Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my 1st trip to THAILAND yo!! (Phuket) - DAY 2

sorry guys.. was kinda tied up with stuff... i've uploaded the pics of the trip and saved it as draft just didn't have time to update it...
anyway here it is.
2nd day started very early, the van picked me up from the hotel at around 8am to go to the jetty to go for the Phi Phi island trip. the van picked me up and it was full. the journey to the marina was kinda long so fell asleep a few times in the van.. no thanks to late nite at the bar before. so when we reached the marina - Royal Phuket Marina, we were greeted by the staff, offered us coffee/tea and cookies and sea sickness pill!! good, i took one - just in case :D
didn't really make friends cause there were lots of families and couples (dun wanna kacau) and groups of friends who spoke in different languages - french, german and other languages i can't pick up... anyway, thought it'd be a "me time" trip, enjoy the sites and scenery ... :D

the boat was full! basically, no empty seats!! i sat as infront as i could cause i knew the back would get abit bumpy and wet (if rain)
1st beach - Maya Bay (where the movie The Beach was filmed) i've got more pics it's in the link in the previous post.
passing some mini islands around Phi Phi - and snorkeling spot. i didn't go in, was too tired to snorkel hehehheh....

Viking Cave - cave of swallows, birds that makes the healty drink - birds nest seems the quality of birds nest from this cave is very good. the workers actually stay in that cave! i just LOVE the water!! see how blue it is!!
had a short 15min stop at Monkey Beach - nothing fancy, same monkeys u'd see at Botanical Gardens.. but these were wild, heard ppl can get bitten if u disturb them... hmm....

next stop was here Phi Phi "The Beach" Resort for lunch. it was a buffet lunch and had about 1 and half hrs to hang around. we were all so hungry that most of the food finished!! O_O the resort was lovely, they even had a small swimming pool incase guests didn't like the sea.. BUT WHO doesn't!!!! anyway, i didn't really go burn myself on this beach cause i didn't bring down my towel and stuff so, just hid under the shade and eaves dropping on people's conversation - quite interesting! heheheh..... i also went walking around taking pics n enjoying the scenery

the last stop was at Khai Nok beach (or sounded like that). it's just a small island with not much trees.. its 80% beach!! lovely!! here they had lots of beach chairs, small stalls selling food and drinks. because we were on the tour, they booked a section for us and given free water, soft drinks and fruit... only if u wanted beer or something else, u can buy from the stalls. the beach was PACKED!! and we were adviced to pay for a chair 150 Baht so that our things won't get lost. too bad we only had about 1hr 40 mins there... could do for another hr or so... i didn't burn enough :P

big ass corn - 50 Baht

unfortunately it started to rain when we were about to go home, at least the whole trip was clear weather AND i sat closely near to the front so i just had to cover myself with my towel to prevent from rain.. got wet though in the end but not as wet :)

was pretty burnt (tired) out from the trip that i slept most of the time in the van on the way back to the hotel - it was still raining in phuket :( so got back, no time for nap, had to get changed and got some dinner with mum's friend - mum didn't want to go out, too tired.. lol so 1st again, i went to get my pork McD burger... :D
then we went hunting for Tom Yam!! common, u go to Thailand and NOT eat tom yam? i had too!! at least once! :D it was quite good!! i'm just drooling thinking about it now..

after dinner we walked to the mall to get my shopping done @ Jungceylon. and again up and down Bangla Road to take in the sights! had to take the "Welcome to Patong" sign for proof... err can u spot me? heheheh... sad to know that that night was my last night there, there's sooo much to do and see in Phuket and was really getting to know the guys at the bar.

so once mum's friend was safely back to our room, i got changed and the key, and i went back to the bar for some drinks and last nite out. this time there were more forum members there but were too busy playing games with the thai girls. didn't really take much pics. tried not to play UNO, if not i won't go back to the hotel! lol would get addicted to the game.

here are the owners of the bar and forum :) lovely people!!

a Swedish member of the forum - good company :D

another forum member (English/Canadian) and the couple

i think i left the bar at around 3am or so... hhahha i sobered myself up with some grilled-meat-on-sticks before i went back to the room.... again, i'm starting to drool thinking about that!!! aiyo!!! hahahah....
so that's day 2, day 3 is when we go home... :( i'll be posting that up too... hold on! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Harveen's Wedding

i know this is kinda due-ed loong loong time ago... been wanting to blog about it but just busy. anyway, the 1st out of 4 Informatics girls got married... 3 more to go (but don't wait, it won't be anytime soon... unfortunately..)
Harveen's wedding.
she already had her ceremony in UK as they're both based there. the dinner here in prai was for her friends and relatives here :D it was held at Safira Country Club. 1st time going there for a wedding and it was not that bad! nice size, not too big and not too small and her father did a good job for putting this all together for her!

yea it was a couple of days since i came back from Phuket - hence the hair!

they hired dancers to perform too! somethings different! nice!

after dinner, dancing time!! (nah i didn't dance :P)

surprisingly i met an old college friend there too!! Mr.Subra!!

aaww the couple dancing

pics with the bride and goom. they looked DASHING!!
CONGRATULATIONS again to Harveen and Gurmeet! (nice meeting you Gurmeet).
Thank you for having me at your wonderful dinner celebrating this wonderful time of your life with you. Lots of hugs and kisses!

