Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Becky's Hen's Party - Sept 2010

we all got excited when we heard Aaron and Becky was to get married, and that when the bridesmaids were identified, we all started planning!! dress designs, colour, meetings with the bride, hen's do planning (which by the way, the maid-of-honour planned it - good job Rosie!)... everyone was all hoo haa-ing about :)
the time came and it was set, serviced apartment booked, deco done, reservations for massage and dinner done, cake done, annual leaves applied AND approved done. we were all ready to party!!
so first of, we all met at the apartment, Rosie was early to set it up, some came a lil earlier before the bride to help complete the prep and then the bride came. to her surprised she didn't expect the decorations! there were cake cutting (no pic of cake as it's kinda an erotic one - by yours truely), gift giving (lingerie to be precise) and "crowning" of the bride-to-be

then we all headed towards Deluxious for a relaxing massage. first we were given warm tea, brief explanation of the massage and off we went to get pampered for an hr. then Rosie went to set up the dinner table downstairs.

after the massage, we all got ready in our pretty flowery dresses and wristbands and headed for dinner. we were all hungry! when we got in the private room, we were all surprised by Rosie's talent of decorating the table! with centre pieces, place settings, flowers here and there, a jar for love notes, ribbons and gifts for all of us from the bride! so sweet!! thanks Becky!!

we finally decided on what to eat, some were nice, some were ok-only... but because we were there talking and eating and talking.. those who were hungry (yea the portions were abit smaller than usual) were not in the end. then we had to write love notes, wishes, and blessings for the couple and place it in the jar. what a lovely idea! the bride then gave us the green light to open our presents! yippie! it was an air-fragrance flower thingy where it soaks the liquid scent and the fragance evaporates through the flower.. interestingly nice :) thanks Becky!
after dinner, more picture taking before we head out to party!

before heading out, we all discussed on how to get the hen's night sponsored. eventually we came to the idea of selling Becky's kisses for RM10 !! and she was game for it! cool!!! so we headed to Soho (upstairs) where we know we'd find some familiar faces to gain some support. true enough, we saw the grooms friends!! i know, we all went "oh no! is aaron coming? is this his bachelor nite as well?" but in the end it was NOT his bachelor night and he didn't come. so we got his friends and the familiar faces we found that night to give us support! we had strangers joining in the fun too! Becky earned RM80!!! dun play play yo!!

after the night out, we were all tired, we headed back to the appartment, some tipsy, some not. we had more wine, changed to our pjs and continued to chat till about 4am or so.. can't remember. it was great!
we all pakat-ed to get up early to head for breakfast somewhere but in the end, i think we only left the apartment around 10-ish am ahhahahah! and by the time we decided on a place to "brunch" it was nearly 12pm! yeah.. breakfast it seems! lol

we went to Soul Kitchen for brunch, most of us were our first times there. nice cosy place to hang out with your friends for long chats. food was fusion and limited. i believe everyday the menu changes? not sure. they even have a pet dog hanging around the cafe! how cute! feels like home! those who needed coffee had coffee, then we had pasta, sandwiches and more pasta i think. would love to go back there again to try.
after that we all went our way back home to catch some sleep :) hehehe and that's how we celebrated Becky's Hen's night 24hrs of girly things :) hope you enjoyed yourself Becky!! *huggies*
*oh if you want to order erotic cakes/cupcakes, send your email to to get ideas and quotations :) thank you

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