Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Inn Motel, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Langkawi, haven't been there for ages. the last time i went, well, it was history, no point talking about it. but all i can say is that i did see most of langkawi the 1st trip. so this trip was to see the latest offerings langkawi can offer and to just have some "me" time and relax.
did my research online and managed to get RM0 fare on firefly!! and RM61 per night/per room. i found it on and the hotel i'm talking about is Sweet Inn, Pantai Cenang. :D

here's the main "lobby" which is actually somewat outdoor type. if you notice towards the left side, that's the "breakfast" table and the reservations counter. my room is on the right (ground floor). it was a cosy welcome for me. the owner (i think) knew who i was and asked me how was my flight etc etc. now that's a welcome for me. and actually asked me which room i would like, groundfloor or top floor.. lol. since i'm lazy to climb stairs, i took the ground floor.

room is quite nice too, 2 single beds, with towels and soap. cupboard with hangers, tables chairs. even the bathroom is clean and had places to put your toiletries and hang clothes which i like. unfortunately the tv doesn't work, it was the tv plug that got broken. not sure why they didn't repair it. but it was ok for me, i didn't go to langkawi to watch tv. luckily i brought a book along :) location wise is quite good too. it's not ON the beach but it's just across the road. the road has lots of restaurants and shops and of course other motels/hotels.
Pantai Cenang is to be said the most popular beach, happening beach with bars and pubs and practically everything. and it's famous among backpackers. so yea.. was glad to have found Sweet Inn. :) wouldn't mind going there again heheheh....


Abbie said...


Nice to meet you..I would like to ask how far from Sweet Inn Motel to Pantai Cenang Beach? Is it possible if I walk from Sweet Inn to the Cenang Beach..Thanks!!

Shimmers said...

Hey Abbie
Thanks for dropping by!

Yes! Sweet Inn is just across the road from the beach! very nearby! just come out from hotel, cross the road, and u're on the beach dee!

Abbie said...

Hi Shimmers,

Thanks for your info..Hehe..

Shimmers said...

hey no worries! Enjoy your holiday!

the stories after raining~ming*(\^0^/)*wiLLie said...

may i know sweet inn motel's contact number?