Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Double Good, Sg Nibong Kecil, Penang

Double Good Restaurant is a chinese rice&dishes type of restaurant. never actually heard about it, but my cousin (as usual) told me about it. we were to have dinner with my aussie cousins there and she told me that food here was quite nice. she warned me that this place is quite noisy, and it's not a place to eat and chit chat and take your time. once you finish, they will clear your table and expect you to call the bill and not hang around. lol....
and it was true!! their service is good. quick, fast and efficient and you're in and out in no time! lol.. some would think as it's bad service or something, but heck, i don't mind, the food's good! :D
check out what we ate... (in no particular order)

assam prawn curry (i think)... yummmy!!!!

toufu, nice light dish

ahh this is unique, shredded fried kailan with fried ikan bilis!
never seen this before and yes, it did taste like kailan!!

belacan fried chicken

pork ribs with oats (think oat prawns, but with pork) i like!

every dinner must have a fish - this is quite nice, not sure what it is

cutlets or somesort - tasty too!

aaaahhh!! and for dessert, peanut pancake and peanut "soup"
not many places serve this but Double Good does!!
it's not too sweet, not too peanut-y, just nice!!

so, starting to crave for chinese food? head down to Sg Nibong Kecil, the shop lots next to Esso (that's infront of Bkt Jambul Complex) for dinner.. sure to be satisfied one! :P try to be early, as they can get quite packed. enjoy!


Edzil and Cheryl said...

The 1st dish is called Indonesian Claypot Prawn curry. One of their specialty. The 5th dish is Nestum Pork Ribs. The 7th dish is stuffed Tofu with meat. I don't know the exact dish name but it's tofu and not cutlet lol. But to order this dish again it's gonna be hard with the communication breakdown we both have. The dessert is actualy lotus paste pancake and not peanut pancake. But the soupy thing is peanut soup....LOVELY!!!

Shimmers said...

hahah thanks for the correction...

see! u're a better review-er than i am! so common, start blogging again woman! :P