Sunday, February 22, 2009


i'll be going for a short holiday, visiting some friends, eat non-penang food and have a few drinks.. hoping that this will heal me abit, give me some comfort...
i need this different environment as i don't think being here has improved or made any difference.
i'm searching that smile and laughter of Shimmers...

Monday, February 16, 2009

bright side?

the only good that comes with depression is this :
when u're depressed = you don't want to see anyone
you don't see anyone = you don't go out
you don't go out = you don't spend $$$ on petrol, food, misc..
you don't spend $$$ = you save!!
in conclusion...
depression = saves money = pay off debts! = tiny bit less depressed
(but still can say depressed la)

Monday, February 09, 2009


it's getting too hard for me to write
knowing what i just got to know, it hurts more now. i didn't see it coming.
i need to find myself, i need to find Shimmers
i need to find a way to get out from this darkness and move on - as well.
i'll write again but not as often, i'm sorry
it's just too painful

Sunday, February 08, 2009


no i'm NOT pregnant.... wat la..
anyway, i don't know why but i'm getting cravings, maybe because i'm staying home too much and haven't been out lately.... and these cravings are like the cravings i used to have when i was in KL - not enough of Penang food, difference is, i AM in penang!!! wtf!!!
so yea...
1- Kek Seng's LAKSA
2- Kek Seng's DURIAN ice-cream!!
3- Gurney Drive - Uncle's MUACHI!
4- So Young's APOM
5- Swatow Lane's ice-kacang!!
6 - Abu Siti Lane's coconut water!!!
hmm... maybe i'll drag my mum to the island this wed...... anyone wants to join me? AHH! forgot, you ppl are all working! ahahahah

did the bells ring?

the last time i heard, she was to be married on 7th Feb... but after meeting our mutual friends, before the date, no one mentioned about it or about her... now i'm really getting worried on what's happening to her. no one seems to know what has happened... :(
if she did get married on that day, i wish her Congratulations and i sure wished i was there eventhough things are not very, nice, between us. she's someone i cherished alot in my life and will always be in my heart. i wish her well and that it would really meant alot to me if i were there at her wedding.. for her, to see her again
to you,
if u're reading this, i'm sorry again for everything and hope we can let bygones be bygones. i hope to see u soon, and again Congratulations.
love and miss u lots!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

1000 post!

not this post but the previous post.... what a way to celebrate having 1000 posts in this blog...

but just wanna say, thanks to my readers for, well, reading... some i would know, some, i wouldn't... many a times i wanted to bring this blog down, cause of so much "issues"... but being a sentimentalist, i can't seem to do it...

i'll try to post more often, i'll try to make it different, i try to make it more happening... though there's something i would like from you readers...

don't be so silent la, comment la abit!!! heheheh.... let me know that u're reading and want more!! :D heheheh

anyway, so CHEERS!! to What's up with Fi?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


~ fishen ~
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Beloved partners
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