Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slippery Senoritas @ Autocity, Juru

thought i'd put this up first as it just happened.
Slippery Senoritas (or famously known as SS in Penang) has opened in Autocity, Juru!! when Autocity just opened, there were signboards saying that SS will be opening here but it has been delayed for few years. FINALLY, it's opened!!
it opened on the 9/9/09 (nice date uh)
at first there were gossips that the opening was only for staff and family, but ppl in the SS Facebook group said it's open to public, even the gym staff (next to SS Juru) said it's only for staff and YET my friend who's a regular in SS Penang said it's opened to public.. i was keen to go for the opening with the gym fellas but with all the gossip i didn't know whether to try my luck to go or not.. eventually, my friend (who has a friend as a bartender) said its opened to public... and SO i went... it felt going there by myself as i dun usually go to clubs alone.. but i just went...

from the entrance, this is what you see, the bar and the stage behind that... exactly the same layout as SS in Penang.. but i think this place is much bigger, but then again when i went there were not many ppl... there were seats at the bar!!! LOL everything was clean, neat... ppl were curious, looking around and all... towards 11.30pm surprisingly the crowd started to grow... and the band was.... ooookay, not that good yet not that bad...

this (pic above) is the left side of the bar from the entrance, what you see outside the window is actually Maybank, so if u run out of cash to buy drinks, the ATM is just next door.... (i don't think that's a good idea actually.. HAHAHAHHA)

i got a seat at the bar, waiting for my friend to come (which was 1 hr late!!!) and enjoyed the sights from the bar. pic above is the right side of the bar from the entrance, wide screen tvs showing Channel V and MTV, the DJ counsel... the stage would be on the left. the pic below is also the right side towards the entrance, another DJ counsel but patrons were sitting in it...

i got bored at one point so i started taking pics of the bar. the lighting and the NEW bottles caught my eye and the bar was not busy, so took this time to take some pics... lovely right? half of the bottles were not opened...yet. heheheh

this was my drink while i waited for my friend... i thought it would be just get a drink, looksie abit, dance abit and head home... mana tau, 5 other ppl came that nite and they opened a bottle! my favourite!! mixer was orange juice... nice... and as predicted, i had a hangover the next day! LOL

so... if you feel for a new place to party, why not head to this new SS over on the mainland and check it out. i really don't know bout the weekend crowd, why not you tell me?! :D
lots of free parking, Maybank is next to it, Pelita and McD (both 24hrs) is just across the road... and my hse is 3 minutes away... quite good eh? heheheh

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