Friday, September 26, 2008

Pasa Ramadan @ Bayan Baru

it's puasa time and this is when all the Ramadan markets pops out with their lovely food and delicacies! i went to the one behind the mosque in Bayan Baru, they took up the parking area, put up tents and tables and there you go! a food-market! lovely!


gado-gado, thai salads and malay dishes

some of the malay kuihs you can get there, there are other types too! must go there yourself to check it out, you'll be drooling!

famous Honey BBQ chicken rice

around and about

been taking some pics off an on for the intention of blogging bout it... over due i know... but here are some.. enjoy :D

godma went plant shopping one day after she came back from the UK (her plants at her appartment was half dead)... so she brought back some lovely flowered plants and greenies.... this is a blue flowered potted plant she put in her balcony.. say hi to the gnomes!!

was back for St. Anne's Feast this year, briefly... managed to go for one mass, they did do abit of renovation around the church grounds, but as usual, there were too many ppl to really notice the difference..

one of my favourite Penang "rubbish" food - Mua Chee / cat shit as my family calls it! the best is from the uncle at the food stalls at Gurney Drive. there are two mua chee stalls, but the best is from the uncle (usually with his wife with him)... the other stall is a lady, usually not many ppl patronise her stall....

this is Roti Babi aka "pork bread" sold at Song River coffee shop along Gurney Drive... lovely supper snack, can be abit "unhealthy" as it's from pork and you can see it's abit oily.. hehehe... i went there with an old friend, hoping to get the famous fish-belly bakar (with tau cheong and garlic) but as usual, the uncle ran out of fish-belly... so unlucky...

inside the chapel of Lil Sisters of the Poor... celebrating mass is Father Neukie

TC and i went to Pulau Jerejak quite some time back and one day we thought of just going to the jetty to see what's happening at the island... it was kinda late so we couldn't go over, but the weather that day was lovely, cloudy, windy... just perfect....

we found out that Pulau Jerejak still had their room rates and spa rates, but they also have lots of outdoor activities like, cycling, paint-ball, team building stuff, canopy walk, hiking, camping, beach sports, rock climbing... just name it, they have it and on sundays, they have Hi-Tea buffet! we'll sure to go there again :D

loh bak - New World Park

chee cheong fun - New World Park

char koay teow - New World Park

ni yaa kuih (spelling?) - New World Park

... and.. drumroll please.... the famous Swatao Lane ice-kacang! - New World Park

New World Park is a new makan place that was taken over from the old Fun&Frolics land at Swatow Lane, that's why majority of the hawker stalls moved to New World Park... quality of food? well, to me it may have gone alil bit below expectation, but it's obviously better than what i get from "down south"! hahahah

dugong dinner

no... i did not eat a dugong for dinner! :P
we, the dugongs met up for dinner, supposedly my birthday cum uncles farewell makan... this time we briefly had alfred to join us! so, we were planning for some restaurant in QB that had mee-sua and stuff, i don't know which place... but it was packed, so we went to Yatai Mura (spelling?)....
it was my first time going to that type of Japanese restaurant, so was abit of a dugong/blur at that time.... i had issues picking out from the menu on what to eat... so, on the safe side, i had pork mayo set. it actually tasted nice eventhough it didn't look very appetising... had loads of onions though

anyway, it was nice meeting up with them again, and Alfred too! haven't seen him ever since i left..."hell".... same ol same ol as when i knew him from work... too bad he didn't stay long.. had conference call... hope to meet up with him again though.. :)

rosie's happy with her food
was Alfred happy with his?
after having dinner, we were still waiting for cyn to join us.. pity her, she had to come all the way to QB from work in Kulim. she must have been tired... but anyway, she did join us... but instead, we all headed to Old Town for some drinks, cyn had nasi lemak...
bekky couldn't resist it and she bought 2 more heel-clog-type shoes!!! my oh my... she tried "poisoning" rosie, but rosie was though... she didn't give in, BUT she hinted for those shoes for her bday though.. hmm.... naughty naughty rosie!

so that's the meet up with the dugongs! thanks guys for coming over for dinner and chit-chat!

kinda sad uncle is going down south for "greener pastures"... but we all are wishing him well! don't u dare forget us ahhh!!!

dinner with the couple

since i came back.. i've yet to meet jess to catch up... so, since it was also my birthday, thought we'd kill 2 birds with one stone... so we decided to meet up at the newly opened Jusco Perda... i've been here twice, my current favourite shopping mall!! good food too!!...
talking bout food, i suggested Black Canyon and i didn't get enough of it after trying it out the first time for my mum's bday....
so we met, caught up and talked and talked and talked about me moving back to BM and my new job... after dinner, somebody wanted donuts, so we went to Big Apple (which is opposite Black Canyon) to get some... yummy..!!! then we headed to Baskin&Robbins for some dessert... :)

new camera was somehow on auto-take-picture settings, i didn't know it and it took a picture while i was turning the camera to horizontal view..

food was great, company was great and we'll definately do it again.... thanks jess and brian for meeting up again!! we'll plan another meetup k?

birthday surprise #2

dad called me at work the day before my birthday and said that he gotten a present for me... and actually told me!! he didn't even wait till he gave it to me!! LOL... so since it was a sunday, and was free abit, i met him at QueensBay for early dinner... and gave be this!

i just love presents like this!

the minute he told me what he got, i started to think of what brand and model and functions... and finally when i met him for dinner, i got this!

it's the Sony CyberShot DSC W110, 7.2 MP, 2 GB memory card and all that jazz..... and this camera, has a "smiling" detector.... if i use that function, it can't take pictures of people who doesn't smile!! SERIOUS!! i've tried it!... so, if you see me using this camera, make sure you smile, if not, the camera won't like you! LOL...

thanks dad for the camera! love you! muacks!

