Friday, September 04, 2009

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

Coffee Island is a new (maybe not so new anymore) place in Gurney Drive that sells drinks (coffee of course and other drinks) and food... concept would be like Kopitiam, but more hip, for the youngsters to hang out... colourful place, huge and spacious and lots of gigantic fans.. can be quite chilly if there's wind from the sea....
i only been here once with some family members for after dinner drinks to check it out... so i can't really do a review on the food... menu was quite long, from western food to local penang hawker food to fusion food... wonder if it's nice... but looking at the crowd, it might be...

here are the variety of drinks the family

you won't miss this place, cause it's brightly lit up and the sign itself is huge, just drive up and down Gurney Drive and u'll never miss it.

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