunately, the food turned out lovely!! would i come again? well maybe, when the crowd is less and must remember to ask if there's fish first!!

the belacan rice where half of us had to wait another 20 mins or so while the other half was already eating with their white rice... sheesh... quite nice also lah

tom yam was good!

oohh long beans and prawns, lemak style quite nice too

fried chicken and mango kerabu (i think)

mango kerabu and pandan chicken

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

that time of the year

i've always been a fan of walking by the beach on a windy evening. i love the wind in my face (and hair) and to coolness it brings. it'll be a bonus if the walk is with a very good friend, or with my babes...or even with a lover...
tonight, i felt the breeze again after so many months of HOT SUN and RAIN... the end-of-the-year breeze is back (well i call it the christmas breeze) and i love it.. too bad i couldn't get anyone to accompany me for a walk.. anyone interested?
i've been thinking lots ever since i got back from KL the past weekend. that life is all about change, and it's you to make the effort to change for the better or worst. being a sentimentalist, i realised that there's no point hanging on to memories of the past, things and people of the past. yes, i will always cherish the past but i have to move on. i have to let go and appreciate what i have now...
does that mean i have to throw everything out from my room and start a new with fresh things? well, it would be a good thing to have my room re-decorated but i guess i could throw away things that i really don't use
does that mean that i will burn everything my ex gave? well, they are in a big box somewhere in my room trying to forget about it... who knows, maybe one day i'll start a bon fire... hmm... BBQ anyone?
does that mean i got to forget the birthdays of my old friends? no, i feel it's always nice to have someone wishing you on your birthday, so i will always try to remember them
does that mean i have to ignore everything that has been happening to my old friends? it's always good to be updated but if they decide not to let me in, then i shouldn't feel offended
anyway.. yea, useless random post i know...
but i will always try to be a good friend, try to be there for them and appreciate everything they do/feel about me... oh also try to be positive for them (and for myself of course)... yup... POSITIVE!!! :D
i would like to say THANK YOU to my friends who have been there for me.... lots of *hugs*
still need some company for a walk in the breeze though....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

is NOW OPEN!!!

i didn't actually go for the opening on the 19th Sept, but i went to looksy looksy a few days before, in the middle of the night. i just had to go see the spanking new destination in Penang! and of course i asked permissions to take pictures, they were happily saying "go ahead! no problems!" heheheh :D

here's the customary pose with the big guitar infront of the hotel, it was raining so we couldn't really hang around much, ground was wet and we didn't want to get wet either! hmm.. must go there again, but during the day to see what's it like...

here's what you see on the floor when u go pass the lobby to the pool area, big ass Hard Rock logo! nice!

what caught my eye was this section of the pool!! it had SAND in it!!! nice touch!!! can't wait to get my feet in it... wonder when will i ever stay in this hotel.... because i went in the middle of the night, i couldn't really get the overall of the area, but i know it's lovely :D

here are night shots of the sun deck chairs all lined up along the pool (with the sand). u can also see part of the fun slides in the kids pool...

oooh ooohh ooohhh! i would so love one day to say at these Lagoon (or issit Laguna) rooms, where your balcony is actually the pool! just open your sliding glass door and jump into the pool!! nice right?? you don't need to go out to the pool with your barang barang looking for deck chairs!

AND, my favourite display of all time.....
i could just stand under it forever just looking at it and see the change of colours and lights

Hard Rock Cafe Penang

Hard Rock Cafe, Penang is (so called) separate building next to Hard Rock Hotel, Penang in Batu Ferringhi. newest outlet! the soft launch was on the 19th Sept, 09.. attended by lots of people (and celebs i'm sure)! heard good reviews of the band in their opening, not too sure who played but yea... looked it was a good opening (too bad i didn't go)

here's the inside of the Cafe, with their famous logo lights (like what you see at the entrance of the Hotel) and of course its memorabilias everywhere!

stairs going to the upper level of the cafe

the staff here is very friendly, everyone greeted us when we stepped into the cafe (i guess it's because it was empty and we were the only guests). one of the waitress brought me around the cafe, explaining what's what and all, she even showed me the menu and she kept stressing on the HUGE portion of the food! lol, looks like whoever goes there to eat, have to skip a meal before going!

it seems the cafe is open to all for meals and it's non-smoking up till 10.30pm. then after that, children is not allowed in the cafe and then smoking is allowed. i guess it's fair enough where it's not really comfortable having ppl smoking around you when you eat.

i didn't really see the prices of the food but i guess it's about RM30 onwards, depending on what you order... i'll definately do a better review when i go there again.

so HAPPY PARTY people at Hard Rock Penang!

Nando's Promotion for BM & Prai, Penang

my parents and i went to Nando's yesterday for dinner @ Jusco Perda outlet. and guess what! the waiter there said that there's a promotion ONLY for ladies!!

