Thursday, November 11, 2010

Siam Express, Gurney Plaza

Siam Express is located in the lower ground floor of Gurney Plaza. they have outlets in other malls (eg. AEON Seberang Prai City) if you like Thai food, you would like this place. it's quite authentic but i suggest you to go there with at least 3-4 people, so that you can try more dishes :)

i went with my dad to the Seberang Prai outlet (just the 2 of us) we couldn't try much - cause it was only the 2 of us... but this time when i went with the Yew family, we could at least try afew more dishes. :)

the mango salad was quite nice, got the crunch of the cashews and juicyness from the seasoning and mango. not very spicy though you need to watch out for the lil ones (cili padi) in there

the tom yam was nice too, nothing extraordinary but it wasn't that bad as well

green curry - not a fan of it but i still do eat nice.
i can't really differenciate a good green curry and a bad green curry....

now this pineapple fried rice is quite nice, there's chunks of pineapple, good dose of prawns and cashew nuts. even the sambal goes well together :)

not leaving out the belacan rice too!! meat was abit on the sweetish side but yea, another dish to try... better if you don't share it.. LOL

this thai fish dish can be spicy. the sweet thai sauce makes the dish and it had a good amount of it too. fish was not too over fried, flesh inside was still fresh and soft.
and i think that's about it for our meal for 5 adults and 2 kids. again, no food was left behind and that shows that it was quite a good meal. :) am not too sure about the other outlets, i thought the Seberang Prai outlet was more spicy than this, so give it a try and see. Enjoy!!

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