Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just Pizza, Penang

remember this post? since then i've went back there for a 2nd try and the pizza's still wonderful. though this time, i tried the ceasar salad. the portions were big as expected, which i liked, but the sauce/salad cream/dressing was abit over the top. it was too rich and thick and creamy that it puts off the taste of a ceasar salad, heck it didn't really taste like one. i had to scrape the sauce off the leaves inorder to enjoy the salad.

then there's the pizza, this one is the BBQ chicken. i think i'm a sucker for BBQ, everytime i see "BBQ" in the menu, i go crazy and i won't look at the rest of the menu. LOL. but this was quite nice, though they should be more generous with the chicken meat. love the bread of the pizza once again. and will TRY not to order the BBQ one again on my next trip. hahahah

i just found out tht they have another outlet in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya and it's a sister company to BreadHistory! nowonder la the bread of the pizza is lovely!! soft and bouncy and nice! the time i went to that outlet, i did try the normal salad and suckered again to the BBQ chicken pizza. dad liked it though, it was his first time. i think he'll go there again :) yeay!! got a Just Pizza friend!

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