Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kelly's swim meet @ PISA Aquatics, Penang

again another overdue post.. heheheh... i'm sure my fellow readers are used to it by now :P but thanks for staying tuned as always *hugs*
so, my lil cousin Kelly came back for a swim meet, it was held at PISA. i tried to get my friends to come cheer for her but i guess it's something new to them and that it was kinda last minute as well. but to those who came, thanks a bunch!!

the meet was over the weekend, started fri evening till sun afternoon. i tried to come as often as i can cause i was working, so was kinda difficult. but anyhow, i managed to see Kelly swim for one or two events. in a swim meet (as i've experienced during the Paroi meet), there's lots of W.A.I.T.I.N.G so if you're alone, or don't have a book, or BB to go online or some games or someone to keep you company - u can actually be very bored.. waiting.. lol
tht's why i tried to come as long as i can to keep lil max (ok he's gonna turn 12 so he may not be lil anymore.. hahah) company. hehhehe... but then again, swim meets like this is just fun to be in - out of my boring routine!

we got my dad to come along as he has never been to a swim meet before and it was nice having some family together, shouting for KELLY GO! KELLY GO!! and be in the hype... heheheh... just make sure u have enough water to keep you hydrated and going.

so this is Kelly's last event and was hoping to get a gold. in this pic, looks like she's giving some pep talk to her teammates waaaa !! heheheh i think i'll let this video clip tell you what happened next. :D (btw Kelly's team is PST - PISA Swim Team)

she's good isn't she? heheh did your heart stop? or beat faster? mine sure does everytime i watch it! hahahah... so in the end she brought back 6 medals!! GOOD JOB Kelly!

with her coach - Mr. Andrew

swim meets are tiring for the swimmer and everyone who goes for one, but it's the fun of it, and rooting for your swimmer that makes it all worth while :) even the dog gets excited!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Penang Singles #2

so a second attempt to bring together single people in penang, at a relaxing hang-out place at Batu Ferringhi, with the sunset, drinks, food and beautiful people - it's FREE (but have to buy own drinks/food la) and yet it was a poor turnout - have NO idea what was wrong..
too last minute? wrong date? wrong time?

anyway, i had my babes with me for company, and we did actually enjoy ourselves in the end. we talked, and laughed, and drank till the sun came down... great way to chill and i thank these girls for it. needed that boost! :D *hugs*

well lets hope the next event will be better.

now how do we teach malaysians to respect RSVP?

the event

Thursday, February 25, 2010

why liddat?

*deletes post*
wrote about why are we forced to play the relationship game, and ranting about why it can't be more simpler, and the difference between asians and ppl from "over there" - but i deleted it. i figured it's a very wide topic, it might offend people and that i'm contradicting myself over and over again in every angle.
bottom line - why issit so hard, to like someone (who is of whatever religion, race, background), tell that person how you feel and move to the next step. if they they feel the same - great, if not, move on to the next topic of conversation, still be friends and hope for better luck next time with another.
why can't it be THAT easy?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 - gonna be interesting

this year, 2010, gonna be kinda hectic. NEARLY every month there's something - no thanks to CHOICE.. lol!! they're taking up all my ALs and well, left some stressful decision meetups for MyviC and Dugongs... :) but i shall plan it properly... i have gotten a light weight "dairy" and it has all the already-confirmed dates.
so if u wanna book me, better book me early, so as not to dissapoint u! che-wah.. like PM liddat!
let me see, in brief i have...
a Sabah trip
a Kuching trip,
a weekend away at church,
a wedding (not mine).. in fact - TWO weddings!!!..
err... outings with the MyviC gang,
monthly meet up with the Dugongs,
a hen night (or weekend),
meetings and TT in between,
birthdays meet up,
cousins annual Summer hols and some....
and i'll definately slot in some trips to KL. gosh!!!
painful on the ALs and painful for the pocket. i hope i won't dissapoint anyone for not able to make it because of clashing dates. i'm already cancelling a Singapore trip for a wedding...
gosh, now is the time i wished i had the weekend off and worked weekdays like everyone else - then at least i won't dissapoint them....
AND..... inbetween ALL of that, i will have to plan/organise my next phase of working life... this is when my multi-tasking skills comes to play... hmm....
is anyone else as hectic as i am?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my version of "balik kampung"

after bout 6months i didn't go "back".. i finally decided it was time to make a trip, short or not, i would go, cannot tahan dee... so i made a few calls, arranged acco with Godma and planned to go down with mum, i even managed to "catch" a good friend to balik with me (and share the cost as well). but then the night before, mum was sick with flu, cough and the works. i couldn't cancel the trip to last minute and if i did, i would be cancelling with the others the 2nd time!! so anyway, luckily i still had some co. to ride with me and of course to catch up with him. thanks Mr.Ghouse for teman-ing me for that..wat, 3 hrs? ride? heheheh

