Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Luxemburgerli (macarons), Switzerland

i have no idea how to pronounce this but i think it's like this : lux (as in the soap - lux), em' , burger, lee (do correct me if i'm wrong)
hahahahha these lil cute things are mini macarons from Switzerland. me cousin was transitting through Switzerland and got a box for me... i just LOVE how the box were packaged. with a lovely ribbon bow, pastel colours... she got me the pink box.. hahaha

"to enjoy as soon as possible"
what a lovely way to get your customer to start indulging in them straight away!
no wasting time, no procastination! just EAT IT already!!!

the 1st time i tried a macaron was the ones from Singapore. i thought i was really sweet and creamy and it's just a different type of dessert. was not used to the sweetness and all you can eat is like one a day... WHOLE day... cause u can still feel and taste the sweetness in your mouth after a few hours.
but these ones! they're tiny and sweet. but it's sweetness is somewhat different. yes it just indulges u in sugar land but somehow u just wanna pop another one in your mouth. it's crunchy yet creamy and it ooosess around in your mouth... hmm..... really hard to describe until u try one for yourself, they u'll know what i mean :D
now i wanna go to Switzerland...

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