1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines
50% off
ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
ONLY in Sunway Carnival, Jusco Perda and Autocity!

too bad for the islanders! but yeay for the mainland peeps!!!
so to all the ladies!! if you feel like a hearty chicken meal with your babes, head down to one of the mainland Nando's outlets on Tues/Thurs and get 50% off only for 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SOHO @ Autocity, Juru

i finally ate at SOHO's Autocity, Juru. all i can say that the food is good, i mean, it's what its expected. came here with my parents looking for a change of tastes.. it was always chinese, indian or hawkers, mamak...

they had the food menu and the drinks menu of course, and a set deals promo menu, which was quite ok. they had pie, chicken, burger in the sets. prices too were not that bad

ceaser salad, quite ok

mum had the sheppards pie loads of stuffs! she couldn't finish it! lol

dad as usual had fish and chips - don't have the pic fool you, that was just batter, but then again, the fish itself was quite filling for him

i had the lamb shank pie, nice and it didn't have the "stuffs" that i don't eat - hence a cleaned up bowl!! hehhehe
we'll definately go back there again to try the other dishes served in the menu and with some drinks ;) lovely atmosphere, not many people.. good place to have a nice english meal and cozy enough to have chats and drinks with your loved ones...
(we went on a week day about 8+ pm... not sure how it is on weekends hehehe)

Sugar Daddy's @ Dubai

THERE!! in your face! a cupcake!! LOL

(hahaha trying to follow SixthSeal's signature picture post with a pic smack in your face when u start reading the post... hahahha did i manage to do it? failed? hehehe)

it seems cupcakes are UNIVERSAL! they're everywhere!! when my cousin found out i had a weird facination with cupcakes, she made me try these when i was in Dubai... omFg!!! i've never tasted anything like this! not in Malaysia though!! (or not that i know of, is these type of cupcakes sold in Msia, KL or Penang?)

ANYWAY, this shop, Sugar Daddy's, is a quaint lil shop that only sells cupcakes and big ass cookies and maybe a cake or two, with tea/coffee/drinks.. with 2 tables and some chairs. patrons usually take away but unlike me i had 1 and half (left overs from my cousin) right there and then, i could have even had an orgasm! LOL (joking)... yea it was THAT good!

again, different flavours, different colours.. all looks very appetizing :D
(mind you it's 12 Dirhams each, about RM12)

this is the Red Velvet! YUMMERS!!!

Check out their site here wonder if they'll ever come to Malaysia...
(there's one that's similar in Singapore - i made a review on it, but it's not the same in some ways)

Wendy's @ Berjaya Time's Square, KL

Wendy's has got mixed feelings from me, i know it's a famous outlet in over-the-sea countries but.. what's so different? could it be better than Burger King and/or Carl's Jr? (omg i'm starting to crave for Carl's Jr now...)
so had the chance to try out abit of Wendy's at Berjaya Times Square. unfortunately i had a heavy lunch so i didn't try the burgers. i did try their chilly though... ugghh... not very appetising, it was watery, abit tasteless i think and i think the meat was vegetarian meat! didn't look like minced meat at all!!!... i don't know, maybe i was full and couldn't enjoy it but, even the look put me and my friends off

miss SuSee here has been to the US and have tried the original Wendy's .. and OF COURSE the ones here are not to par to the ones in US, esp the chilly!! see.. i was not the only one... and look at the burger in pic below... looks "empty" and dry....
didn't taste it, but my other friend said it was ok...

i know i should give Wendy's a second chance, in ANOTHER outlet and with an empty stomach... next trip ok? Wendy? next trip... :D

Krispy Kreme @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

i'm not sure but it's deja vu about posting this up, i remember posting something about how excited i was when i heard KK was here in Malaysia... gosh, i'm getting old... anyhoo i've already uploaded the pics (i know it's been a while) and i'm sure at least half of KL and Penang has already tried em... (since there are other faster food-bloggers than me! LOL)
so, what's all this hype about these donuts? when i got hold of em, i was excited, i didn't wait till i brought it home, the instance we sat down, i ate one... it melted in the mouth, abit crispy outside and soft/melty inside... it was lovely on the first bite or two but it was a tad sweetish for my taste.. and this is only the glaze ones.... i've yet to try the other flavours, but i've heard those are worst - in a good way, very sweet!!
sorry to say, if i'd to go for other flavours, i'd choose J.Co and/or Big Apple, but for the glaze, definately the Krispy Kremes...
wonder when they'll touch Penang soil, J.Co and Big Apple has already made their move.. :)

Where is Krispy Kremes? ground floor, main entrance of Berjaya Times Square and in Pavillion KL (not sure location - haven't been to that outlet)

Mizi Bistro @ New World Park, Penang

Mizi Bistro is located in New World Park in Penang. it was my first time here, came here with my friends for my birthday. the food they serve here is mostly western and the ambience is quite nice. i suggest you make reservations first cause it can get busy and full with customers. they have set dinners with free flow of ice-cream!

chicken and speghetti


BBQ chicken

hmm... a chicken dish, can't remember


chicken and mushroom

i actually had the pumpkin soup, which is the first for me. i liked it for the first few mouthfulls i had, but after a while, it kinda got jelak for me... kinda rich and thick. would like to go back there again to try the other dishes as they have lots of varieties in their menu, they also have lamb and steaks too... hmm.... who wants to go there with me again? hehehe