Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reunion overdue pics

the party started abit late, cause bbq was not ready even at 7pm... so everyone was mingling around and catching up with everyone else...

told andre to draw something on the white board and this is what he came up with... but soon after Sharu (Audrey's kid) was bored and showed her drawings on it...

designed by Andre Reutens (before Sharu's input)

so while we were waiting for the BBQ to be done, we started off eating the inside food.. as u can see the dinner table was full! we had Dominos pizza for the kids mostly and the FAMOUS Reutens macaroni, satay, Hamedyah Briani rice and loads of different types of drinks... but somehow no one seemed to "thani" that night.. yes we had beer.. but... no major drinking

indoor food

BBQ was done by Cheryl and Edzil, helped by the rest who wanted a "bbq smoked facial" and wanted to play with fire... i tried my hand at it but i was in charge of games and the kids were bored... so i had to get some games going for them...

outdoor food

so then everyone started to eat and the BBQ was half way done... the chicken was lovely and the ribs too... too bad i didn't have 2nds... and for desert - what we had was in the pic below... can u guess?

guess what this is?

one of the games i had for the kids were "dress up", had a grown up assigned to each kid to help with the dressing up... and guess who was the judge and time keeper? it was Esther! hahah.. she was having a blast!

who were the participants?
Kelly with Audrey
Max with Cheryl
Sharu with Aunty Lillian
Ian with Andre
Emma with Carol

kids dress-up game

and what a coincidence, it was Aunty Lillian's birthday too! and Lynn surprised her with a bouquet of roses! lovely! Aunty Lillian was soo shocked!! heheheh

SURPRISE Aunty Lillian!!

other than the kids games, i also prepared a Treasure Hunt for the adults with the kids... everyone enjoyed it but had feed back that 2 of my clues where... wrongly done.. sigh.. oh well, as long they enjoyed the game that's good for me... u could have seen them, running all over the house! hehehe... i had clues outside in the garden, cooking area and in the hse...

then there was So You Think You Can Draw? (adaption from So You Think You Can Dance?).. it's actually Win, Loose or Draw lah... first it went well, but somehow my clues were not familiar and somehow the game died-ed

i had another game which was Passing the Parcel but it was getting too late and everyone was getting tired... so finally we had the birthday-cake-cutting ceremony for Aunty Lillian...

(cake made and iced by Max & Kelly - it was lovely!)

when everyone was enjoying the cake, those who had cameras were just snapping pics away, trying to get everyone taken for memories.... here's one good one...

one hell of a stressed out Anna! heheh

finally, we all took a group picture as always... took a few for just-in-case purposes... and at the end of the night, i gathered everyones memory card of their digital cameras and burned them into cds and gave each and everyone a copy... so that everyone will be able to see the pics! cool eh? it was good to have everyone make it to Penang and to meet up again... good to know that family is still around eventhough the old-ones are not around.. hope the next one the aussies and the english would be able to come too! heheeh


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

be patient ppl

yes yes i WILL update about the family reunion.... just have no time, and when i do (like now) i don't have the pics with me... sigh....


life's been ok.... been sort of drawn to forums and into detailing.. i never knew what detailing means after i joined the forum... soon enough i came to find out that it was a totally new world to me... sadly it really costs alot of money... sigh... anyway, i did go to a detailing shop and just chatted with the owner there. he's very passionate in his work and just gives his best to all his customers... soon, i'll be his customer... :) err.. currently waiting for gaji la... what i'm more worried about is the after-care, once the detailing is done....

sigh... u know what my mum will say bout this - SIBUK! hahha....

st anne's this week, and i'll be back to say my farewells to the arabs and hopefully burn some candles at st anne's.... good that i manage to get leave on friday! yeah!!! oh... talking about that, i need to buy my bus ticket back for thursday...

how do u get back on the playing field when u haven't been playing for the past nearly 7 years? u may have ppl who are interested in u (which i doubt if that's the case for me), u may have ppl that u have your eye on...

but what the fuck do u do? i mean, u can't just let it be? cause it's obvious that something is happening... i don't know but i'm scared.... i'm scared to react, i'm scared to make my move and i'm scared to even try... i don't want to be back like how i was before - getting rejected like dead flies falling from the sky and also, when u think it's getting somewhere and suddenly they tell u that they have someone in mind and there u go, a smack in the head/face - again... and what's sad, i can't see myself being together with them - cause it just doesn't look matching.. if u know what i mean... sadly it hurts especially when u see them once in a while

in the last weekend, the team had a go-kart event... like real real race with trophies all you know! and... uhumm.. hmm... *clears throat* ... someone, managed to qualify and went to the finals!!! aahahhah it was soo much fun i tell u!!! nah, did not win.. wasn't last as well!!! good right? :) pics go here but will cerita bout the event later... still waiting for more pics

hmm... been wanting to go to Just Heavenly and Black Canyon... who wanna join me? we go together gether :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

holiday's over...

it just makes me feel sad.....

1- my 4 days leave is over.... and i'm to be back at work tomorrow... damnit!!!

2- haven't been spending much time with the arabs... miss the kids... *cry* will have to try to come back again for st anne's feast to see them again...

the party last night was a bomb!! had so much fun though i didn't really have enough to eat.. not to say that there's not enough to eat... but had NO time to eat! hahahah.... i was planning the games, had to keep the kids entertained... who would have known uh? me and kids... HAHAHHAHA....

i'm sure everyone had a good time... with good food and great company... sadly i didn't really catch up with david, suzanne and audrey.... and of course the arabs.. will write more about what had happened.....

sure wished i could eat more of this...!!!

stress release

*this was written quite some time back

poor thing, look at him... he has served me much... he used to be very white, clean and in good form... now.... i owe this lil fella one....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Reunion

today's the day where some of the Reutens' are meeting... gonna be loads of food, games, pics and chat!! updates soon!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

cheap palms!!!