Friday, September 19, 2008

birthday surprise #1

this is the one that made me cry!!! hahaha i couldn't help it! LOL
i've been following this blog for .... ever since i started blogging, that would be a few years already... and when the waiter announced that he had a book out, i was ecstatic! i started looking for his book everywhere in all the bookshops in penang and in KL, none of them had it... i got more determined when i saw the UK version of the book! that's an awesome cover i thought to myself.... i was planning to get ms sharon who's now having a fun time in UK to get the book for me...
who knows!!! surprise surprise! someone called Kinokunia in KLCC and ordered the book 1 week in advanced in order to surprise me for my bday the week after! ... AND... Kinokunia got the UK version of the book!
my my, wishes DO come true!! LOL

my favourite book!

THANK YOU so much for the book TC!! *hugs*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

very very quiet one

birthday was ok, very quiet, didn't do much...... will update with pics of my 2 surprises though ;)
thanks to everyone for all the well wishes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

so the shift begins

yea... starting this sunday, i'm now on the shift schedule, 9am to 9pm... sometimes 3 days times a week, sometimes 4 days... the rest of the days? i'm gonna sleep at home! LOL
..... too bad can't take leave this monday though... sigh.....

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Congrats to Bekky and Aaron!

*another overdue post

since i've heard the good news, finally they're both engaged!, we decided to meet up to celebrate the good news... unfortunately the other half of the gang couldn't make it, so it's only them, me and rosie...

we went to E.T Steamboat in town opposite New World Park (they're no more in Gottlieb Road), food was great.. it's been a while since i had their steamboat... then after that, we walked (to ease our tummies) to starbucks for drinks at New World Park.

it was a great evening, lots of catching up, got to know the story on how it all happened, lots of laughs, deep topics and gossips! hehehe.. yea, aaron gossips too! :P

before the steamboat started

congrats again to the both of you, hope to hear on the wedding date ya! hugz!

Cupcake Chic @ The Curve

on my last day in KL, and on my way back to penang with my stuff, we stopped by at The Curve and i HAD to get these cupcakes before i leave... i know i've tasted that CNY edition of their lychee "gold" plated cupcake and it was kinda good. these cupcakes are much much bigger than my favourite Cuppacakes. decoration wise, very simple (not as changgih as Cuppacakes).

one thing different bout this brand of cupcakes is that they have a wide range of cupcake flavours. i got the cinammon one, where not only the cream of the cupcake is cinammon flavour but the cake itself is also cinammon... i can't really remember the other flavours that i've gotten, but i know i got the basic vanilla and chocolate... i remember at the shop they had otak-otak flavour (hmm....), tiramisu flavour, coffee and i'm sure there were others...
i'm sure when i'm back in kl, i'll try the other flavours.

(sorry bout lousy pictures - these were the last ones i managed to take when my camera went kaput... sigh)

Merdeka MyviC TT

another over due post...
so since my merdeka plans got cancelled, i decided to join the MyviC fellas on some car accessory shopping.. hehehe... got a call from Isfendy saying that they are all on the mainland and on the way to 99 Shop in desa damai... i made my move and went there to meet them...
gosh, that day was really hot!!!!
all in all about 10 cars were there... everyon was excited in getting some cool stuff for their car... this is when i learnt alot on the cool stuff that u can do to your car... like lights for interior, exterior, auto-start function, this la that la... info overload... but bottom line is that, are you willing to pay that much for all this, is this your passion? well, i didn't do any mod that day, was on a budget and i was trying not to fall in the badwagon to mod my car...
for me, since my SE has already the body kit, i just need to keep it clean and it should be fine... :D

info session.. was testing the lights for the auto-engine-on button - 3 members got it all at once!

two female members got lights for their cars - to be place under the dashboard (at your feet) inside the car - it was lovely actually, thought of getting it for myself but it cost RM99 (lights and installation)

~no, that's not my whitey~

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


that's what i'm feeling right now... numb....
nothing i do, say, suggest, tell, plan works
i don't know what to do anymore
i don't know what to think anymore
i've ran out of solutions
i've ran out of ideas...
(maybe i should leave it to the other one?)
i'm just stagnant, i'm just standing there in the middle of the road, no direction, no transport, no destination
looks like i'm gonna follow my so-called-motto - "A day at a time"
so i'll get up in the morning, go to work, do my work, eat my meals, go home, go online, watch tv and sleep.. and again the routine starts the next day...
if that's the case, weekends are gonna be more "challenging"...
maybe i'll sleep till 12pm, have lunch, go online, watch tv, go for evening mass, dinner with parents, online again and then sleep
i'm pathetic

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i hate this bloody feeling

i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it!
i hate what i'm feeling right now!!!
i just feeling hitting somebody or breaking something or smashing something!!!
damn it!
when will this stupid feeling end??!!*toot*
it shouldn't have started in the first place!!!
damnt it!