Saturday, May 31, 2008

how do you...

...renew your car insurance and road tax when the car JPJ grant is with the bank 3++ KM away?

Facebook Albums

here are some of my FB albums that the public can see... if you're in my FB list, you would have already seen them...

* listed from old to new albums

FABS 1st meetup

Around my office

Datacom Cultural Dinner 1

Datacom Cultural Dinner - 2

Dlinkers @ PD - 1

Dlinkers @ PD - 2

Mersing / Tioman / Melaka

Sharon's Farewell

Marie Digby in KL

Dugong in Melaka - 2008

*sorry for the lack of updates.. feeling stressed at the mo

Monday, May 26, 2008

the NEW myvi SE???

came across PauTan's blog through KinkyBlueFairy and gosh!!! Myvi SE new edition is out!!! arrggghhhh.... compared to my SE..... sigh...

i love the front
so so about the back
players kinda ugly
but THIS is what i love!!! i love the colour! i think the next time i re-paint my car, will be that colour!!! yummy!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day

mother's day - coincidentaly, mum was in KL staying with godma and i was with them too, actually it was planned that i take them out for lunch or dinner but godma's friend invited us for lunch! so lunch was paid for by a wonderful aunty! thank you aunty!
we met her and other aunty friends at The George the Dragon at Bangsar Shopping Complex. it was a bar type restaurant - they had good english food! (something my godma is missing!)

lovely aunty (in white on the left), godma (in red, far right), mum (next to godma)

i had roasted lamb with Yorkshire pudding! (first time trying that - lovely, thought i was abit burnt!)

before : apply pie and ice cream and cream

after : cherry (me no likey)

after that, the ladies were wanting coffee, so, headed a few steps away to La Bodega (my first too!)

i had iced mocha!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

GAP - Marie Digby live in KL

ok ok... finally some pics of Marie Digby.. heheheh... sorry lor, kinda busy, tired...

so i went with farah... not too sure if she was a fan of Marie but heck, i just called farah to join me... am so glad she came, cause as usual, the star of the night was late, and farah was there to keep me company, what more, she had a good spot in the crowd and gotten my cd and poster for me... i was kinda late and by the time i reached, it was already crowded, luckily i found her among the crowd... thanks farah!

the crowd behind us

after her showcase, there was prizes to be given out to some radio contestants and Marie was around to give out those prizes, that time you could see that she was sweating and having a hard time with the heat, not too sure if this is her first time coming to Asia... heheheh someone should have warned her LOL

after that it was autograph signing session, it was not held at the stage but at the GAP store few lots away... thought the ppl from the crowd would start lining up there but it looked like ppl didn't even go to the showcase cause they were already lining up at the store... so u can imagine the length of the line.. i just made my way to the entrace, stood there quietly while other ppl was shouting about lining up there for more than an hr while others are let in first... in the end, about 30 mins or so, i finally got in and got her autograph... cool! too bad we couldn't take pics with her, the bouncer literally pushed me away after she signed my cd and shook her hand... sigh.. but it was good, i saw her live!! (and not on youtube! LOL)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

other than food @ Melaka

of course there's many many many more pics but here's some .. thought u ppl would like to see pics other than food .. hahahah i know u guys must be thinking of going to melaka soon, right? :P

stuck in traffic - heart of melaka town

we were late for lunch - Seafarers club

waiting for our thong sui - imagine we're having thong sui in melaka!! ahhahaha

waiting for our ikan bakar food for first dinner in melaka

happy, full stomach faces! LOL

somewhat like Gurney Drive in melaka

uncle preparing the keluak for next day's lunch

shopping heaven! wonder if Hang Jebat liked shopping? hmm....

content with gula melaka filled chendol!

up and about melaka historical town - weather was hot as ever...

the senget (crooked) church - becky said it was built by St. Senget! heheheheh
can you see the senget-ness? *hint - tilt your head to the right..

satay celup that makes your smile - literally!

finally sitting down after walking up and down Jonker's Walk shopping... all with tired legs

waiting for lunch - me had to pay bills... hahaha...
done eating - yes, still got left overs!!!

with grandmama nyonya!

aaawww on the way home...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nadeje Patisserie - Melaka

Lot UB051 - 053
Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka Megamall
Jalan Merdeka, 75000
Bandar Hilir Melaka
06 - 284 3469

this is the first time i saw these type of pancake cakes.. it's layers of very thin pancakes stacked together and in between each layer, there's flavour spreads.. so if it's a chocolate one, there's bound to have chocolate spread, or if it's cheesecake, i'm sure there's cheesecake spread.. tasted a few types, NICE!!! now, wondering when they'll come to KL and Penang..

so if u're in Melaka, here's something new to try out! enjoy!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Melaka - Fri nite dinner

our second dinner started at 6pm after having a long day at St Paul's church and hill, the Stadhuys museum, A'famosa and tea at a new mall in town
we went to Capitol Satay celup (should be around the corner from where we were..) when we were there at 6pm, half the shop was full (not to say the shop is big) and by the time 6.30 pm came with the 2nd half of the group - ppl were already LINING UP outside the shop, on the main road!! mind you!!! what a sight!! that really shows that the food is good... and i agree.. it IS good!!
i regret having that drink in the mall, i was abit full when we started to eat dinner, but i did LOVE the gravy...

the gravy is like your satay gravy / peanut gravy but this one has extra spices and extra peanut which makes the gravy rich in flavour... lovely!! i could just "drink" the gravy just like that! hahahah - really!! you got to try to know it

and they have big ass prawns!!

size comparison and the "before" pic - top
the "after" pic at the bottom