Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast Bar, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

because my flight was super early, when i reached, i was super hungry as well - BREAKFAST!!! now for breakfast, i was told to look for RED TOMATO... but i couldn't find it!!! i drove up and down the Pantai Cenang road and still couldn't find it... i eventually found it AFTER i had my breakfast.. shucks...
so where i had breakfast? found this HUGE BIG YELLOW signboard called Breakfast Bar. and it was really close to Sweet Inn. so since i couldn't find Red Tomato, i thought i'd give this place a try, since it was packed.

saw lots of foreigners just hanging around, having their breakfast, reading their book like there's nothing else to do.. now that's life! and when i got in, i still wondered if THIS was Red Tomato! lol (i know pic shows empty tables - that was AFTER i had my breakfast and it was close to lunch time.. lol)
they had a menu of different types of breakfast set and i was confused. lol. they had western to locals and noodles. so i went for the Langkawi Set RM10, it had toasts, chicken ham, eggs, cheese, butter and jam AND get this.. teh-tarik!! NICE!!! i was pretty full after that... lasted me a few good hours.

you have the option to sit by the counter or at the tables.. indoors and outdoors... i don't know if it was me or not but i felt Langkawi was hot. i was sweating everywhere i went. so i sat at the counter infront of a fan :) if you have company, you can sit by the perimeter of the cafe to ppl watch and enjoy the outdoors.
how did it compare to Red Tomato? that's another story....

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