Friday, November 19, 2010

Harvest In Cafe, Irrawaddy Road, Penang

it was a birthday treat by my godsis, and i like it that she suggested a place i never been before, or never heard of before! it's Harvest In Cafe, hidden at a corner of Irrawaddy Road in Penang. it's located with other restaurants as well.
what this place has to offer is local and western dishes, home cooked i believe and simple. i like the interior (white and black, grey theme) and it gives a contemporary yet homely feeling. like a place where you can bring your gfs and just chill the night away! :)

we went there for lunch and it was starting to get packed. lucky we managed to get a table. there was a long table on the other end of the room and it was someones birthday as well!! coolness! :D looking at the menu, prices are ok and what's good is that there's no 5% or 10% tax. now that's a place in my good books! :)

so here's what we got, some garlic bread and the soup of the day - mushroom? can't remember lol (this was in Sept yo!) melanie said the soup was good, i had a taste and yup i agreed. i liked the garlic bread as well, not too hard, yet crunchy and soft at the same time, not too much garlic but just enough to have the garlic taste/smell.
their mocha ice blended was quite good too :) am not a coffee drinker, so as long it taste nice, it's ok for me, can't say for sure if they use super branded coffee or whatever. i enjoyed this drink :P they also have other fruit juices, soft drinks and ice blended drinks.. though am not sure if they sell beer... hmm... another reason to drop by again? :D

what i had was the BBQ chicken with rice, didn't i say earlier (in my other posts that BBQ is the bomb!!?) tht i love BBQ? anything BBQ? so yea, i HAD to try this one. portions are average, good enough for an average Penangite stomach. but if you're super hungry, make sure u get the soup or an appetizer before your mains. melanie had chicken chop (i should believe so from the pic) and think she replaced the chips to salad. she too said it was not that bad.
nothing to shout about though from just the 2 dishes we had. but it's good enough for a 2nd visit to try their other dishes. parking may be a prob, so be it lunch or dinner, make sure u go early to get a good spot, if not, u gotta walk abit.
nice place to hang out with your good friends, for a meal, drinks and chat. service is quite good and place is clean and cooling. so, who wants to join me for my next visit? :)

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