Saturday, October 30, 2010

Figo's Restaurant, Hillside, Tanjung Bungah

there's a new Mexica, Portugese, Nyonya restaurant in town. in Hillside, Tanjung Bungah actually. it's opposite the Esso station. the place is very simple, new, clean, tables had checkard table cloths, and minimal table deco. when we went there, there were not many customers but still had some, and it seems they have more customers during lunch. cause when we wanted Portugese food, they were all out! hmm.....

prices are quite reasonable and it's non-halal. and because it's non-halal, i went for the pork! as usual! :P i believe they also have daily specials, cause we saw some dishes listed on a blackboard behind the cashier. they also sell desserts and beers.
my cousin was craving for some Mexican food, and lucky they had barritos! i had a bite and it was actually lovely!!! maybe next time must go order that. huge portions too! with side dish of BBQ sauce, mix veg, mustard/salad cream. it was a set meal that was on the blackboard and it came with a Pepsi.

i ordered pork chops but it came in a style of chicken cordon-bleu (ham and cheese wrapped in pork, breaded and deep-fried) it came with baked potatoes with some cream and fresh veg. i had a mini "tree" on my plate = brocolli LOL the meat was tender and juicy. it had a good amount of cheese. but they were quite skint on the gravy. i had to ask for more hehehe...

the most surprising meal we had was the Sloppy Burger!! and it was sloppy in deed!! my friend wasn't too hungry and saw that Sloppy Burger was under the "Snacks" section, so we all thought it was gonna be a normal sized burger. when it came.... whoah!!!

it's obviously a pork burger but was filled with veg and onions as well. how they cooked the pork was quite nice too! but pity there weren't "much" of the pork. more veg than ever. this burger also came with sides of more veg, BBQ sauce and salad cream.

just to show how big this "snack" is, here she poses with it. lol.
she nearly got locked jaw doing this! hahaha but in the end,
the filling was finished but not the bread, abit too much of it. :D

bottom line we all enjoyed our meals and all agreed that we have to come back again to try the other dishes on the menu. i'm actually looking forward to the portugese food though... and maybe the pork steak.. hmm.... so this place is near Ingolf, just opposite Esso. you won't miss it, they have large signboards :) i recommend to try out this place, i'll be going back there soon! :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheryl's Hen's Party - 25 Sept 2010

*this was written before the wedding
when there's a wedding coming up, there's always a Hen's night (or Bachelor's nite - if it's a guy) to be planned and organised. and my cousin was to get married on 10th of Oct. so her maid of honour started to plan a Hen's night for her. here's what we did.
we all met up at E&O for a very traditional English high tea. tea and scones and sandwiches and cakes and tarts were served to you. it was my first time there and i enjoyed the food and the place.. makes you think u're somewhat related to Queen Elizabeth! lol

the scones were quite lovely!! :) and for Cheryl not being a tea drinker, she did quite like the fruity (or was it orange) tea she choose. and i never had cucumber sandwiches before ( i thought it would be bland) but it did actually taste nice! good to catch up with the girls, had a few laughs and talk about the wedding...

she had no idea what was up next ! hahahah.... what was it? it was a ride around town in a trishaw! it's fun yet scary as the trishaw man tend to go against traffic and cars kept driving to close to it. unfortunately seats were small so we all had to "adjust" to fit 2-in-1.

they took us from E&O pass through Convent Light Street, the court house, esplanade, Fort Cornwallis, and down to Market Street. of course we had to make a few stops as the trishaw men were kinda out of breath and tired. when we stopped at Market Street, we got Cheryl a flower crown for her and she looked more sweeter! fits the occasion! good idea Becks! and then she had it on everywhere she went :)

when we reached back to E&O we drove to our next destination, dinner at That Little Wine Bar. i haven't been there before and was excited to see what they had. it was mostly a French Restaurant run by Europeans that also had other western food.

