Monday, November 22, 2010


as some of you would know, i had a string of weddings to attend and help out.. don't get me wrong, i loved every moment of it and i'm glad that those couples included me in in their planning.
now i have a couple of non-wedding weekends before the next 2 weekends of weddings start again. i take this time to "reguvenate" but somehow i'm getting withdrawals! hahahah like i keep thinking on what am i to wear, where's the wedding etc etc etc but in fact, there's no wedding to attend... lol
i love weddings.
i love the flowers, the dresses, the deco, the music, the company.. i love it when friends and family come from everywhere and be at the same place at the same time to celebrate the couple.
weddings can be said as a reunion (of friends and family) and a place to match-make.. hahahah right! u'd think with that so many weddings i attended, i would by now have a bf at my side? hahahah.. NOT!!! love at first sight? nah... friends match-making you with their single friends? hahah nothing like that happened. but it's ok you know. weddings are not about you. it's about the couple who's getting married, their love, their togetherness, their happiness
but of course the core of a wedding is of 2 individuals that love each other so much that they're willing to spend the rest of their lives together. that they'll do anything for each other, be with each other through thick and thin, support each other in whatever happens. i know, some say why waste money and hoo haa to plan a wedding, y not just register and be done with it. well to one with their own opinion, and mine is such, there SHOULD be a celebration (big or small is up to you) but at least something.
i do get questions on when's my time, why am i not married yet...yada yada yada...
with all the happy happy going ons at a wedding. there's obviously something more serious in the background. it's not just finding a bf/gf and marrying them. it's something that you would need to be true, honest, and sure about. that the person you are marrying is the one u want to live with, love, and be with till your last breath. now it's hard to know what the future lies, but that's the thing. u would find it in your heart for that answer - to say yes, to a person.
i'm not trying to scare you (or myself) but just stating the facts. as i said earlier, it's lovely to see ppl getting married and everything that comes with it. and the fact of having a baby together, starting a family together, that makes it MORE worth it don't you think? it's a whole new world for you. and i think that's how life should be.
and for those who are single out there, who doesn't believe in marriage or doesn't want to, or is just comfortable where they are, i respect you. it takes alot to be where you are and be happy. and it's also nothing wrong in NOT getting married! there's so much you can achieve and do being single and its the same as being married, just maybe in a different way.
yes, i am single and i'm happy where i am. if i'm meant to be single all my life, so be it. if i do find a partner and eventually get married, i'm good with that as well :) i leave it in His hands....
and whatever it is... i still love weddings :D

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