MyviC outings

here are 2 events that i attended together with the MyviClub that i join.
the first would be the auto show in AutoCity - Mean Machines 2. it was actually my first time going and participating in an auto show. such fun especially if u are in a team! the organisers gave us a lot for about 20 cars or so infront of Porche/Citibank. not a very strategic location compared to last year (last year we had the lots infront of KFC - but i didn't attend that one)
we didn't really do much, we just convoyed to the location on time, parked our cars nicely and that's it! we also shared the location with other Myvi clubs (M.O.G, Myvians...etc) once we parked our cars it was free for us to go around enjoying the carnival. weather was good, not too hot, no rain, so it was good. and it's something new for me :D
just thought this car was cute!

modified Myvi from another club - i love this version of Yellow!
(wouldn't want to design my car like that though - was just impressed with the yellow!)

ooohh i like this bling bling eyelids... hmm should i get some for mine?
the same car - lighted up at nite

now, this MPV has a wide flat screen TV (bigger than wat we have at home) and well, they had 2 towers of beer to show how they chill with their car... NICE!! cheers mate!

and of course there were many many other pics that i took, check out the album here and more from the other members... we wonder what's instore for next year's Mean Machines!

next was our Futsal TT! and this would be my first time getting up close (and maybe not personal) at a futsal game/pitch! quite exciting!! looking at the guys play makes me feel like getting in there to have a few kicks at the ball (no pun intended)... but then i have 0 number of experience in football so didn't wanna spoil their game LOL hahahaah...

anyway, yeah, we were supposed to have it in Safira Club in Prai but it's fully booked, so we had it at Bkt Jambul Complex (rooftop). some of the guys it seems haven't played football and/or futsal for ages! so u can imagine the post-futsal pain they had!

Isfendy relaxing ka? hehehhe

the limited cheerleaders that we had

sweaty men in a row! LOL

...believing in signs

it all went downhill
.... when you lost your ring and can't be bothered to tell me, or concerned that you lost it, or didn't even suggest to get another, and only let me find out that u weren't wearing yours after a long time of not seeing you
.. also it went downhill when my ring turned black around the same time you lost yours
was it nature's way of telling us that we weren't meant to be together? i don't know

experiments going on... #2

continuing from this post, i've been making more cupcakes. pics below are the testimonials. i still feel i'm not READY yet to market out but i think i'm getting there. currently i have 2 orders, one for kids xmas party and another for an engagement...
i'm kinda getting nervous on the engagement one cause it's an ENGAGEMENT party!! it's supposed to be ONE of the happiest days of your life and i'm sure you would want it to be perfect!.. what i'm worried is the icing... it's not fine enough and not detailed enough... well wish me luck.. and dun worry, i'll definately get some pics taken! :D
to those who have tasted it.. i really appreciate your feedback on the taste and texture and those reading this, let me know what u think bout the designs...
oh.. talking bout designs, i don't know how to make fondant or marzipan and to sculpture it. i believe it takes an artist to sculp something as cute, fine, detailed as cartoon characters, people, animals, and i don't think i wanna go into that... my next after perfecting these cupcakes, i'll move on to pies (dessert pies - either mini or large)... i'll keep you guys updated on that.. but first, need to get as much feedback as possible...
and another headache, i don't know how to price my cupcakes!! i've gotten a "range" of prices but i don't "feel" it... hhahahaha.... anyway, to my friends, enjoy while you can and to my readers, enjoy the pics :D (feel free to email me if u want to order some ya! *wink*)

these are done with royal icing, as i remember, everyone said it was really sweet, cause i cover the whole cupcake with it... design wise, still from the top of my head!

lol, this was a fluke, i was interested in trying out choc ones (my previous attempt failed) and it did sort of came out nicely! i used a good quality brand of choc powder so ya... even the buttercream icing was made out of choc! YES!! (though i did failed in the "leaf" design)

this was me running out of icing ideas, but don't u think simplicity is the best? i distributed all these mini ones to my office ppl... some were hard to please (cause they bake too!)

then i got a new colour - ORANGE!! these cupcakes was JUST cooked, that's why it's "white". i didn't leave it long enough to have the brownish, baked look. though i screwed up abit with this recipie, it came out hardish.. hahaha...