*for IT tech supports....
Disclaimer : If you are to follow these palms in this post, please beware that it is your OWN responsibility on the outcome of this usage. I will no be responsible for anything that has happened to u (fired or kena scolding or warning letter). This post is mearly a joke for entertainment - should not be taken seriously. I'm serious.
Clear your internet cache!
There are all kinds of nasty little buggers and malicious content that could be in there damaging your PC. After clearing the cache, make sure to wait 30 minutes for your computer to re-index itself and adjust to the new changes.

Reboot in safe mode!
Safe mode is a diagnostic mode. Its almost like running a dedicated IV-Line to your computer, once in safe mode, allow your computer to run for approximately 1 hour in that mode.

Flush your DNS!
Well, no wonder silly! You haven’t applied the system cleanse to your machine. Websites like CNN.com that you are trying to look are constantly being updated to keep you up to date. Without having your DNS flushed frequently, how are you supposed to download new content from the webserver?

Disable the firewall!
Having a firewall is like having a giant condom over your computer. It is essentially the root of all evil, and is preventing you from doing what you WANT and NEED to do. Disable it, restart, and be sure to allow the appropriate power down time for the firewall (approximately 30 minutes).

Disable your anti-virus software!
To immediately fix your problem, you have to disable your Anti-virus. Honestly, would you pump tons of antibiotics into your own bloodstream 24/7/365? I didn’t think so. Allow for 2 hours for the anti viruses to dissipate.

The bounce-back blame!
Can’t you see, the bounce back message clearly states that the message was not sendable to the recipient, this means that his/her box is currently down. Please consult with the person you are trying to send to and have them fix it.

The famous format!
If you have run through our knowledge base on known fixes for this issue, we are going to have to format your hard drive. Simply plug in the start disc that was provided with your PC and follow the on-screen instructions. Once this is complete, your computer will run like brand new!

Reboot your system!
The system reboot is to the PC, as Windex is to the universal cure-all for everything. Would you go without sleep for days on end? Thats right, neither will your PC. Let your PC rest for a while and reboot it.
Reference from here

Monday, July 09, 2007

Gwen's coming to KL!!!

hey babes!!! lets make a date!!!
can't wait!! heard gossips bout she coming.. just hope nothing and no one will stop her from coming!!!
more info HERE !

Saturday, July 07, 2007

on the road

decided to just be on the road today after work... wanted to go to The Curve to just window shopping but somehow, i decided not too....
so he and i went through abit in town.... went past the bloody pudu jam.... and headed back home, though we dropped by to do some grocery shopping... so nice to have someone accompany u - without complaints when it comes to shopping... and after that, we did abit of a prep up.... he just looks so fine now....
since i started work at bloody 6.30 am this morning, i'm glad that it was at that time actually... cause by the time i got back... it was 1 something.. and i had my nap till 5.30pm.. how sweet is that man!!!
wanted to be out whole night tonight, but then again, i don't know where to go with him.. decided to come to this makan place at Tmn Melawati... free wifi hoping the download speed is good... but unfortunately - not (though food is ok - had laksa... but who eats laksa with green pickled chillies??? gosh!!! ).... won't come here again for wifi... will have to go back to Burger King for downloading....
*note : i'm currently downloading the 1986 Transformers movie...
*note 2 : nope, did not watch the latest Transformers.... yet... sigh...
hmm.... lets see what we could do tomorrow.... hmm....


finally i have the weekend and i have NO plans!!!

ever since we got together, i've been wanting to spend time with him on a weekend but it's been busy every single weekend and didn't really have time to spend time together - alone

and now i have the time, i don't know what to do with him! hahahah.... also, i don't want to be tired on the weekend cause i haven't been getting my rest for the past 2 weeks.... and also, i don't know where to go! hahahah... crazy right? i'm in KL and i don't know where to go.... sigh... oh well... we'll see where the road takes us...

oh... my office got new guy... author of THIS blog... i did hear about his blog but somehow didn't know the URL and didn't get about reading his blog... i'm sure he will know that i have i linked him here (hi Ku !!) but what the heck, no one at works read my blog anyway... hahahah....

so now i have 2 famous bloggers as my work mates! COOL!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Live Earth is having their major internation concert tomorrow.. it will be live on our local tv stations and repeats on sunday too...

so... it's a rare date being 07.07.07 so what you guys doing? i'm sure watching the concert to support its cause? hehehe

in the event of the concert and the date, please PLEDGE into making the world a better place. go HERE to sign the pledge!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

follow ups

follow up 1
my poor baby need to go back to the clinic for the last follow up.... just hope by the end of that session everything will be as good as new....
follow up 2
the reunion.... i'm in charge of games... and hehhhe drinks... i do know what to do but i'm still having a headache on the clues/rules® of the games and the setup of it... just hope it goes well. as for drinks.. hehe depends on what D'man will be bringing back! hehehe... can't wait for the food too!! it's been a VERY VERY LONG time since i had a proper bbq....
follow up 3
the people are probably in penang now.. will call them at lunch to find out! miss them lots from the last time i saw them.. kids must be grown up now!
i'll be going back to penang on the 11th night (after work) - anyone wants a ride to penang?
and i'll be coming back to kl on the 15th - anyone wants a ride to KL?

life... sucks..

u want something
u dream of having it
u dream of using it
u hurt when it's there and u can't get to it...

but when u are given it - u get scared that u could actually have it, and then decline....

because deep down u know it's so WRONG to have it in the first place.....

then u feel that u lost your chance
u regret for not taking it
and u start from square 1 again....

u want something
u dream of having it
u dream of using it
u hurt when it's there and u can't get to it...

life sucks.... (at times)