Cheryl having her first champagne! she said she never tried it before. and for starters, we ordered her fav dish - CHEESE PLATTER! as you can see from the plate, loads of different cheese. some were nice, some were not so nice. another of Cheryl's friend (who is also our mutual friend) arrived and then we ordered our mains and salads. we had something called Duck Pasty. it was duck stew wrapped in pastry like a package (quite big)... it was kinda burnt but the inside was nice... something new and different.

don't think the night ended just like that! we then headed to Hard Rock Hotel to try to catch some live-band-lounge music and maybe a drink. and when we got there, surprise! they had a cancer campaign thingy going on where Ray Rozells and his band were playing. entrance was just RM30 with a drink. so since it was a good cause, why not! right? :D

Cheryl ROCK ON!!!
there were canopy's with "stages" in the middle of the pool so that you can sit on bean bags and cusions while enjoying the music. love the concept! we were just chilling till the event ended! i thought it was a good way to end the night! and someone was kinda tipsy that night! ;) heheheh... hope you had a good time Cheryl!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tarbush @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang - visit #2

i had a surprising offer from Tarbush in a comment of my previous post HERE. so i took the opportunity to pay a visit to Tarbush again for my mum's birthday. i know my parents would be abit sceptical bout Lebanese/Middle Eastern food but because i've been there before, i believe they would at least enjoy it. got to be adventurous sometimes right? ;)

so we went there and it was the month or Ramadan and they had their Ramadan buffet going on. i didn't want the buffet but their ala carte. luckily they still served food from the menu. i found out that they also changed their menu. much better, more pics and explanation.

they first served us a plate of dates.
dad loved it though he said it was a bit sweet.

we had some starters which consists of hummus/dips for the light naan bread that they have given us earlier. my parents were not too keen with the hummus, but they did like the filling of the dips. the salad came next and that was lovely. it had crispy naan bread with of course salad, tomatoes, cucumber, turnips all mixed with a special sauce. i liked it

red bean and tomatoes


special salad

oh and i ordered oxtail soup for mum, she loved it as much as i loved it the first time i tried it. then came the mains. we actually ordered briyani chicken rice and lamb, but they were out of briyani chicken. glad we didn't replace the order cause we had too much food! (from the appetiser, soup and salad) and of course i also ordered the meat combo.

i wanted my parents to try their dessert, but they were out as well. i guess they must have put their priority to the Ramadan Buffet instead of the ala carte. so another reason to go back there again :)

Thanks Tarbush for the wonderful dinner. service was good as the last time and the food is consistant too. Keep it up! i'll be back for your desserts ya! ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

CHOICE KL unofficial visit

i met these lovely people in KL when i stayed over at Carol's place and when i heard them coming over to Penang, massive hayvok i tell you!!! hahahahh all i can say is that they've been FED WELL!! hahahah... up to a point that one or two of them had indigestion problems... ENO time! aawww... but they were alright in the end, no worries.

it was good to meet up with them again, good laughs, catching up and made new friends too, i'm sure whenever we (penang peeps) go to KL, we will be taken care of as well :) after all that eating we headed to the appartment that they were renting for the night for some drinks. well no one got totally drunk, everyone was tired but we did have some good (and not so good) cocktails... lol
the only 2 boys who came were good sports, eventhough the girls were just loud and crazy and well... u know... but it was nice to have em around, gives the group some different perspectives, so to say la... :P
and whatdya know!! they had a surprise birthday cake for Audrey and me!! so nice!! and it was my favourite cake from Secret Recipie - Chocolate Banana cake!! yummy!! i had like 2-3 servings... and tapao some back muahahahahah!!!

thanks girls (and guys) for the lovely company and laughs and cake! missing you already! hope to see you soon k! *huggies*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deluxious Spa Cuisine - visit #2

Deluxious Spa Cuisine is where you can have a massage, pamper yourself with some spa treatments and then head downstairs for a good meal and some drinks (there's even a live 2-piece band for entertainment). my first time as my previous post HERE and this would be my 2nd time here. it was for one of my good friends Hen's Night out. will blog about that later.. :P

we (the girls) had a massage earlier on and then changed for a fun night out. dinner was of course downstairs and we all had a Dinner Set each. the set includes a Salad + Soup + Main + Dessert. the price of the set depends on the Mains that you choose.

smoked salmon salad

potato soup?




BBQ chicken and grilled prawns - loved it!

pasta & prawns

panna cotta & mango
1st time trying this and i quite like it, especially with the mango sauce.
it really goes well, could have 2-3 of those.. it's sooo tiny

dinner was quite good, though the servings for mains could be a lil bit bigger. we are all sort of big eaters and well, we could have more, but after the soup, salad and desserts and wine and lots of talking, we got abit full as well. :)
so Deluxious is a place to wine and dine with good company and maybe sort-of-good music heheheh. try it out for your special occasions, sure to be a day/night to remember :)