nasi lemak -highway stop with Zhafri

we left at around 7.30am on a monday and we reached Ampang, around 11am... good journey, no traffic, nice weather... just that was hoping we could share the driving, but our friend here had an expired driving license, as punishment, he had to stay awake to keep me co. and to prevent me from falling of to sleep while behind the wheel... yea i slept like 3am or so the night before...
so after dropping YB back, i headed towards my godma's place at TTDI, just driving around KL puts a smile on my face :D caught up with Godma, then after all that talking, we realised it was 1+pm and both of us were hungry, so we ended up at The Curve (cause i wanted to check out Debenhams - got sale!!) and had some Italiannis pasta.. yum yum... when u're in KL, eat what you don't get in Penang - ever!

now because this post is a few weeks late, i can't remember if i had a nap after lunch/shopping with Godma before going out again for dinner... hmm...
anyway, i planned to meet the ex-Dlinkers (and ex-Datacom) for dinner at Delicous @ MidValley (again, when in KL do not eat Penang food! - had to scold Farah for suggesting Lil Penang for dinner!) was still full from late lunch, so i had a salad... heheheh trying to be "good" konon-nya la...

finally got my bear-hug from Donny and the usual from Farah!
*miss you guys already*

Farah + Donovan (Dlink team), Sam (MS team)

now what did i do after dinner... nah, nothing, i went back to Godma's and continued chatting with her and helping her out with her new lappy.. heheheh... wat i was excited was the appointment i had the next day... heheheh
yup yup, pampering my car by Albert @ ProDetailers . he really did a good job for me, my car looked like new when it was done! i could just give my car a good hug and never want to bring it out in the open! LOL. managed to catch up with Albert for a while and he dropped me at The Curve again - this time i went to IKEA. :D

since i didn't have breakfast yet, i tahan-ed until i was in IKEA, done with homefurnishing and headed towards my meatballs at the cafeteria! YUM!! it was orgasmic!! i remember that few times i went there, they were not serving meatballs, i think they knew i was coming so.. heheheh *salivating now.....

then i remembered, that Mel was working around the neighbourhood AND had a flexible work time, so, i messaged to see if she could meet me for lunch, and she COULD!! sweetness!! though it was a short meetup - it was nice seeing her again after the brief meetup at the DEFINE party a week ago or something in Autocity. we had lunch at The Apartment, hoping i could get some Cuppacakes, but i think they stop selling through The Apartment.

when my beloved was done, Albert came to fetch me to get my beloved back and said my farewell to Albert. hoping to visit him again - sooner! was so knackered after that, that i had to have a nap, boy that was good, i was fresh again and ready to party! literally!!! yup, had made plans to meey my cousin Andre to check out the new work-place of DJ AaronC at CocoBanana @ Sunway Piramid. yup, he FINALLY left Beach Club! good for him.
BUT before partying, i headed towards Cyberjaya (yea i got caught in the after work traffic!!) to meet with more ex-Dlinkers for dinner. managed to get there in time :D it was good to meet up with Eddie and Monica. we talked bout our jobs (and how greener it is on the other side), life, love life, family, friends and how they changed and catch-up on other ex-Dlinkers. i somehow get refreshed and re-motivated after talking to these ppl.... :)

so after makan and chit-chatting, i headed towards Sunway Piramid to meet up with Andre. because we were early, and the club was empty -even at 11pm (Tues night - what do you expect?) we had a drink at Starbucks to catch up and that we should do this more often - go clubbing, now that he has more time :D
anyway, by 12+ the club was half full and music was great! it would be better if it was a full club and it wouldn't be so awkward partying and having the waiters looking at you cause they don't have much to do - not many clubbers. but i'm sure it would be packed during the weekends :D good set Aaron!

and that was my last nite! got home around 3am, slept till 10am+ and had a simple lunch with Godma at home. she had a mahjong appointment, so she left and i took my time to pack. i wasn't done with IKEA, so i decided to finish my trip there before i headed home. it's nice to walk around IKEA yourself but then, tiring too if u needed to carry everything by yourself.. lol
the drive home was kinda lonely, but i had Aaron's mix to keep me company. felt like doozing off afew times but dun worry, i did make a stop at one of the R&R and had a 15 min shut eye - that did the job! :D had some teh tarik, fruits and i was good to go again. i reached home in the evening - just intime for dinner.
so that was my trip. wished i could stay a lil longer but had to work and the $$ was limited... so yea... but it was good to see Godma again, ex-Datacom fellas, Albert, Andre and Aaron (3 As? hahaha) again. next trip, don't know when, but hope to see the rest of the gang and peeps from Urbanattic too! missed u guys!

