Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ampang Superbowl - Berjaya Times Square

suddenly the girls wanted to release tension, thought bowling should do it.. so the nearest and decent one would be the one in Times Square.
it's been a while since i went bowling but it did bring back memories! hehehe
this place is ok, it was filled with people, mostly youngsters (punks and girls in pink but trying to be gothic type), then you have the veterans with their own balls and gear, very serious yet they still look like they're having fun

lanes were quite damaged, u don't actually see the polished, shiny look but u see "worn" out lanes, where there's mini mini holes in the wooden-flooring. though the balls looks colourful, they're actually faded and worn out too....

prices? well, i can't really remember the prices back in penang, but at this outlet - normal days (off peak) it's RM6 per game - unless you're a student with a student card, it'll be much cheaper, shoe rental RM2, socks... can't remember

i guess at the end of the day, it's the company (or your game) that makes or breaks your bowling outing. i'm not too sure though if professionals like Shalin comes here to bowl... hmm....

Uncle Lim's - Berjaya Times Square

Uncle Lim's is a very simple place... a place for a quick bite, drink, tea-time type of place.. quite similar to Kopitiam / Old Town... they have the Ipoh coffee, roti bakar, half-boiled eggs and also main meals... nice place, not too crowded and service was quite fast...

order and pay at the counter, get your number, in about 3mins or 5, your food comes..!

someone was bored, so had moi - i'm not a moi person, i did try but i wouldn't know if it was nice or not.. hahah.. the bowl is HUGE!!!!

my rendang nasi lemak - nice! filling! tasty!!

they had some special thingy going on for their ice-blended... ok ok la, not that bad and not that good either...

next time, i will go back to try their eggs and roti bakar.. hmm.... i haven't seen Uncle Lim's at any other places though... well, not that i know off anyway.. but, if u're not too fussy, need something to fill the tummy yet have a tasty meal, you can try out here...

but then again, there's nothing much to eat at Berjaya Times Square! LOL

Nyonya Colours - The Gardens / Mid Valley

this is some shop in The Gardens that acclaims it's has the most original Penang/Melaka food... yea... right... since we all were hungry and had to find a Halal place, so, decided to try this place at The Gardens... i'm still craving for penang food even after i had Madam Kwan's a few days ago
*note : this outing was about a month ago

the interior was nice, homely, though nicely-coloured-like-my-clogs stools were a bit too small for my big bum... but the food... sigh.. a big dissappointment... they were selling the instant rempah that u can see everywhere in melaka, u can see containers of the so-called famous Gurney Drive rojak sauces, then there's all the nyonya kuihs in the display.... but... sigh.... shakes head...

bubur cha cah - not nice - no taste

rojak - horrible even to KL standard!! Little Penang's rojak tastes MUCH better!

(haven't tried Madam Kwan's though)

nasi lemak - think it's ok, my friend was full so couldn't enjoy the food

supposedly laksa lemak - but it was more of curry mee...

so... would i go back there again? NOooo!!! i suggest you spend your money at Madam Kwan's or Little Penang.... regret going to this place - Sorry Nyonya Colours!!

Vienna Bagels - KLCC

Vienna Bagels is in KLCC - i think it's located on the 3rd floor, wou would be able to see it if/when u're walking around KLCC shopping.
the "bagels" looks like the donuts u see in J.Co or Big Apple... looks yummy and i thought i'd try it.... what was surprising is the prices!! 3 for RM10!! the varieties there also... so so.. not that many... no one seemed to be buying as well, i guess it's because of the prices...

so i took a bite and it was really like bagels.. i meant, it's not donut type of feel but it's more like Aunty Anne's pringles type.. nice, filling, sweet.. and expensive... eventhough it was nice, i don't think i'll buy it again, i would rather spend my money on J.Co or Big Apple.. hehehe

the box was nice but weird to hold if u have 2 or 1 bagel left - no balace! LOL

need a de-stress-er

going to Bkt Tinggi with half the team after work today...
hope the weather's nice and hope i'll feel much better after that...

Friday, June 27, 2008

back to square one

yes.. that's where i'll be going next month... to Square One...
same shit, same customers, same country...
what's different? its different team-colleagues, different products
will i be happy? NOT!
sometimes i wonder why i came in this path in the first place few years ago...
now i can't go anywhere, cause this is all i know

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what's next?

well, we've been promised jobs in other depts within the company.. but, still, it'll be considered starting from the bottom - again, the difference? we already know the ppl, the company strategy, the system.. just different team-mates, different product, different boss...
as for me, i believe my boss will come up with something for me, but i'll still be looking out for other jobs outside the company... time to move on, but i'm a nervous wreck when it comes to interview, new place, new ppl = new job... sigh....
and i thought i could go far here.. i still wish i can.. but, i can't really say for sure now...
anyone got a job for me?

