Friday, November 05, 2010

Ferringhi Garden, Batu Ferringhi, Penang

this is my 2nd time here. 1st time i came with my parents, must have been one of our birthdays a few years back (not too sure if i blogged about it - couldn't find it in my archives). the same feeling as i had the 1st time i've been here, i felt it again the 2nd time.
a very romantic place, u feel like you're not in Penang or even at Batu Ferringhi, but in a tropical jungle which has nice soft/dim lightings, cool breeze, air-con if you're indoors, water features everywhere, wild plants and flowers. good place for a cozy night out with your loved ones, good impression for a 1st date, lovely for a private wedding reception. and what's importart, the FOOD's good too!!!
leather cover menu
we were a party of 6 (inclusive of 2 kids) and mind you the food we ordered. we DID finish it ok! check this out! now... we didn't order like soups, then appetizers, then mains then ending with dessert, we ordered everything and came to out to the table ALL at the SAME TIME!! :D so the order of pics below is not the order of the dishes that arrived at our table :)

i believe this is szechuan soup


japanese touhu in sizzling plate

curry assam prawns (we ordered 2 plates of these) - YUMMY!!!

Penang Char Koay Teow

chicken nuggets - kids didn't like it (they are true McD nugget fans)

mutton curry

calamari rings

spaghetti bolognese

tom yam soup

chicken and beef satay

we were trying our best to keep the plates on the table, NO PLACE! lol! yea i know we ordered such a diverse range of food, from western, to malay, to thai... well, we are foodies and we love our food. now did you think we couldn't finish our food? of course we did!! overall it was wonderful! good food = good company = good evening :D
did you think we forgot about desserts? hahahha this is creme brule, with a scoop of ice cream - i think it was raspberry + cheesecake ice cream. was not too sure but it sure taste good :) it really goes well with the creme brule. :D

prices may be pricy, but with the good service and ambiance and environment, it think it's quite ok. surely u won't want to be eating here everyday, but then if you can afford it, why not! oh this place not only sell food like what we had, but they do have seafood, steaks and pasta, and as i remember, those are quite nice as well :) so maybe you might wanna give it a try :)

Ferringhi Garden is next to Parkroyal, parking is ample, you can either park infront or behind - they have private carpark. at the back of Ferringhi Garden is the famous hang out place - Sunset Bistro

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