Shah Children's Home

CHOICE Penang just recently organised a MAD (Make A Difference) project. it was a visit to Shah's Children's Home at Mt. Erskin. about nearly 20 of the CHOICEes came to give support, some even came with their family, like your's truely, who's dad came along. :D

we gathered and had a convoy there with food in our trunks!! yup it was pot luck, everyone brought something for the kids (and for ourselves). we had briyani rice, curry, salad, sandwiches, fried prawns, sausages, fried beehoon/mee, jelly...etc we were stuffed with food!! and hope the kids like it... must be something different from what they usually have. :)

then after lunch, we had a game of Charade, that was fun!! some of us became the "actor", even Fr.Dominic joined in as well!! then after that we proceeded outside for musical chairs! gosh, those kids know how to play!!! hahahah we could see the competitiveness between themselves... hehehe. after that we had some sing-along action song. our musical talented Maria played a couple of songs with her guitar and that was cool!!

around 4pm or so (can't remember) we ended our outing with the kids with a crazy group picture!! we left half-heartedly, and wished the best to the kids. hopefully we can organise another outing to visit them again. to the CHOICEes who came, thanks for the support, without you the event won't be a success. and to Fiona Tan, who organised this, great job gal!

Friday, February 12, 2010

BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 - i want one!

so i've been wanting to change my phone since.. well... ya.. errmm... and i got to know from a friend that her co. is selling their 2nd hand BlackBerrys (BB) for really really really really good price. and it got me thinking.. but why?

to me, i thought, why would, I, of all ppl want a BB? i mean isn't BB's are for ppl who are working, on the go, need to check work emails even if they're out on the road...yada yada yada? me? once i leave the office, that's it, no work to bring home, whatever emails i get at work, they can wait till i come back to the office. even personal emails, not that i get so many also? so WHY do I need a BB?

well... i just thought since i've been thinking of changing my phone, it's a new year, why not? why not start the new year with a clean slate?! (and also i'm kinda lazy to sit infront of my pc to go online and do the usual - FB, Tweet, chat, email...) so i got the phone from my friend.
it's the BlackBerry 8700g. it's (i think) a 2 year old model, and in so called good condition - minimal scratches, and it came with everything, the charger, USB charger, ear plugs, convertable plugs and CD and manuals.
note : i NEVER used a BB before so i had no idea what i got myself into!

i was excited getting this thing. i couldn't pay attention at work cause of it, there's soooo many functions, even the keypad is totally different, applications and stuff. i was looking forward to Tweeting and FB-ing and chatting on my BB but i think i needed to setup all this. well the manual didn't really help as it was just regarding the BASICS of using the phone.

after a while of going through the Help topics, trial and error, there's a few things i couldn't use* with this model, the BB 8700g

- MMS - says my mobile network provider does not support, but they DO! i already checked!
- setting specific days for alarms - not like my other phone
- limited call/sms ringing profile options
- its confusing settings between Address Book <--> SIM Phone Book
- BB Messenger doesn't seem to work
- unable to use the Browser - says my mobile network provider does not support, which is untrue, as i used to be able to go on the Internet with the other phone!! hence unable to Tweet, FB, chat..etc
- most irritating is the need to enter password everytime when the phone's lock.. it's not as simple as press Send and * keys to unlock the phone..

*either the phone memang don't have those options, or i'm just a noob and didn't know how to set it, OR my mobile provider does not provide those services.....

** gotta give me some slack, i only got this 3 days ago and i've yet to explore the CD manual thingy yet

.......BUT ANYWAY, since what i have is a 2 year old model AND my mobile network provider doesn't seem to have support for BBs, and it doesn't have a camera AND i never was able to Tweet my mobile pictures and/or use MMS, i believe THIS would be the fix of it all!

it has EVERYTHING you want in a phone and it's jointly supported with Celcom - hence i believe no hassle of getting error messages like "your mobile network provider does not support this function" crap, let me briefly give u a list

- supports all types of Network (3G, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA) and Service (850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100)

- it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (WLAN) <-- i like, USB, Fax/Data

- it has TOUCHSCREEN babeh!!! <-- i sooo like

- internal memory is 2GB, also has external memory, and memory slots (MicroSD and MicroSDHC)

- battry power - take this... StandBy : 305 hrs and Talktime: 5 hrs!!!