Friday, June 20, 2008

dissappointed and cheated

first u go for a short presentation by the MANAGING DIRECTOR of your company.. she tells you on how good, far and wide the company is going AND the reason for that is because of YOU... and also she mentioned YOUR dept as one of the reasons the company is doing great...
wouldn't that give you motivation to work harder, stay in the company and confident that your company has great things for you...
then it all goes downhill.....
where you then hear that 3 of your colleagues has given their letters to jobs which are paying much much more that you are getting in your dept...
you hear half the team is going for interviews....
then at 8pm, you get an sms saying your dept is closing down... say that they will still give u a job within the company.. but after all that bullshit you heard for the past 6 months.. do you think u'll believe them this time?
tell me...
would you?
now, dun blame me if i'm in a bad mood today

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dead butteflies, loving hornbills and dead iron men

this happened a month or 2 ago..... TC was around and thought we'd go round KL site seeing... we were on a low budget and compromised abit... hehehe... next time, we'll do the real thing :)

we wanted to go to the park, but i didn't feel like walking, so decided to go to the Butterfly farm, well, thought the entrance would be RM10 or something, noooo... it was RM17!!! so we didn't go in (on a budget remember)... so there was some old pics at the lobby and also a gift shop at the entrance... we went in there, camera's not allowed so, didn't really take any pics... the "mummy-fied" butterflies we made into paper weights, key chains, frames... basically u can see the butterflies that would be in the park itself, here at the gift shop - the difference is, they're dead! LOL

then we headed just down the road and round the corner to the Bird Park, the entrance fee too is out of our budget, so we just went to the Hornbill Cafe for a drink. there too, they had a balcony which is practically in the park itself, we managed to see some hornbills and some birds up-close and personal, so, it wasn't that bad that we didn't actually go in...

there was this pair of hornbills where it's obvious they were a couple. the table next to us kept feeding "human" food like chips, fried chicken and stuff to the birds.. what's amazing is that the male hornbill would chew it to smaller pieces and give it to the female hornbill, sweet uh?

it was a relaxing day indeed, not too hot, no rain.. good weather... and since we were in the "area" we took a drive to the planeterium (but it was closed) and there was other sites too, like the Orchid Farm, Hibiscus Farm and god knows what else, good place for a school excursion...
on the other side, there was a park where weird art pieces were placed, this, you can see from the main road... then the Tugu Negara was there too... this thing is HUGE i tell u, and the figures were quite detailed... you can see that the "dead" men that was killed were japanese, they even wore japanese uniform... and you can see that the men for victory were msian!... detailed... detialed.. u gotta be there to see it...

i've always wanted to see this tugu ever since it always came up in the school history books... and finally, i was there... i didn't expect it to be huge! i thought it would be some display that u see in malls or something, but no.... this is quite huge.. see how small i am standing next to it??? this is where u go... wwaaaaa..... O.O

at the end, it was a good day, tiring from moving here and there... and i'm sure there'll still be other places to go in KL....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

team makan again... @ One World Hotel

ya, we just love to eat.. we will always try to go to new places and of course places that can take more than 20 ppl at a time... correction.. 20 NOISY ppl at a time.. hhahaha...

One World Hotel, its a new hotel located next to 1U in Damansara, big, grand... and was excited bout the food... the range of food was from local - chinese chicken rice, mamak nan bread type of food, satay, lok-lok, dim sum, japanese, sushi, ice kacang... to western - pasta, breads, desserts, seafood (including fresh oysters), salads.. yum.... everything is great, but two things were dissapointing me, which is the dessert table - not enough varieties (Rasa Sayang layout was better) and the chocolate fountain only had marshms and preserved fruit, no fresh fruits or grapes or stuff like that.. quite sad looking actually...

but overall, it was good, would love to go again with a smaller group so that there'll be time to actually enjoy the food slowly...

the teams getting a bit huge and it's getting difficult to actually go around to mingle and get to know more bout the rest of the team, especially the newbies... i miss the time where the team was about 10 of us or so... we were very close, but it's ok, business is growing so it's a good thing... (am i growing? hmm... sideways maybe.. LOL)

i'll put up a few here but for more pics, here's the link

Friday, June 06, 2008

Waiter Rant English cover

i would love this cover of the Waiter Rant book instead
hahahahah got me laughing!!!
wonder when his book will come to Msia

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol up to RM2.70 per litre

crazy..... it seems it's helping the pee pal... lets see.. lets calculate.. somehow i have the mood to calculate today... sigh
*disclaimer - estimated/ VERY VERY limited usage of the car


full tank : 30 litres x RM1.92 = RM 57.60 = 10 days

1 month : RM 57.60 x 3 = RM 172.80

12 months : RM 172.80 x 12 = RM2073.60



full tank : 30 litres x RM2.70 = RM81 = 10 days

1 month : RM81 x 3 = RM243

12 months : RM 243 x 12 = RM 2916

rebate : RM 2916 - RM 625 = RM2291

in the end.. still have to pay RM 217.40 EXTRA!!!! rebate my a$$ lah!!