- it has vibrate alert, photoID, ringtones

- camera!! - 3.15 Megapixels, digital zoom, focus, flash, video

- also SMS, MMS, T9 text, E-MAIL, INTERNET BROWSING <-- i like, Java, audio and video (includes MP4)

- it's also an Organiser (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), voice memo/dial

- it CAN auto-rotate (how cool is that!), speaker phone, GPS <-- i like, maps, games (which are downloadable)

- only 5.6oz !!!

like the Tiger theme? for this years Chinese New Year?! heheh
Gong Xi Fa Chai !!

AND because it's from Celcom, i'm sure if i get this, it's supported with the BB and everything will be working!! no frus, no noob feeling, no blurness!!! Celcom has a great packages, be it Prepaid, Postpaid, with great prices too!! and the coverage is practically everywhere!! u won't see a minimal bar of strenght anywhere, i bet it's always full!!
so, hello!!! Nuffnang people!! *waves frantically while jumping* i'm HERE!!
*sorry i can't blog about the event at Chinoz, i'm based here in Penang...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DEFINE @Autocity, Juru

so got this invite from one of my good friends on facebook, inviting me for this DEFINE event. reading the description, it says it's a "closed event" (on facebook) and has... read this FREE BOOZE!!! yup, u read it right, FREE BOOZE!!!... and the party is only for smokers... i thought, hmm... it's 3 mins away from home, i'm free on that night, i was itching to party, i needed a drink (or more)... but, only for smokers? so i made some calls, confirmed some things and yup, i could get in!
i was picked up from home and headed to the venue. i actually saw the makeshift canopy the night before when i was in Autocity with dad for dinner. i was wow!! that's HUGE!!! with lobby, aircon and toilets! i told myself this would be a very huge and happening party, couldn't wait! so yea, we were abit late and there was a huge crowd/line outside the "lobby"... managed to spot my gf from inside and she said to hold on.. in the end we managed to get it.

when we got in, we had to "register" ourselves and got some goodies. the lobby was interesting, mini pillars as per pic above, a DEFINE backdrop to pose and take pics with, chandelliars hanging from the roof. it was quite impressive. then we met our friends who were already inside, and proceeded to the event area...

partner in crime! :D

long time no see - since school i think - i used to have a crush on him HAHAHAH

when we went in, a WALL filled with ciggies greeted us, arranged in a way that it was quite impressive (ignoring the part that the ciggie boxes had those horrible pictures). was too shy to take a pic of the "wall" as there were some bouncers standing around with strict faces... ANYWAY.... pass that wall, we saw the WHOLE DAMN PLACE!! amazing!!! we just stood there for a few mins, soaking it in, the SPACE, the crowd, the LIGHTS.. omg the lights were awesome! and in the front there was a DJ spinning and a stage with a unique background.... did i say the lights were awsome???
hahah checkout the lil clip we took.

and... did i mention that booz that night was free flowing? omg!! so we headed straight to the bar and what was offered was beer (of course), whisky and Below 42! vodka! i've been wanting to try that since i heard of it but never actually had the chance, so ya! it was vodka all the way!! the many drinks we had, it depended on the bartender, sometimes it was diluted with the mixer, sometimes it was kaw... we ended up with the whiskey, that never failed to make us happy-ER! *hic*

this was one of the tables around the floor for guests - it had a dip in the middle, filled with some coffee beans, then there was a glass on top for your drinks... something different i'd say.
there was a grand entrance of Joe Flizzoe and another DJ at the stage, looking at the pic above, behind us, there was a "window" which opened from the stage wall... and that was their DJ console!! nice!! and in the "boxes" that made the wall, inside there were dancers dancing in the shadows... hence pics below for better look...
thanks to my babe here, Mel and also my partner in crime, Franklin, for inviting me to this event. it really "brighton" up Bukit Tengah and Juru for at least a night! LOL! we of course met up with some fellow BM fellas whom i never seen for ages, and some old/new friends from penang... bottom line, all came for the free booze, exclusive party and great music!! cheers guys!!! *hic*

one of my favourite pics that night, Franklin was trying many times to catch the many fancy lights for a great pic and i'm glad he got this one of me... :D

u have no idea how many pics we tried taking during the whole night just to catch that perfect shot of those wonderful lights.. ALSO they had pro photographers going around taking our pics and they took a few of us.. wonder if our pics will be out in those clubbing/socialite mags.. hahaha (yea dream on!!). anyway Mel informed me that all pics (taken by those photographers) belonged to DEFINE, so we might not see it.. oh well, one can only hope! heheheh

For more pics, it's HERE